Mystery Revealed! #4

Drum roll, please! I will now show pictures of what the mysterious things were…











#1: Wheel pasta

-Allison(bunny race, mystery pictures) 009

#2: Velcro

-Allison(bunny race, mystery pictures) 011

#3: Carrots


#4: Conch shell

-Allison(bunny race, mystery pictures) 012

#5: Popcorn cob

-Allison(bunny race, mystery pictures) 014

#6: Kitten paw

-Allison(Joy) 007

#7: Leftover spaghetti noodles 🙂

046And now for the winners!

Abigail and Clara (my cousins♥) are first,

gadanagg is second!

Thank you SO MUCH to for playing guys! I really, really enjoyed reading your guesses. See you later!



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