Sugar Cookie Masterpieces

We recently made cookies with our friends, and I was on the sugar cookie team. They were so much fun to decorate! So fun that I spent quite a long time decorating my 12 cookies – about two hours in fact. Heh heh. 🙂 But it was really fun, trust me! Of course, I couldn’t let those pretty cookies disappear down peoples’ throats without saving the results of all my labor in picture form. So here they are – my sugary works of art. Warning: you may be hungry for cookies after this! And another note while I’m at it. The “Merry Christmas” cookie was drawn in edible markers, just in case you were wondering. 🙂

-Allison(cookies, island) 039 (1280x960)

(Click on the individual images below to make them bigger.)

I learned how to frost this mitten cookie↓ from the American Girl magazine. It’s a really fun technique that looks really pretty. Basically you frost the cookie in one color, add stripes of icing in another color, and drag a toothpick through the stripes in the opposite direction the stripes go. (Like if the stripes are horizontal, drag your toothpick vertically up and down the cookie.)

-Allison(cookies, island) 038 (1280x960)

One random note: does it bother anyone else when “cookie” is spelled “cooky,” like in old books?

Ahem. Did you decorate or bake any Christmas goodies yet this year? Christmas certainly a delicious time of year, isn’t it? And Christmas is only four days away! I just told you that in case, for some really strange reason, you haven’t already told yourself a million times today.

Before Christmas I’m going to do a post with really cute pictures involving bunnies and Christmas. I can’t wait to show it to you! Until then…



28 thoughts on “Sugar Cookie Masterpieces

  1. To your note, yes it does bother me! And my family has baked 24 different types of cookies, and four flavors of fudge, and chocolate truffles, and peppermint bark! We finally got it all done! I love Christmas baking!


  2. They look really good! We made, I think, 26 kinds of cookies this year. But we’re not quite done yet… You only decorated 12 cookies!?! I guess it would have to take a long time… We can’t take that long, since we make more than 100 sugar cookies. 😉


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