Miss Lily, the Model

Now that Miss Lily is my model, it’s time for her to do some modeling!  (You can see the interview post here.)  Miss Lily and her sister Mango (but mostly Miss Lily) are our charming models today.  They are modeling two of the outfits for the American Girl Doll McKenna (Doll of the Year 2012).  Now, without further ado, we present… Miss Lily and Mango!  (But mostly Miss Lily.)

-Allison (bunnies dressed up) 002

-Allison (bunnies dressed up) 004 -Allison (bunnies dressed up) 009

-Allison (bunnies dressed up) 005 -Allison (bunnies dressed up) 007

Ladies and gentlemen, please give these wonderful bunnies a hand!  Thank you for coming, and I wish you a happy day!


P.S  Please excuse Lily and Mango if they do not look as well groomed as usual.  These pictures were taken right after their baths, and they hardly had time to fluff up.  Lily and Mango thank you for your understanding.

P.P.S  I’ve been doing a lot of bunny posts, if you haven’t noticed.  Are you getting tired of bunny posts?  If you are, you can tell me in the comments and I will slow them down.  If you aren’t, you can also tell me in the comments, because don’t worry, I have more posts planned if you want them!



16 thoughts on “Miss Lily, the Model

  1. Lily and Mango are sooooo adorable! I want a bunny now! XD
    I’m not trying to be rude, but I thought McKenna was the Girl of the Year in 2012. 😉
    And as for too many bunny posts? No way! How can I get tired of them? They’re all so cute!


    1. Oops! I will change that right away, because you are correct, McKenna is goty 2012. Thanks for correcting me. And I’m awfully glad you like the bunny posts, because so do I!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. They were soooooo cute!! OUr bunnies won’t let us dress them up:( And I love the bunny posts!

    Clara and Abigail


    1. Thanks! It’s too bad your bunnies don’t let you dress them up, ’cause I would love to see them if they were dressed up! Do you still just have Rainbow and Marbles? And I’m really glad you like the bunny posts. ☺


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