Old and Worn: A Photoshoot

After reading Rebekah’s post the other day, I was like, “Ooh, I want to do that!” So I did. 🙂 I went for a walk around our farm with Maggie and took looots of pictures. Thankfully none of our barns are falling down or anything, but some of them do look beautifully old and worn.

This is somewhat of an experimental post. I don’t usually do B&W (black and white) or architecture photography, but today I’m doing both! Let’s see how the experiment turned out…



Lots of straw!
Barn siding…


Maggie had to stop for a drink. 😛


Look at the “candlestick”! The moon really lit up this post. 😉
I love this picture as well!


This is a broken window on our “Pighouse.” We don’t use it anymore except as a machine shed, but it used to be a pig barn (thus the name). I always thought the broken part of the window looked like a pig. 🙂 Can you see it?
Isn’t this neat? Vines (I think they’re Virginia Creeper vines) climbed quite a way up this old grain silo.



I think the experiment was a success! At least it was fun to conduct. 🙂

Do you like B&W or architecture photography? What is your favorite thing to photograph?


P. S. Thank you guys sooo much for entering my giveaway and taking my survey! I enjoyed reading your suggestions and opinions. I’m going to do a post soon that Clara suggested in the survey!

55 thoughts on “Old and Worn: A Photoshoot

  1. Cool! 🙂 Wasn’t the moon so big last night? We watched it start to rise last night. And yes, I can see how the broken glass looks like a pig. 😀



  2. These pictures look great! I don’t tend to do much black and white photography, but they look neat! Maybe I’ll have to try it sometime… 🙂


  3. Awesome pictures!!! I love black and white photography! Hmmm… I don’t see a pig, but I kind of see a rabbit, like Grace said… And maybe a man’s face?


  4. Beautiful photos! I’m a huge fan of b&w photography. I’ve found that it can give an image a certain amount of drama and power that isn’t present in a color image. I’m probably biased because my first real experience with a camera was in a film photography class in high school.


  5. I really like this! Black and white is so much fun, it makes you concentrate on the shapes and textures of the picture more than you would otherwise.

    Like Bella mentioned, I think I see a man’s face too. It’s a profile, facing left. (I also see the pig btw!)


  6. Nice photos! I don’t really do black and white photography, but I think that black and white can give a photo a different look that’s cool. I think my favorite picture in this post is the first one. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler


            1. Oh, yeah! I thought I replied to your comment but maybe not… Anyway, I’m sorry to say that no, I don’t think it did. 😦 😦 Maybe sending it again would work? I don’t know… But I can’t wait to read it, whatever it is!


  7. Beautiful photography! I loved it! I do like B&W and acitecture photos! I think I could see the pig in the broken window although it looked more like a bunny to me, LOL!
    My favorite thing to photograph is nature! I have a closeup picture of a bee on a flower, and it’s so close up you can see the bee’s hair!! That is the picture I am most proud of! 😀


    1. Thank you so much, Livy! Ha ha, that’s so funny! Pretty much everyone thinks the pig looks like a bunny, and I definitely see their point. XD
      Oh yes, nature is probably my favorite thing to photograph too. 🙂 Ooh, that picture sounds neat! I love when you can get that close!


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