I had a lot of fun taking these pictures on one of our trips to our neighbor’s pool. I love swimming! (And photography.)

My siblings and cousins were trying to throw each other off the inner tube. XD Very splashy indeed!

-Allison(pool) 100 (1024x768)

-Allison(pool) 098 (3) (1024x768)
I love this one where my cousin is falling back into the water. It looks so neat!

-Allison(pool) 097 (1024x768)

-Allison(pool) 096 (1024x768)


Pool water is so pretty.

-Allison(pool) 002 (1024x768)

I love these next pictures! I dripped water into the pool and took pictures of the splashes. Aren’t the bubble-pockets so neat?

-Allison(pool) 106 (1024x768)
Look at that perfect bubble in the middle! LOVE IT!

-Allison(pool) 103 (1024x768)-Allison(pool) 102 (1024x768)


I also really like this picture of my brother swimming.

-Allison(pool) 094 (1024x768)

Here are some more action pictures:

-Allison(pool) 060 (1024x768)
Junior synchronized diving? XD

-Allison(pool) 004 (768x1024)-Allison(pool) 056 (1024x768)


Last but not least, one of our neighbor’s dogs! I think his name is Biscuit.

-Allison(pool) 107 (1024x768)

There you are, folks! Which photo was your favorite? Have you ever taken pictures at the pool? Do you like swimming? (That was kind of a “duh” question. XD )

P. S. Are you getting tired of photography posts yet? I take lots of pictures and love sharing them with you, but I also want to post about more than one category. If you are getting tired of one kind of post or have suggestions for my blog, I’d love it if you’d take my blog survey! I’m not promising anything drastic, but perhaps the survey will tell me how I can up the enjoyment level just a bit for you. 🙂 (By the way, this is the same survey as I did a while ago, just so you know. 😉 )


20 thoughts on “Pool!

  1. Oooh, I love these pictures! We are going to the pool tomorrow and I can’t WAIT! 😀 I love swimming! It’s so… relaxing. 😛

    -Clara ❤


  2. Pools are amazing! In fact, I went in this morning because we had picked black raspberries, and then we got so sweaty! The pool was very nice. 🙂 We watched some Olympic trials last night; I love watching the swimming! 🙂



      1. I know, it was. 🙂 Yes, I liked them. I kind of like the getting to know the Americans before they actually compete, you know? 😉 Yup, Gabby Douglas competed. She was pretty good, but I don’t know if she was able to qualify, because I went to bed before it ended. The best gymnast was Simone Biles. I thought the best part was some men’s swimming. The two men who are going to the Olympics in that event were the underdogs! 🙂



  3. Wow!!! Great GREAT pics Allison!!! 😀 🙂 Loved em! 😛 I’ve never taken pictures of a pool I don’t think…I did get some neat pics today however! :O 😀 😀 😀 XD 🙂 😛 Hehe! 😀 Anyway…I loved the pictures! 😛 I actually don’t..know how to swim. Yeah.. :/ I know HOW to…but we hardly ever go to any sort of pool, so I’ve never swam. Uh-uh. XD 😀 😛 It looks like fun though…and I kinda like water! 😛 xD 🙂 😀 If I could swim I think I’d like water… 😛 😀 I liked the action pictures! 😀


    1. Thanks so much, K. A.! Aww, really? That’s too bad. 😦 It’s super fun to swim – you would probably like it! It’s so sad that you hardly ever go to a pool. *Sniff* XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved this post! Swimming is my favorite summer activity! I was going to take your survey but I haven’t been reading your blog long enough to know how to answer!! LOL! 😀


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