Miniature Animal Sightings!

There have been several sightings of very small animals around, and here are pictures to prove it.

2014-05-20-allison-037[1] (1280x960)


This picture shows the size of the animals.  They’re quite small as you can see.

The following section includes each animal’s name, a picture of them up close, and a description of where they were found or what they were doing.



Luke Lion: In the savannah

2014-5-27-allison-049[1] (1280x960)


Hannah Hippopotamus: Near water

2014-5-27-allison-053[1] (1280x960)


Tommy Turtle: Also near to water

2014-5-27-allison-060[1] (1280x960) (1280x960)


Peter Penguin: On the ice

2014-5-27-allison-054[1] (1280x960) (1280x960)


Penny Pig: Taking a mud-bath

2014-5-27-allison-068[1] (1280x960) (1280x960)


Polly Panda: In a bamboo forest

2014-5-27-allison-051[1] (1280x960) (1280x960)


Ben Bear: Near his den

2014-5-27-allison-067[1] (1280x960)


Oliver Owl: Perched in a tree

2014-5-27-allison-064[1] (1280x960)


Moses Monkey: High in the trees of the jungle

2014-5-27-allison-063[1] (1280x960) (1280x960)


Sam Snail: In a shady spot under the trees

2014-5-27-allison-062[1] (1280x960)


Sally Skunk and her friend Hailey Hedgehog: In the meadow

2014-5-27-allison-059[1] (1280x960)


Willy Whale and his buddy Olivia Octopus: In the ocean

2014-5-27-allison-058[1] (1280x960)


Carl Crab: Sunning himself on the beach

2014-5-27-allison-052[1] (1280x960) (1280x960)


Shirley Sheep: In the pasture

2014-5-27-allison-057[1] (1280x960) (1280x960)


Chissy Chick: Searching for grain.

2014-5-27-allison-055[1] (1280x960) (1280x960)


The Secret Revealed: The mystery has been solved. These animals (made by yours truly) are actually made of polymer clay and brushed with Mod Podge for shine and strengthening. The details (the black ones such as the eyes, but not things like the beak on the chick) were added with sharpie and, for the eyes of the sheep, panda, skunk, crab and penguin, a paint pen and sharpie were used. I also made the backgrounds that were in the pictures. A shallow cardboard box was divided into sections and made into different “habitats”.



13 thoughts on “Miniature Animal Sightings!

  1. It looks like you have WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!! Today I went with Clara to Ft St. James National Historic Park on a class field trip- we saw lots of furs for fur trading. But along the way, we saw a black bear sitting near the edge of the “bush” (Cdn term) in spring-green grass with a healthy crop of brilliant yellow dandelions. So colourful. Reminding me of your habitat scenes here. The lady a couple of vans behind us said he reached up one of his paws and scratched under his chin when they went by!
    Aunt Luci


  2. that is so cool!!!!!! i made some clay things myself but not animals. instead i made food.
    sorry but I have no pictures, but you can see them when i get back on Sunday. miss you!!!


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