Waterfalls and Bear Paws

Last week we went on a gorgeous (and rather tiring) hike with some friends. It included lots of water and waterfalls. Perfect!

Note: I edited some of these pictures. 😀 Just making sure you weren’t like, “WHOA, how does Allison take that good of pictures in a badly lit-forest?” Well yeah, I don’t. 😛

waterfall 4 (1024x768)waterfall 8 (1024x768)

waterfall 9 (1024x768)
Ooh, so shiny.
waterfall 7 (768x1024)
I love this one!

Along the path there was this gorgeous waterfall hidden away in a little hollow. It felt like a private picnic spot or something. So pretty!

waterfall 5 (1024x768)-Allison(hike) 103 (768x1024)-Allison(hike) 105 (1024x768)-Allison(hike) 103 (768x1024)-Allison(hike) 065 (768x1024)

waterfall 3 (768x1024)
Mini waterfall off to the side

Look at all of this liquid energy! Churning, frothing, bubbling water. Ahh…

-Allison(hike) 077 (1024x768)-Allison(hike) 080 (1024x768)waterfall 6 (768x1024)


I really like this picture of mountain laurel. BOKEH! XD

-Allison(hike) 119 (1024x768)

Meet our friends’ dog, Penny, who swam around in the river a couple of times. She was awfully hard to get a picture of. XD

-Allison(hike) 127 (1024x768)

Guess what? We saw THREE black bears on our hike! There are bears where I live, but it’s very rare (for us at least) to see one. So we were super excited to get to see three on one hike! They were pretty cute. 😀 They didn’t even seem to notice us, even though the first one was fairly close to the path. I got some rather bad quality videos and pictures, but at least you can see the bears on them.

-Allison(hike) 010 (1024x768)-Allison(hike) 008_Moment (1024x576)

-Allison(hike) 148 (1024x768)
I’m pretty sure the cub is drinking milk from its mother in this photo. Isn’t it funny how the mama bear is sprawled out all nice and comfy (or not) on the ground?

I was going to add a GIF, but it took too long and wasn’t very good anyway. Heh heh, so much for that. XD I might show you some bear videos in a post later.


Have you ever seen a bear? Do you like hiking? What was your favorite picture in this post?


P. S. CutePolarBear, it’s your turn for WordCrafters! Visit the WordCrafters 2 page to read the story so far. GO WORDCRAFTERS! 😀

P. P. S. Wanna hear something funny? You know the Baby Changing Station thingies in public bathrooms? Once I saw one where the “C” had been scraped off the sign, so it read: “Baby hanging Station.” How awful! (But you have to admit, still hilarious. XD )


27 thoughts on “Waterfalls and Bear Paws

  1. Oooh, the 13th picture is AMAZING! 😮 I want to photograph a waterfall so bad… 😛
    Bears? Wow! 😀 That must have been so cool!!

    -Clara ❤


  2. Wow!!!! Those are some AMAZING pictures!! I LOVED the water fall pics too! And the black bears!? NEATO!!!
    I like hiking!! 😀 But I don’t do it much at all! 😉 :/ 😉
    I’ve only seen a bear ONCE and that was when we were on vacation in a big van and drove past a running cub. That was it. We didn’t even get a good look, it was just a blur. :/ 😉 But it was still neat! Well, then again, I guess I did see a bear when we went to this bear zoo thingy! 😉 😀 It was neat!!!! 😀 😀 😛 😀 We drove RIGHT past a sleeping bear! :O But I was like..3, so I don’t REALLY remember it… 😉 😀 But those were really cool pictures, and it sounds like you also (were tired) had fun!! 🙂


  3. Ah my goodness!!!:D Those are GORGEOUS photos, Allison! I’ve seen a couple of bears in the wild-pretty cool stuff. ;D That’s really neat that you were able to take the photos that close up!


  4. Pretty waterfalls! 🙂
    Once me and some people I knew went to this fort where these wildlife people were checking on some bears… or something. We went to the den and they tranquilized then before pulling them out. There was a mother and two cubs. 🙂 So I got to touch them. 🙂


  5. So pretty! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real bear in real life.

    P.S. Okay, I’ll start writing my WordCrafters chapter very soon!!! 🙂


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