Fall Hiking: Part 2

Next up! A hike in the mountains. This is a spider we saw at the very beginning of the hike, but he was scared of my camera so he ran away and hid under his favorite leaf. 🙂


Below is a rock that looked like someone cut a heart on it, but I’m pretty sure it was natural.


062 068 063

Does anyone know what this weird red clump-of-berries-on-a-stem is called?↓


Here’s a strange fuzzy-looking fungus – isn’t he so cute? 😛


Now for some gorgeous fall trees!


086 081 079

There was an overlook at the top of the trail where you could crane your neck (and camera) to see a small but very steep falls. I edited this picture because it wasn’t very good to begin with.

087 (2)

For some reason there were also a lot of ladybugs at the overlook. I took a few close-ups of this pretty lil’ gal resting on my jeans.

090089And that’s it! I hoped you enjoyed the virtual hike – and trust me, you got off easy – that trail was TIRING!


6 thoughts on “Fall Hiking: Part 2

  1. Neat pictures! Where was the hike? I especially like the ladybug and fungus pictures.
    Abigail and Clara

    P.S. It snowed Sunday night/Monday morning and flurried again today. But neither time it stayed 😦


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