YES YES YES YES YES YES! It finally snowed here! 😀 And it snowed like two feet – which is pretty much for us. The snow is so pretty and white and smooth and sparkling and clean and cold and bright and icy and beautiful and… okay, I’ve run out of adjectives. XD

What’s that you say? Oh. Of course I took pictures – how else would I survive looking at all of that pretty snow? XD What? You’d like to see them? Perfect! I was just getting ready to show you… (I took so many pictures I wanted to show you that I had to make a bunch of them into collages. 🙂 )

First, some pictures of just snow.

snow 6 (1280x1280)

Now, onto snowy birds! A lovely cardinal pair came to our birdfeeder in the snow, and I took some pretty pictures of them. I especially like the first collage. The female:

snow 2 (1280x640)

And the male: (Along with a picture of several fellow birdseed eaters)

snow 7 (1280x640)

And some miscellaneous landscape, house, and deck snow pictures…

snow 3 (1280x640)

snow 1 (1280x427)

snow 5 (1280x1280)

Look how much snow we got – this is a beforeish and after picture of a little picnic table we got.

snow 4 (1280x640)

I did a really fun mini photoshoot with my sister. (For this collage and the next, you can click on a photo to enlarge it.)

I also built a snow cave. (Well, I actually built two, but this is the only one I took a picture of.) I love building snow caves!

Straight, stately, snowy silos. 😀

-Allison(snow!) 017 (1280x960).jpg

Ahhh! Snow looks so pretty on evergreens and rose bushes, doesn’t it?

snow 8 (1280x640)

My dad just got a snow-blower recently, and he actually got to use it! It wouldn’t have been too surprising if he didn’t get to use it this winter, but he did!

snow 9 (1280x427)

Phew! Last collage. Another rare thing that happened is that our pond froze over! We slid around on it a little bit before it snowed, and then shoveled paths through the snow.

snow 10 (851x315)

Wow – that was a LOT of snowy pictures!  I think somewhere around a gajillion – does that sound right? Are you frozen yet? Tired of snow? What were a few of your favorite pictures or collages – if you aren’t too tired of this post yet. 😀



23 thoughts on “YES YES YES – SNOW!

  1. My state got 3 whole feet, so you’re lucky! I love these pics, I couldn’t take any because I was sick. But yeah!


  2. WOW WOW WOW. That snow looks so amazing! I just want to hug it! Okay, that’s weird…. XD
    Anyways, I loved the pictures! They’re all amazing. 🙂 I bet you’ve had lots of fun!


  3. WHOA! That’s CRAZY! SO much snow! I wish we had that much, but for my dad’s sake…then no, (he doesn’t like snow, it makes chores hard) I don’t wish it!


          1. Oh, I’m sorry,I guess I forgot to mention, that when we were about ready to stay home from church, that it came back on, and we went ahead and went to church! So we’re good! My fish weren’t quite sure what had happened though, since they’re filter stopped and they had no light for a while! But ya, it came back on! But for awhile, the whole town had no electricity!


  4. Allison! These are amazing photos! My favorite collages (I can’t pick just one!) are the photos of Megan, the silos, and the female birds. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing. So glad you all are having fun!


  5. We got a lot of snow, too! Not 2 feet, but still a lot… We have a large mound of snow that we are going to make a cave out of. 🙂



      1. Yeah, Christian Homeschooler and I worked on it this afternoon, and both of us (sort of, with our heads sticking out) can fit in it! Hopefully the snow doesn’t all melt before we can dig it out again tomorrow… :/



        1. Neat! I’ll bet you had a lot of fun. I hope you can get it even bigger tomorrow! We went sledding and it was really fun, but the snow is starting to melt a little bit. 😦


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