Flower Power

Over the years I’ve taken a bunch (and I mean a BUNCH) of pictures of flowers.  Some of them are compiled here.

Trip -- Allison 862


Trip -- Allison 186


Trip -- Allison 107


Trip -- Allison 514

Some sort of poppy I think

Allison- 2014-05-06 043 (800x600)


2013-07-06-Allison 008 (1024x768)


Allison- 2014-05-06 183 - Copy


2013-07-04 Allison 022 (1024x768)

Tiger Lily

2014-05-20-Allison 024 (1024x768)


2014-05-20-Allison 023 (1024x768)


Allison- 2014-05-06 196

Poppy (Close up)

2013-06-04  Allison 027

Iris (Close up)

2013-07-04 Allison 171 (1024x768)

Mimosa tree blooms

2013-07-06-Allison 014 (1024x768)

Calla Lily

2013-07-06-Allison 012 (1024x768)


2013-07-06-Allison 004 (768x1024)


Trip -- Allison 405


And that’s all for now.  Are you tired of flowers yet? I’m sure I’ll take more flower pictures, so until then…



37 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Keep those stunning flower photos coming! Did the poppy picture come from Lake Louise? Those are Icelandic poppies, there are perennial. I have some blooming in my garden right now. They do great in cold climates, blooming as early as the dandelions!

    Aunt Luci


    1. Some of them are from around our house (like the lily), and some are not. A couple of the flowers are even from our trip to British Columbia! Thanks for the comment!


          1. Oh, I had a question, and I wondered what you thought…
            Grace is not my real name. My real name is extremely rare and unique and it would be pretty easy for someone to “track me down,” so to speak. My name means Grace, so I just used that for my blog name. I kinda feel bad – I feel like everyone thinks my real name is Grace – and I feel dishonest.
            Do you have any thoughts? I’m not really sure if this is a question or just something I’ve wanted to say to someone for a long time, haha! 😉


            1. Oh, really?! That’s interesting! I didn’t know that.
              Hmm… maybe you could just say in your next post and/or your “About” page that you use “Grace” as your online name. It’s totally fine to have a pen name (Misty goes by, um, Misty, for example XD ), but yeah, it might be nice to let people know that it isn’t your real name. Thanks so much for telling me, Grace! ♥

              Liked by 1 person

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