Photos From of Old: Entry #1

My sister Megan did a post about stories from of old that she had wrote when she was little, and I think I’m going to do a series about photos that I either took before I had a blog (*gasp!*), or photos that never made it into posts. This first entry was way back when we had a litter of adorable kittens to play with in the chicken house. And the first picture is a random bluebird. I also edited two of the pictures on PicMonkey just for fun.

Allison 2013-2-12 043 (1280x972)

Allison 2013-2-12 061 (1280x960)Allison 2013-2-12 058 (1280x960)Allison 2013-2-12 067 (1280x960)

And the edited ones:


picmonkey 2

Which picture was your favorite? Would you like me to continue this series or not?



24 thoughts on “Photos From of Old: Entry #1

      1. Quick question–you said Megan did a post like this but with her writing, what was the post called? I didn’t see it when she posted it and I can’t find it on her blog… Thanks!


    1. Thank you so much, K. A! I’m really glad you like it! But I’m not sure if I can find such cute pictures next time… 😀 I have decided to continue the series, though, so look for more!


    1. Hee hee! Thanks! Well, since I didn’t get your comment until now, I don’t think I’ll chat. Most of the time we are busy in December, but I might do it sometime when I’m not!


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