My County Fair Entries for 2017

Hello, my friends! 😀

I know some of your were looking forward to seeing my fair entries and what prizes I won, so here you go! This is for you. 🙂

Here’s a picture of all my entries except the photos. It’s… kind of hard to tell what’s what, so let me show you a little more clearly…

DSC_1506 (1280x853)

A strange little octopus. 🙂

DSC_1511 (1280x853)

I like this one! Two little gnomes in a flower house. 🙂

DSC_1516 (1280x853)

Look how tiny he is!

DSC_1518 (1280x853)

A doughnut turtle! She’s so cute. 😀 (Also note you can find this and the previous three clay things at my Etsy shop.)

DSC_1521 (1280x853)

This is a lil’ hippo I made for my little sister’s birthday to hold trinkets and such. She said, “No, Allison, do you have to enter it? I need it to hold my things!” XD 😀

DSC_1523 (1280x853)

I also won a sweepstakes ribbon for ceramics, so that was really exciting!

DSC_1537 (1280x853)

I made this tissue paper flower from a DIY book.

DSC_1524 (1280x853)

These didn’t win a prize because I accidentally grabbed a falling-apart one from my collection. XD Oops.

DSC_1525 (1280x853)

I made this cute little elephant in a sewing class. It was rather hard to make, but I love how it turned out!

DSC_1526 (1280x853)DSC_1527 (1280x853)

Just a bonus picture of a butterfly that was passing through. 😀

DSC_1528 (1280x853)

Here’s the picture of my friend Aria from the last post. Sadly, it didn’t win a prize. :/ Oh well! I like it anyway. 🙂

drawing 2 (1280x1040).jpg

Strangely enough, this won third prize, even though I think the portrait was a lot better. Perhaps they were judging by creativity?

moonrise galaxy (1280x948)

Okay, now for the photos I entered. I entered this in “Abstract,” but it didn’t win a prize.

abstract (1280x853)

This was for “Action.” It also didn’t win a prize.

action (1280x853)

I entered this in “Close-Up,” and it won first prize!

closeup 2 (1280x960)

“Architecture,” and no prize.

architecture (663x497)

“Artistic,” and it won third prize! 😀

artistic (1280x922)

“People,” and no prize.

people (2) (1280x853)

“Pets” – isn’t Clemmy so cute? Sadly, no prize.

pets (1280x849)

“Landscape” – no prize.

rural rockingham 2 (1280x853)

“Rural _____,” with third prize!

rural rockingham 3 (656x437)

“Wildlife,” and no prize.

wildlife 4 (1280x915)

“Humor,” and first prize! Heh heh, isn’t it funny? XD

humor (1280x914)

And that’s all for this year! Altogether I believe I got 12 prize ribbons out of 21 things entered, plus one sweepstakes ribbon. Not too bad!

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking over a summary of the stuff I made and photos I took in a year’s time. 🙂 Do you like to enter things in your fair? Did you win any prizes?

Thanks for reading, my dears, and have a lovely day. ♥


P. S. Guys, please pray for the people in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the ones possibly in the path of Hurricane Irma. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be. We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers, friends! ♥

Some Recent Clayations

Hey guys! Today I – oh wait. IF YOU ARE MALLORY, DON’T READ THIS POST UNTIL AFTER YOUR BIRTHDAY! XD Ahem. This post may, um… contain some classified birthday material. 😉

But anyway, as I was saying: today I wanted to show you some of my recent polymer clay creations! (To see my previous clayation posts, click here, here, and here.) Making clay miniatures is one of my favorite hobbies. 🙂

Let’s start with a hippopotamus, because it’s really fun to say. XD I made this hippo for my little sister’s birthday, and she really liked it! She has a safari themed room, and she wanted some more hippo things for it. 😛 Basically it’s just a shallow bowl with a hippo head and legs. Oh, and I brushed it with triple-thick glaze. Kinda cute, huh?




Next up, we have a cute wittle bunny. I used a brown artist’s pastel to shade her ears and face.


For some reason I like taking pictures of my creations in my hand. You can see the size of the thing better, and it just looks more cute and personable somehow. 🙂

This is a miniature of my old camera: a Nikon Coolpix L830. Which I would HIGHLY recommend, by the way. 🙂


A yummy looking doughnut…


And some coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) to go with it. 🙂


I made this thingy quite a while ago. I meant to use it for a hair clip, but I just never got around to finishing it.


Aww, I love how this little guy turned out!


These are clinging earrings: basically the front of the earring is the dog’s head, and the back part is his body.


I also made similar earrings, but with a scottie rather than a schnauzer. 🙂 Such cuties!


Yet another little pup…


Okay, this is rather random. I felt like making an octopus one day, so I made an octopus. XD He’s holding on to a blue pebble for dear life.


I made one of these pendants for my Etsy shop because I made one for myself that I love and wear often.


Last but not least, this is my current masterpiece. 😛 My cousins wanted me to make a “mad King Herod” to go with their nativity scene. (You know how he would have been furious since the wise men didn’t obey his orders?) So behold. XD He’s pretty tall – about 8 inches, which is much bigger than what I usually do, but I’m very pleased with how he turned out!


 I hope you enjoyed this post!
Which clayation was your favorite? Do you like to make things out of polymer clay? If you’ve never tried it, you really should! It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

More Clayations

(See the previous clayation posts here and here.)

I haven’t made a clayation post for a while, have I? We must remedy that, mustn’t we? I should stop asking questions and get to the post, shouldn’t I?


A lot of these things either were or are in my Etsy shop. That sentence sounds kind of awkward but I don’t know what else to say.

I made this little fella as a custom piece. I really love how he turned out!


I was trying to make Toto for Dorothy, a clay doll I made a while ago…
I was really pleased with how this mushroom turned out! I kind of made a bunch. 🙂
This is my whole collection of succulents – some of which star in my giveaway.
This was my first attempt at a baby dragon. He’s really-very-super tiny, but he didn’t quite make it to Etsy. I think his brother is a bit better… no offense, little guy!
This is his brother. 🙂 Shhh! Don’t wake the dragon!
I made this little cutie just tonight. She got a bit dusty though, so I might paint over her and fix her up a bit. 🙂 I think I’ll name her Angel… But then again, maybe not. Do you guys have any name suggestions?
It’s fun to make realistic, actual size ladybugs! They look pretty real from a distance. 🙂
This was a custom order made for Clara (from Clara’s Craft Corner). Maude is so cute – and she looks a lot like our dog, Maggie!
This was another custom order by Clara. It was really challenging, but he turned out pretty well.
This is one of my favorite pieces ever, I think. 🙂 He’s for sale in my Etsy shop, but I don’t hardly want to sell him. XD


This little rose pendant is also available on my Etsy shop.
023 (960x720).jpg
And lastly but not leastly we have Miss Snail, a gift for a friend. She’s really shiny from the Triple Thick Gloss Glaze I used.


Whew, that was a lot of clay! 😀 Which was your favorite little creation?

Do you like making polymer clay things? I’d love to see them!


Some Clayations :)

Today I shall show you some of my many polymer clay creations (or “clayations” XD ).

First up, I started a little collectible series on my Etsy shop called Tiny Turtle Collectibles. They are mini turtles with unique and fun shells. The only collection I have up so far is the Sweet Treat collection. Here they all are:

sweet treat turtles collection (700x525)

Little cuties. 🙂 From left to right: Sprinkles, Cocoa Cupcake, Chippy, and Sundae Monday. (Sundae Monday, Sundae Monday, Sunday Monday… it’s so fun to say. XD ) Here’s a close-up of Chippy:

sweet treat turtles (12) (587x441)

If you’d like to see more pictures of the teeny-tiny turtles, take a peek at my Etsy shop! The link is up there ↑ somewhere… aw, I’ll just give it to you again. 🙂 Wee Little Crafts

I made this lil’ cardinal for my grandma for her birthday:

-Allison(Carmen's birthday) 011 (1024x768)

And I made this bluebird pencil pal for my cousin’s birthday:

002 (1024x768)

I put this birdie pencil pal in my shop. (It’s a blue bird but not a bluebird. XD )

blue bird pencil pal 3 (1024x768)

Yet another bird. (Wow, I didn’t realize I made so many birds. XD ) This guy’s name is Oliver.

snowy owlet 1.1 (1024x768)

A mini fairy-village:

fairy set 2 (1024x768)

I’m kind of proud of the next thing. 😛 This is a little Noah’s Ark. I was so excited when someone bought it the same night I listed it on my shop! 😀

048 (1024x768)050 (1024x768)noah's ark 5 (700x525)

And lastly, my current masterpiece. XD XP After seeing this adorable doll made by Julia, I decided to try my own. I was going to make it a baby doll, but… as you can, see, it didn’t turn out like that. Although she’s not nearly as cute as Julia’s, I still really like how she turned out. 🙂 I want to do a photoshoot of her sometime. When I do that post, I’ll show more detailed photos and tell about her a bit more. (If you’re wondering why, in the last picture, she has a hole in her ear, it’s because I’m still working on earrings for her. 😉 )

006 (1024x768)008 (1024x768)007 (1024x768)009 (1024x768)

If you’d like to see more of my clayations, check out this post, and/or type “polymer clay” in the search box on my blog sidebar.

I hope you enjoyed this clayish post. 😀 Which thing was your favorite?


P. S. I just listened to “Camp Granada” by Allan Sherman and “Ebay” by Weird Al. They are hilarious songs, especially “Ebay.” XD Have you ever heard them? If not, you should. XD

Tutorial: Cardboard Roll Organizer + BIBPC # 4

organizer 1 with watermark

Today I have a little crafty tutorial for you, my friends. Bring out your scrapbook paper and that huge stash of cardboard rolls you have tucked away in the closet, and… um, read this tutorial! XD

We are going to make this handy-dandy organizer. It’s perfect for organizing those stray but important knickknacks, or showing off a collection.


What you’ll need:

  • Toilet paper rolls or similar cardboard rolls
  • Pretty scrapbook paper
  • Cutting tools: an X-acto knife and scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun (with hot glue, of course 😉 ), or super glue might also work
  • Pencil
  1. Cut the cardboard rolls into even lengths. It is quite tiring to measure each tube, so I found a much easier and faster way! First, make a template. You will have to measure this one: make marks all the way around the tube using a pencil and ruler, then connect the dots. 😀 I made my template roll about 2 inches long. The longer the knickknacks, the longer the template should be. (As you can see, most of my knickknacks are small, so a shallow organizer worked perfectly.) Use an X-acto knife (and scissors if need be) to cut around the line. Trim the top rough edge with a scissors, and cut a slit all the way down one side, like so:-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 002 (1024x768)Ta-daa! You have made a template. Now slip it on to the tubes you want to cut, and simply trace around the top with a pencil. No measuring needed! -Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 001 (1024x768)-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 003 (1024x768)I cut 10 lengths for my organizer, which used about 5 tubes (not counting the template tube).-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 005 (1024x768)
  2. Cut strips of paper to cover the rolls. Choose a pretty pattern or color of scrapbook paper to decorate your organizer. Cut the strips as wide as your tubes are – if your tube lengths are 2 inches, cut 2-inch wide paper strips. (Yes, you’ll have to measure this time. 😦 ) Glue a strip around each tube and neatly cut off the excess if your strip is too long.-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 006 (1024x768)-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 007 (1024x768)
  3. Hot glue your paper-covered tubes into a pyramid shape. Arrange the tubes so the paper seams don’t show on the outside, and hot glue them. I think it works best to glue one row at a time – glue the bottom row of four tubes together first, etc., then glue the rows to each other. Also, don’t glue them vertically on top of each other like it shows here. 😉 You can stand it up like this after you’re done.-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 022 (1024x768)
  4. Use it! You are done! Give yourself a pat on the back, then go put the organizer to good use. Congratulations on a craft well done!-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 026 (1024x768)-Allisoncardboard_roll_shelf_Willow_027_1024x768.jpg

By the way, the little critters and food in the organizer are polymer clay miniatures made by my sister Megan and me. I made all of the miniatures except some in the last picture, where Megan added some of hers to help fill it up. Which knickknack is your favorite? Of mine I might like the peacock best, and of Megan’s I think I like the cute little crab. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed crafting along with me!

Oh, oops! I almost forgot the BIBPC photo. BIBPC is fun photo contest that my sister Megan is doing. (Read about it here.)The prompt this time was “Funny.” Here’s my entry!

Allison(frost, bunnies, ATCs) 055.JPG

Story behind the picture: This is a hilarious photo of Diamond, my little sister’s rabbit. We sometimes bring our rabbits in the house for a bit, and here Diamond is just hangin’ out like a cool dude with sunglasses. XD You can see more funny bunny pictures in this post.


P. S. I made the white background of some of the photos with FotoFuze. It’s a really neat program! I made the poster with PicMonkey, which I also LOVE. 😀



In Which Mr. and Mrs. Gnome Encounter Something Very Strange

Hi, guys! I have a silly little photostory for you today that I had a lot of fun making. Oh, and the camera shown in the photostory is my sister’s, but I (erm, the gnomes) took all of the pictures with my camera.

(To see more detailed photos of some of the “stars of the story,” click here.)


One morning bright and early, just as the sun was sleepily climbing out of his bed, Mr. and Mrs. Gnome yawned and rolled over in their beds. It was too early to be getting up just yet, but… hold everything! Was that footsteps? Human footsteps! The Gnomes were used to waking up to the sound of birds and bees and butterflies (gnomes have very good hearing – they can even hear butterflies) but it had been years since they had heard or seen any trace of a human!

The two gnomes lived deep in the woods, you see, where everything was safe and snug, and all animals, gnomes, fairies, and other creatures lived in harmony. If a human should discover them, all the fairies and gnomes and other creatures would have to move, for of course they could never feel safe knowing that a human could come and eat them up at any moment. So, although it was early, Mr. and Mrs. Gnome jumped out of bed, shivering with fear, and peeked cautiously out of their doorway.

-Allison(gnome photostory) 042 (1280x960)

They didn’t see or hear anything suspicious, so they ventured out a little bit. They did not at first see the very fearsome Thing directly behind them.

-Allison(gnome photostory) 043 (1280x960).jpg

When they turned around they were shocked! Astonished! Fearful! Scared out of their wits! What sort of bomb or trap or malicious evil creature had the human left to snare them?

the gnomes are shocked.jpg


Mrs. Gnome was all for fleeing to another forest immediately, but Mr. Gnome collected a handful of bravery from the place where he kept it handy (under his hat), and boldly went to check the Thing out. He had rather a hard climb to get up to the top of it, but Mr. Gnome was an experienced Thing-climber. (At least that’s what he told Mrs. Gnome.)

mr. gnome climbs the Thing (1280x427)

Once up, Mr. Gnome scratched his head, looked around, and prepared to get down. (The wisest thing to do when you aren’t feeling very wise is to leave – that’s what Mr. Gnome’s motto was.) But before he did that, he gave a perfunctory stomp on the Thing for the reason, as he said later… well, he supposed he didn’t have a reason, but he did it just the same.

After Mr. Gnome stomped, he realized what he had stomped on: a little metal circle with strange human runes under it. The runes looked something like this: ON/OFF. But before Mr. Gnome could begin puzzling them out, he heard a shriek from Mrs. Gnome. He looked down from the Thing to see a horrifying sight – it was actually chasing Mrs. Gnome by stretching out a long black trunk to grab her with!

mrs. gnome runs away.jpg

Now this was too much! Mr. Gnome stepped up onto the edge of the Thing and prepared to jump to Mrs. Gnome’s rescue, but before he could, he heard a strange, “CLICK!”

-Allison(gnome photostory) 048 (1280x960).jpg

The thought flashed through his mind that the Thing had dispatched Mrs. Gnome forever with that “CLICK,” but when he peeped out from between his fingers, he saw Mrs. Gnome shivering in a heap on the ground. She seemed to be perfectly fine, although quite shaken.

Mr. Gnome slipped over the back of the Thing, but once again he was stopped – this time by a strange image on the back of the Thing. It looked sort of like… blurry nothingness. Mr. Gnome could not explain this strange occurrence unless… perhaps it had happened when he jumped on the button on the edge of the Thing! After all, something had happened when he stomped on the strange ON/OFF circle. Mr. Gnome was beginning to be curious (gnomes are very prone to curious-ness), so he laboriously climbed back up the Thing and stomped on the bigger metal button at the edge again. Once more he heard a click, and once more he saw a blurry image on the back of the Thing.

Mr. Gnome was beginning to have a theory, which had something to do with a piece of information a deer had once told him about concerning something which in human language sounded like, “CA-MER-A.” (This particular deer was very good at impersonating human language, and everyone begged him to do his “human accent” at every woodland party.)

So with much pleading, Mr. Gnome convinced Mrs. Gnome to stand right next to the black trunk of the Thing while he made it “CLICK.” This is the image he saw on the back of the Thing:

-Allison(gnome photostory) 014 (1280x960).jpg

Down at the very corner of the image, he saw what appeared to be a blurry Mrs.-Gnome-face. Excited, Mr. Gnome helped his wife up to the edge of the black trunk and she hung down from it while he “CLICKED” it.

-Allison(gnome photostory) 016 (1280x960).jpg

Hmmm. An even blurrier Mrs.-Gnome-face-and-part-of-her-body. He asked Mrs. Gnome to be a good little wife and trot farther away from the Thing.

-Allison(gnome photostory) 015 (1280x960).jpg

Ahh! Much clearer, but Mrs. Gnome was only a speck! They brought a willow basket and overturned it in front of the black trunk, and Mrs. Gnome sat on top of it.

-Allison(gnome photostory) 017 (1280x960).jpg

Bingo! Mr. Gnome was so excited, he nearly fell over the deep abyss of the Thing while dancing his victory dance. Now the Gnomes honed their “CLICKING” skills.

gnome collage

Although they didn’t become experts all at once: (In the first picture below Mr. Gnome was trying to do a hat-stand.)

Pretty soon, their neighbors the fairy sisters popped over for a visit. At first, of course, they were quite shocked (fairies being very timid), but as soon as Mr. Gnome explained, their fears were relieved, and they even asked Mr. Gnome to “CLICK” them. Of course he did.

-Allison(gnome photostory) 019 (1280x960).jpg

A snail by the name of Bob also came along and wish to be “CLICKED,” but Mr. Gnome had to take a string of pictures because Bob turned out to be a little slow in mounting the basket.

snail Bob (1280x320).jpg

The Gnomes were thinking of calling it a day when one last customer (or rather two) arrived. It was a strange living thing that could only be described as… an “other creature.” But, after one look at it’s pleading glance,

-Allison(gnome photostory) 041 (1280x960).jpg

the gnomes gave in and “CLICKED” it too. It turned out to be a tad mischievous – that second picture gave Mrs. Gnome a fright – but it turned out alright.

other creature (1280x640).jpg

Now the Gnomes really were ready to stop, but the “other creature” pleaded with them to “CLICK” his girlfriend too. So, with a sigh, they gave in. It turned out that the “other creature” must have been a bit off in the head, as well as mischievous, because his “girlfriend” turned out to be a strangely colored blob. With no eyes. Or ears. Or anything. But to please the “other creature,” the Gnomes “CLICKED” them anyway.

other creature's blob

At last the Gnomes had pleased all of their customers and they “closed up shop” so to speak for the rest of the day. Mr. Gnome was thinking a lot that night about the Thing and he thought that perhaps he would like to become a professional “CLICKER.” But unfortunately, that was not to be.

The next day the Gnomes got out of bed and went to wish the Thing a good morning, but – it had disappeared! After they got over their initial sadness at the departure of a beloved friend, Mr. Gnome concluded that the human creature must have come back for it’s missing Thing. And he was right. Those were the pictures from my camera to prove it.


I hope you enjoyed it!


Recent Clay Creations

Hi, folks! How be-est thou? XD

I really like making things out of polymer clay (some of which I sell at my Etsy shop), so I’m going to show you a few little creations I made recently. Let’s start with a few fairies, shall we? They are super tiny – the littlest one, as you can see, feels quite comfortable on a penny.

Next up is a clay custom pet I made for my grandmother. It’s of her dog, Duke. I made him from a few pictures my sister Megan took (like the picture on the bottom right.) (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

And then we have this lil’ gal. Her name is Alice, and you can buy her here at my Etsy shop. Isn’t she so cute? 🙂 Here she is shown standing on the top of the gnomes’ house (more on that later) and the fairies’ toadstool.

I made a game called Pebbles a little while ago, so I made some polymer clay pebbles for the playing pieces. I really like how they turned out! They are really shiny because I glazed them with a really nice glossy glaze. The granite looking one was a lot easier than it looks, because the clay already came like that. 🙂 The purple one has little translucent spots on it, and the rest are marbled clay.

-Allison(clay stuff, sunset) 022 (1280x960)

-Allison(clay stuff, sunset) 021 (1280x960)

Now for my masterpiece – the gnomes! 😀 I also made a gnome-house and table set for them.

Here are the two little gnomes…

And here are more details of their house. I made this by first forming a skeleton of 6-8 sticks, draping it over a tinfoil ball, and baking them. Then I wove a green log through those sticks for a vine, and filled in some of the gaps with more sticks in different colors. I added a sprinkling of tiny pink flowers for more color.

I made and baked the top yellow flower separately. I started with the inner layers and progressed outwards, adding the texturing details after I put the flower together. After it was baked, I glued it to the stick-part with this Sculpey glue which bonds as it bakes. And that’s it!

Here is the table set. I might sell this on Etsy sometime soon, but I’m too attached to my gnomes and gnome house to sell them. XD

table 1 (1280x640)

table 2 (851x315)

And that’s it! I’m not an expert, but I still really enjoy playing with polymer clay. Do you feel like “claying” now? If you do make something, I’d love to see it! (Here is a link to the kind of clay I use. I highly recommend it!: Premo Polymer Clay.) Have you ever worked with polymer clay before?

Thanks for reading!


P. S. We still have snow here, but it’s at that messy state between slush and snow. It’s kind of like the last remnants of nail polish that seem to stay on your nails for weeks after most of it has worn off. I always wish both snow and nail polish would last longer, and then just go away all at once. At least the snow still looks pretty nice, although I don’t know if I can say the same thing for my fingernails. 🙂 Do you still have snow?

I Opened My Etsy Shop!!

***Update: I’ve now replaced my old shop with The Color Box Studio, which you can see here.***

YES, I DID! I’m so excited, as you can probably tell from the two exclamation points in the title (I hardly ever use more than one exclamation point. :)). Click here to view my new Etsy shop, WeeLittleCrafts, or click on the image below!

Wee Little Crafts Banner (760x100)

So far I only have six listings, but I have made more things, I just haven’t taken pictures of them yet. So look for more! Here are a few of the things for sale so far:

A cute little miniature woodland animal set,

DSCN7845 (1024x768)

A pretty bead and coil necklace,

coil necklace (1) (1024x768)

A few adorable pencil pals,

octopus (3) (1024x768)

And a cute lil’ puppy necklace.

dog necklace (2) (1024x768)

Click on the link above to see even more items!



P. S. Maddy started an Etsy shop that sells her photography. It’s really pretty – you should check it out!

Room Makeover!

For Christmas, Megan and I asked for some home décor items and Hobby Lobby gift cards (I ♥ Hobby Lobby!)so we could redecorate our room. (We share a bedroom.) We decided to theme it with birds. We did get some décor items and several Hobby Lobby gift cards, so we did redecorate our room! And so I shall show you a tour of our newly decorated room. Do come in!

One of my favorite new decorations are these beautiful birds-on-a-wire wall decals that I got from Hobby Lobby.

-Allison (room, science museum) 005 (1280x960)

It came with a few mirrored birds as well as a bunch of bird silhouettes. (Ack! ‘Silhouette’ is really hard to spell. XD) It was fun to take pictures of the mirrored birds.

-Allison (room, science museum) 012 (1280x960)

Since there were so many of the silhouettes, I scattered a few around the room in different places.

-Allison (room, science museum) 007 (1280x960)

You know how wall decals come in a sticker sheet? I found a way to get double the amount of stickers, at least as long as there is an outline around the sticker. You just peel of the real sticker, in my case the bird silhouette, and cut around the remaining outline on the sticker sheet. Here is a picture where I first took off the silhouette sticker of the cut out bird, then the bird out of the sticker sheet, and peeled off the thin black outline.

-Allison (room, science museum) 009 (1280x960)

The downside is that the outlines are hard to apply because they are so flimsy, but once you get them up, they look nice:

-Allison (room, science museum) 010 (1280x960)

Here are some more pretty decals I got at Hobby Lobby. -Allison (room, science museum) 008 (1280x960)We put these in one corner of our “book nook.”

-Allison(Jinx & bunnies, room) 015 (1280x960)

We have started collecting bird figurines for our shelf. We also made these neat clay transfers. You basically print out a picture (it works best to use a laser printer), smooth it out onto a sheet of clay, and bake it between two ceramic tiles.

-Allison(Jinx & bunnies, room) 034 (1280x960)
My parents gave me the bird jewelry holder for Christmas, and the bird picture for a long-ago birthday present. 🙂


-Allison(Jinx & bunnies, room) 026 (1280x960)
My collection: I got the pretty peacock candle holder for a birthday, and I made the stuffed owl, the transferred bluebird, and the clay swan. For the clay swan, I transferred a swan image onto a polymer clay oval, traced over the lines with thin logs of purple clay, and added clay embellishments and flowers.


-Allison(Jinx & bunnies, room) 027 (1280x960)
Megan’s collection: She got the owl for a birthday present, she made the cute little robin clay transfer, and bought the little gold birdie at Hobby Lobby.

And I guess we’re done now. I hope you enjoyed it! Do you like Hobby Lobby? (Hint: the answer is YES! XP)