Miss Lily Takes A Walk

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we present the one, the only, the lovely Miss Lily!

-Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 002

Today she is going on a walk around the premises.  She will sample a few tasty greens and flowers along the way, and tell us what she thinks of them.

-Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 005 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 003

Grass:  “Eh, 3 stars.  There’s nothing special, you know?  I need… flavor!”

Dandelion:  “Hmm…  This is very good.  5 stars.  I love the burst of flavor, and the sunny yellow adds a nice touch too.”

Those are Miss Lily’s reviews folks, her genuine(ish) reviews of grass and dandelions.

Now Miss Lily will kindly share the camera with her sister Mango as they have a unique bonding experience sharing a piece of dandelion.

-Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 001

And that is the end of the show.  Thank you for watching, folks, and come back next time for some more fun!

***Allison*** (and Miss Lily)


30 thoughts on “Miss Lily Takes A Walk

    1. Um, Mango, you are definitely NOT the star of the show. Did you even read the post? It says MY name in the title!
      —- Lily (with some help from her owner, Allison)


            1. My dear Mango, I never presumed to have a better temperament, although I if I do say so myself, I can be very sweet while you are scratching your human to death.
              XOXOXO♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥– With love, from Lily (and Allison)


              1. Well exaUES me, but you certainly weren’t nice to Miss Megan yesterday. I watched you with my own eyes while you threw a great big hissy fit in her arms.

                With love, Mango


                1. Well, er that was just because I was… well, she was bumping a sore spot on my leg, and it hurt. But now, my dear sister Mango, I shall have to go because these comments are getting to long. Signing off.
                  —Lily (with Allison who tells Megan she thinks Mango better stop chatting and get some rest)


                    1. Allison would like to say for Lily that Mango is being rather rude, and she thinks Megan ought to train her to have better manners.


    1. Thanks! I think so too. ☺ I will probably do more of these since I am kind of addicted to bunnies! I took your survey, but on the question that said “would you like to work with me” I didn’t know what that meant, but I just answered yes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, that means would you like to do an interview, swap buttons, make a quest post for my blog and stuff like that. Do you understand now? 🙂


    1. That’s OK! ☺ Yep, we have four bunnies. We used to have five, but my sister’s bunny died. 😦 I actually have two bunnies – Honeybunny and Lily, but I like Lily better… heh, heh!

      Liked by 1 person

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