Spirograph Envelopes

I made these a long time ago but never posted about it, so here they are now! You know those Spirograph machines? You can’t do much with the finished spirographs except hang them on the refrigerator, right? Wrong. You can use them (or any other circular piece of paper, really) to make a beautiful envelope to hold, say, a gift card. They are very simple to make.

First, take a finished spirograph…-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 007… and fold it in half.-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 008Open it up and fold the two sides to meet the center crease. (I used scrap paper; that’s why there’s a random picture of a man on the inside of the envelope. I recommend using plain paper. ☻)

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 009

Now fold one end of the of the spirograph a little less than halfway up.

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 010

Fold the other end down so it overlaps the bottom of the envelope, tuck your card or gift card inside, and seal with a sticker.

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 013

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 014

Ta-daaa! Here are the backs of two finished envelopes.

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 016***Allison***

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