Macro Chicory

Chicory is one of my favorite wildflowers. I love it’s periwinkle blue color, and it’s simple but beautiful petals. Once I took some macro photos of chicory (or rather I cropped them so they were macro), and it’s fascinating what they look like up close. Here is a close-up one to start with:


And here are some macro pictures. The last one looks kind of odd, but it’s a picture nonetheless.

DSCN6843 (2)


And I’ll throw in a bonus picture just for kicks. 🙂 Can anyone guess what flower the little bee (or whatever it is) is on?

DSCN6846 (2)



4 thoughts on “Macro Chicory

  1. I love these blue pictures of delicate flowers! I remember chicory, but it’s one we do not have here in Vanderhoof.

    Could the white flower possibly be Queen Anne’s lace, (wild carrot)?


    1. Yep, you’re right about both! The blue flower is chicory and the white is Queen Anne’s lace. I love them both – it’s so sad that chicory doesn’t grow in Vanderhoof. 😦


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