Farm Landscapes + PFA #3

When I was up at my grandparents’ not too long ago, I took some neat landscape pictures of our farm. (My grandparents live just up the lane – we are super blessed that way!) It was a beautiful spring evening and the farm just looked so pretty…

RSCN1901 (1280x960).jpg

DSCN1657 (1280x245)
Isn’t this neat? I took it on the “panorama” setting of my camera.

(Click on any photo in a collage to enlarge.)

DSCN1713 (1280x960)
Geese at the pond – my camera zooms really well!


DSCN1670 (1280x960)

DSCN1688 (1280x960)
Sun through a tree at my grandparents’ woods


I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Which picture was your favorite?

Oh, and I think a PFA (Post from the Forgotten Abyss) might be due. Check out this post I made in September 2014 (!!) with pictures of lots of different animals found around our farm.




19 thoughts on “Farm Landscapes + PFA #3

  1. Beautiful!! I’m supported to pick ONE favorite?! But their all so breath-taking!! Fine… I’ll choose the pano ;). Your farm is so big! I’m really curious about your farm–like do you sell the eggs to egg companies (I’m guessing)? And how does that work?


    1. Thank you so much, Hayley! I’m really glad you liked them! Yeah, I really like the panorama too. 😀
      Yes, we gather the eggs and then sell them to a hatching company where the eggs hatch into chicks. Then the chicks get shipped off to chick houses (I wish we could have chick houses instead of chicken houses! 😀 ) where they grow into chickens. Then the chickens get sent to farms like ours and the cycle starts again. 🙂 We get new chickens about once a year. I did a post about some of the weird, mutant-eggs we get sometimes. XD 😛 You can check it out if you’d like to know more about the eggs:

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      1. Thats really cool!! So do the companies you share them with ever sell them to people who want to incubate eggs to have their own chickens? I saw that post when you posted it, I just didn’t comment apparently :p. I’d love it if you posted more about your farm and chickens!!


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