ATC Inspiration

(Note: if you have no idea what ATCs are, or would like to know more about them, you can visit this site:

My sisters and I, and some of our friends, enjoy making and trading ATCs (Artist Trading Cards).  I thought I would share some of the fun ideas we have thought of, and some of my favorite cards that I created.  (Another note: one of the rules of ATC making is that you can’t copy the exact thing on the card, but you can definitely be inspired by something, and make your own twist on it.)  And 3…2…2 1/2…1… Here we go!


I made this by drawing a design with glue.  I let the glue dry (mostly), taped on some tinfoil, and carefully pressed it around the designs.  Then I just outlined the bumps with Sharpie.

(lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 028

This one took me practically forever to make, but it turned out pretty well.  The idea here is that you can put a game on a card.  It doesn’t have to be a maze – it could a word search, a hidden-picture, a crossword, whatever!  I also laminated this with packing tape so the pencil wouldn’t smudge, and no one would be tempted to draw directly on the card.  It’s probably a good idea to tell the person you’re trading it with that they should just use their eyes and fingers to play the game instead of a pencil.

(lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 026

How to Draw a Cute Kitty by yours truly.  Idea: drawing-lessons on a card.

(lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 024

(These last two cards I did not make.)  Idea: You don’t have to just draw! You can add ribbon, dried flowers, or even googly eyes!

(lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 025

This last one was made by my friend who had the clever idea of putting a favorite recipe on the card.  Just make sure to include some art – after all, it is an ARTIST trading card!

(lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 023

Below are some of my favorite cards that I made.

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 012

What are some of your favorite ideas for drawing or making ATCs?



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