Draw a Transforming Face

One day recently when I was bored I drew this face on my finger.  If you bend your finger down, the face looks young and happy, but if you straighten it out, it looks wrinkled and, well, strange.

-Allison (bunnies dressed up) 055 -Allison (bunnies dressed up) 056

The key to making the face transform is to draw it in the wrinkly part of your knuckle.  (Wow, that sounds really weird.)  You have to figure out which wrinkles will be the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth.  You pretty much draw slightly curved or straight lines for everything while you bend your finger,and then straighten it out and voila! it transforms.  You can make a little nose too if you want.  For some reason, it is really fun to bend your finger back and forth and watch the face change, which makes it a really fun boredom buster.

Thank you for reading this random and slightly odd post! ☺☺☺☺☺  Have fun transforming faces, and let me know if it worked!



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