The “Favorite Meals” Planner

Sounds exciting, right?  A meal planner!  Wahoo!  Ok, maybe not so much.  But this isn’t just your ordinary meal planner, it’s a way to keep track of your family’s favorite recipes, see how you modified the recipe, where it came from, and more, all at a glance.  Let’s take a looksee, shall we?


Let’s use the chocolate pudding page for an example.  (The pudding is delicious, by the way!)  At the top we have the title of the recipe, then we have a dot with the category of the recipe (whether it is a main dish, side, dessert, etc.).  The little book symbol shows where to find the actual recipe, whether it’s from your stash of 50 cookbooks, or collected from the internet.  The little hearts show you how much your family likes the recipe – a little or a lot!  My family rated the chocolate pudding 5 stars, er hearts.  I told you it was good!  The little wavy line underneath the hearts is where you’re supposed to write the date you first made it, but, uh, I couldn’t remember, so I just wrote a little wavy line. 🙂  Next we come to the notes section.  This is where you write down any changes you made to the recipe, the best way to serve it, etc.  And we’re finished with the tour!  Here’s an example page just in case you didn’t catch everything.


Happy planning!



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