Horses + Cat

For my friend’s birthday (she has a blog here), she invited me and my sister to go horseback riding with her! It was fun to see the horses and learn how to ride them. They are such big, gentle creatures! (At least these horses were gentle. XD ) You weren’t allowed to take pictures while on the trail, but I took some pictures before and after the ride.

This is me on the horse I rode. His name was Willow, just like one of my rabbits! Although I have to say, my rabbit Willow is a lot fluffier than the horse Willow was. 😀 He was a really nice horse to ride. (The guide took this picture.)

-Allison(horseback riding, flowers) 033 (1280x960)

Some more pictures of Willow the horse and his buddies:

The place where we went horseback riding also had a little petting zoo. Don’t these goats look so funny on their “rooftop walk”?

-Allison(horseback riding, flowers) 004 (1280x960)

There was a llama and alpaca (I think) too. (Please excuse the horse rear-end in the photo. XD)

-Allison(horseback riding, flowers) 014 (1280x960)

A cute cat was curled up outside of one of the buildings. He was very friendly, and curled up on my lap all by himself! (Our cat, Jinx, would never do that. He basically just tries to avoid us whenever possible. 😀 )

-Allison(horseback riding, flowers) 024 (1280x960)
I really like this picture. 🙂


kitty collage (851x315)

Wow! I think I took more pictures of the cat than of the horses. XD

And that about wraps it up! Which picture was your favorite?



11 thoughts on “Horses + Cat

  1. WOW! Looked like fun!!! 😀 XD I loved the pics, they were great! Those goats WERE cute!!! XD 😀 😛 Willow (not your bunny XD ) looked gentle and nice!!!!!! We have the colt now!!! Baby lena foaled!!!! It’s SO cute!!!!!

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  2. I love the picture that you took of the horse eye. For some reason I just think it’s soooo beautiful! I also love the rest of your photo’s too. 🙂


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