The Hard Life of a Rabbit

We very much enjoy playing with our dear rabbits, but sometimes I think our rabbits don’t very much enjoy playing with us. Lily, Willow, Diamond, and Clementine will be sharing with you a few of the trials they have experienced lately. It is apparently very trying to be a pet bunny! Lily especially seems to have troubles.

Lily: Ahem. Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. Are we ready? OK. So, one of the trials that we rabbits have been experiencing lately has been our humans bringing us inside their house. When the humans dragged me in  When I politely, but reluctantly complied to being brought inside, it was horrible! For one thing, the ground must have been made of pure slipperiness. And for another thing, it is shameful how they laugh at us when we go sliding about on the floor as we try to walk. It makes us look highly undignified, to say the least. I even heard the word FOOLISH! Well excuse me, but that was partly the humans fault! Look at this picture if you want evidence. Do you think I wanted to be held that way? Well…. NO, I POSITIVELY DID NOT!

-Allison(rabbits) 014

I demand justice! (Or at least a towel to hide under.)

-Allison(rabbits) 016

Thankfully, when I just couldn’t stand the slipperiness any longer, I could always clamber up onto the humans’ backs or into their lap, which they seemed to like. It would be far beneath my dignity in normal circumstances, but… 

There is a bright side: my human said I was a superb back massager! She and her two sister humans quite enjoyed my massages. (Really, all I did was walk around on their backs, but don’t tell them.)

-Allison(rabbits) 011 -Allison(rabbits) 012

Willow: Hello, lovely humans! This might surprise you because of the title and all, but I really am pretty content with my life right now. The humans are very loving to me. But there is one thing: I don’t like it when they brush me. I’m not sure they understand my fur. My skin is very sensitive, and I really don’t appreciate when they yank my fur with a brush just to get a few pieces of straw out! Here is a rather blurry picture of me hopping for a bonus picture because my human thinks it looks funny.

-Allison(rabbits) 009

Diamond: I, like Lily, have recently experienced the trial of being brought inside. Don’t ask me why they do it – it’s certainly not because we like it – but humans rarely ask us our opinions. I do not need to repeat all of the trials that Lily has so well outlined for you above, but here is a picture, just for proof. Just a picture of me relaxing, as you see. It is really the wisest thing to do when in a house to just lay down and not even try to move – if you try to move it will only make the humans screech louder. 

-Allison(rabbits) 004Clementine: Helo. My nam is Clementine. I hav had a tryal. The hyoomens put me in a hat and set me on the conter. It was not fun. And they laft at me and skweeled to.

*Translation:* Hello. My name is Clementine. I have had a trial. The humans put me in a hat and set me on the counter. It was not fun. And they laughed at me and squealed too.

-Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 001 -Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 002

And now you know how hard it is to be a pet rabbit. Or at least one of our pet rabbits. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading! Which “testimonial” was your favorite?


P. S. I just did another mystery picture post (see previous post). I will hopefully reveal the answers on Saturday!


28 thoughts on “The Hard Life of a Rabbit

  1. Clementine is my favourite rabbit. She’s so cute. We would’ve laughed and squealed along with you guys if we had been there. Wish we could’ve been.
    Abigail and Clara


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