Quote Edits

I’ve been using this great photo-editing site (PicMonkey) to make quote edits recently. It is SO much fun! PicMonkey has some great fonts, but my sister told me about another website (1,001 Free Fonts), that has gazillions more free fonts, so I also used some of those.

All of these edits were made by me, from pictures taken and edited by me. The quotes are either verses from the Bible, quotes from Pinterest, or part of the lyrics songs or hymns.


#1. This is one of my favorites of the edits I made. When the world is storm-tossed all around you, cling to the Rock that stands strong above the storm.

quotes 3.4 (1280x960)

#2. Stop and smell the roses – take time to enjoy the little pleasures around you. (Picture from this photoshoot.)

quotes 4 (1280x960)

#3. I love this verse, and the ones that go with it. Why should we worry when God holds all of creation in his hand? The third and fourth edit are consecutive verses, so they go together.

quotes 5 (1280x960)

#4. (Picture from this post.)

quotes 6 (1209x907)

#5. Always look on the bright side. Find the blessings in disguise.

quotes 10 (1280x960)

#6. Kind words are as pleasing as honey. Or more so! (This picture was from my “Bee Tree” post.)

quotes 8 (1280x960)

#7. From the Doxology…

quotes 2 (1280x960)

#8. Great things can come from small deeds.

quotes 9.3 (960x1280)

#9. From the song “Waterfall,” by Chris Tomlin.

quotes 1 (1280x960)

#10. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made the whole wide world.

quotes 7 (1280x960)


I hope you enjoyed reading those quotes – I enjoyed making them! Which was your favorite?

A lot of those pictures came from a big Western trip my family made in 2013 – some more of those pictures may show up in a “Photos from of Old” post. 🙂


P. S. The first WordCrafters story is finally finished! (At almost 10,000 words o.O :D) You can read it here. It’s a wonderful story – thank you SO much everyone, for participating!!

P. P. S. I know I haven’t been posting much about Farm Life, but the fact is, not many post-worthy farm things happen in winter. I suppose you’ll have to make do with photoshoots and stories and tutorials until spring. 🙂 There’s a clay tutorial coming up soon!


33 thoughts on “Quote Edits

          1. 😀 You’re welcome! I love getting your tips!! 😀 If you ever figure out something that would help beginners/intermediates-like me-then please give me a ‘shout’!! 😀 I NEED help with my photography!!!!!!! 😀 The only reason that the 1/2930 of my pictures turn out is because of the lighting and sun! XD


            1. Okay! Maybe I’ll do a post about photography tips sometime. Although I have to say, if I do take good photos, a large part of the praise has to go to my camera – it’s a really good camera, as I’ve said lots of times. 🙂

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  1. Lovely edits, and the verses are so true. ❤
    Yes!! I'm so sad Wordcrafters is over, but our result of the story is really amazing, isn't it?
    Great post.


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