In a New Light {Indoor Photoshoot at Golden Hour}

Hello, my friends!

Ah, I kinda love these pictures. I’ve been wanting to do a “dramatic natural light” indoor photoshoot for a while and I finally got the chance using a perfect gladiola bloom and… myself. 😛 Enjoy some creative self-portraits, peaceful indoor photography, and dramatic florals! I hope these pictures make you look at ordinary things in a new light today.

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Let’s start with… a bathroom window! Heh. This is not usually a photogenic spot because we didn’t even put the curtain up properly. But shadows and golden hour light and the right angle can make anything pretty. 😉

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The dormer looked a little empty, so I snapped a couple of self-timer silhouettes to fill it up. I like the dreamy mood of this one.

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I love finding reflections like this in windows or picture frames. It’s almost like the frame is a portal to another world… or at least another room. 

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I also couldn’t resist taking a self-portrait against one of the beautiful, old doors in our house. I kinda wish I’d changed into a more photoshoot-worthy outfit, but the light coming through the window changes so quickly and time was of the essence! Plus, the colors go together nicely anyway.

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As you can tell, I was in an “artistic photography” mood where I don’t care much about blurriness or strange compositions. This isn’t a very good picture, technically speaking, but I like it anyway. 🙂

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So peaceful, ahhh. Old windows are kind of a pain (haha, no pun intended) to look out of at times, but their imperfections sure cast some lovely light patterns in the evening.

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Now for the flowers! Mom grows these perfect red gladiolas that I’ve been wanting to photograph for a long time now. The blooms seem made for a dramatic, moody photoshoot like this one.

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The set-up for these pictures was pretty simple: move a houseplant off of this small table and place it in the sun where the gladiola could shine and cast shadows on the wall.

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My favorite photos often end up being the ones I “make” photos instead of just taking them. You know? It’s fun to arrange your subject so even the simplest things can tell a story or at least evoke the mood of a story without any words being used.

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I LOVE THIS ONE. It looks like an oil painting.

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Ah, this is another of my favorites. The black background gives it kind of a “fine art” style. 

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Gladiolas look almost too perfect to be real, don’t they? I prefer the cheerful messiness of wildflowers because they seem more authentic, but I must say, daisies and dandelions aren’t nearly this elegant.

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I had so much fun playing around with this one subject and seeing how many different ways I could photograph it. It’s a great exercise! Get yourself some flowers in a vase, put it on a stand of some kind, and take pictures of them in interesting lighting. 

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OOH ANOTHER FAVORITE. I love the chiaroscuro effect of this one. Chiaroscuro is an Italian term used in art to describe contrast between light and dark. If you use it right, it almost makes your subject glow.

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And last but not least, here’s another dramatic shot of the flowers facing the sun. They look like floating fire. ❤ 

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I had so much fun taking those pictures, as you can probably tell. 🙂 I hope this photoshoot makes you stop and look at everyday things from a different perspective today, whether that’s a window or a wall or a beautiful flower. I guess I just wanted to remind you guys that there’s so much beauty in this world if you choose to see it. Don’t forget, okay? ❤

Which photo was your favorite? 

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D3400 and a 35mm lens. Edited with Lightroom. 

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81 thoughts on “In a New Light {Indoor Photoshoot at Golden Hour}

  1. Wow these are AMAZING 😍 I especially loved the last ones and the contrast but I really liked them all 😁


  2. I love this Allison! I always wanted to be a painter/artist when I grew up. Well, maybe when I retire I’ll give it another shot! But for now, I just love taking artistic creative photos. These give me some ideas. Thank you for sharing!! 🧡💛🧡💛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful! I love the lighting–it’s so warm and just lovely. Also, I like the “blurry” portrait of yourself. It has an authentic quality about it that I really like.


  4. They’re all so beautiful! I think my favorite would be the third one tho! I love the aesthetic feel as well!


  5. Oh my goodness, those gladiolas are beautiful! I love the contrast and vibrancy in all of these. So pretty!!


  6. These are lovely pictures! I recently learned the term “golden hour,” and it does perfectly the magic of the late afternoon sun.


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