The View From Below

Hey guys, I’m back from vacation!  (The beach was AMAZING, in case you were wondering.  But more about that in a later post.)

This week, right after we came home from vacation, the fair is going on.  I am entering dear Miss Lily (!!) and my sister Carmen is entering her bunny Diamond.  I am hoping they come home with ribbons!


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a blade of grass, or a flower, or a bug looking up at the big world above you?  This is what it might look like to be a dandelion about to get eaten.  What a frightening monster!  Oh wait… it’s just Lily. ☻




17 thoughts on “The View From Below

    1. Oh guess what – we went to the fair today, and both Diamond and Lily won first prize! It actually wasn’t that wonderful though, because they were the only rabbits in their category, so they had no competition. But I do think the judges can just not give them any ribbons if they aren’t worthy of them, so they must have been at least pretty good!

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      1. Wow!! Congrats to them, even if they were the only rabbits in their category. But you’re right, they must have been good if they got ribbons! 😁


        1. Yep! She won first place! But… she was the only New Zealand rabbit there… XD XD But if she wasn’t good enough, the judges could have just not given her any prizes at all, so at least she must have been okay! 😀

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