A Sunset Story

Guess what? Today you get pictures AND a story. I know, I’m so generous. XD

I raced outside and up a hill to take pictures of the brilliant sunset tonight. I wish you could have seen it! It was so orange and pink and just gorgeous! But I suppose my smaller-than-life pictures will have to do. (Note: The sunset was way prettier in real life. 😉 )

-Allison 001 (1024x768)
This picture captured the colors about the best.

-Allison 009 (1024x768)-Allison 007 (1024x768)-Allison 006 (1024x768)-Allison 003 (1024x768)


I edited this one:

edit 1 (1024x768)

I also took pictures of a sunset when we went to my grandparent’s house.

045 (1024x768)044 (1024x768)

Now that your mind is saturated with pictures of sunsets, here’s a little story I wrote. (Yes, I did use Esme from WordCrafters 2.  😀 ) I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a long time. Enjoy this little tidbit of a story!


Esme lay on the hillside, staring up at the sky. A little kitten breeze played around her. It pounced on her face, batted her clothes, and ruffled her hair with soft, invisible paws.

Esme gave a sigh of contentment as she lay there with the breeze for company, watching the sun step down from its stage in a brilliant finale. The sunset was like a giant bonfire, and the puffy golden clouds like marshmallows toasting over the blaze.

Esme closed her eyes and imagined what it would feel like to sit on one of those clouds. It would be warm and soft and springy, just like a perfectly roasted marshmallow. She would nestle deep into the softness and let the colors of the sunset wash over her. The colors would feel good – tingling and throbbing with energy. If she jumped from the edge of the cloud, she would fly – she would soar over the fire in the sky, over everything and everyone.

Esme opened her eyes. She had landed back on her hillside. But Esme liked it up there with the clouds. She closed her eyes again and floated up to the clouds. This time she imagined how a sunset would sound if it were music. The notes would start off smooth but bright, like blue sky just beginning to turn rosy. The music would build, louder and louder, higher and higher, crashing in great golden waves over everything it touched. The notes would play so fast that they all blurred together into one glorious, chaotic crescendo as the sunset burned brightest. Then, gradually, the music would fade with the fading colors. The happy, throbbing tune would turn slow and mournful as the sun breathed its last. A few sweet notes would linger – the sun’s last golden tears – then the music would stop.

As Esme walked back to her house with the kitten breeze tagging along, she could still feel the softness of the cloud surrounding her and hear the sunset’s wonderful music playing in her ears. She was flying again, over the grass instead of the sky, but flying. Soaring home.


That was so much fun to write. 🙂

See ya later, alligators! (Or would you rather be unicorns or dragons? Speaking of which, I shall soon show you one of those, though I’m sorry to say, it’s not actually alive. :/ Actually I’m not sorry! XD )



24 thoughts on “A Sunset Story

  1. That story was amazing! I loved how she felt she could fly and thought of the sunset as music (I like to do these things too!). My favorite line: “The sunset was like a giant bonfire, and the puffy golden clouds like marshmallows toasting over the blaze.” I love this simile!
    P. S. I’d like to be a dragon or unicorn! 😀


    1. Aww, thank you SO much, Heather! Your comment made my day!
      Yes, I love that line too. 🙂 I actually thought of the marshmallow cloud part a while ago when we were roasting s’mores, and I kept adding bits to the story in my mind. 🙂 I was waiting until I had sunset pictures to go with it to write the whole thing.
      P. S. Yep, me too. Who wants to be an alligator when you can be a dragon or a unicorn? XD



    See ya later, alligators! (Or would you rather be unicorns or dragons? Speaking of which, I shall soon show you one of those, though I’m sorry to say, it’s not actually alive.:/ Actually I’m not sorry!😄 )
    Loved that last little part^^:P That would be pretty strange-“Hey Mom, isn’t that a unicorn in that field?” “Of course, Sweetie-you’ve seen unicorns a million times.” ;D “Hey Dad! I’m going to go on a hike to take some pictures of some dragons. Is that ok?” “Sure Honey, just be home before dinner or your mom’ll skin ya alive!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Lainey!
      Hee hee, I’m glad you liked that. Yep, that would be super strange. XD Instead of horse farms, there would be unicorn farms! Instead of… uh, I don’t know what dragons would be instead of. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That was so nice! I love that Esme though of the sunset as music too. I think that Esme is my favorite character in Wordcrafters. She is really nice.
    Those sunsets are so pretty! I like it when the sunset is red – it makes it like the sky is on fire! 🙂



  4. Wow!!!! 😀 COOL pictures and great story with Esme! 😉 You should do one like that only with Pippin and then another with Vivi!! 😛 😀


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