Interview Swap with Aria

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 Hey guys! Aria recently asked me if I would do an interview swap with her, and I agreed. 😀 The theme was “farm girl,” because we… uh, both live on a farm. XD We both asked a few questions and answered them, like so: (Oh, and all the photography is Aria’s except the title poster.)


Have you always lived on a farm? If not, when did you move to the farm, and why? My parents and grandparents bought the farm after I turned eleven and we started building houses on it. We moved here nearly a year later when our house was finished.

Why and how do you identify yourself as a farm girl? I identify myself as a farm girl – not because it’s my atmosphere, but because a farm girl is just what I am. I may be an accidental farm girl, but I love my life here on the farm so much more then when I lived in the city. It’s become a part of me.


What’s something about you that is the least farm-girl like and unexpected? Hmmm… I wear makeup every day and own heels 😉 Also I don’t have very much of a country or southern accent.

Do you do anything that is very stereotypical for a farm girl? Wear cowgirl boots. But I don’t wear overalls. Or a straw hat. Sorry.


What’s your favorite farm chore? Taking photos of everything? I’ll admit that really isn’t a farm chore. It just comes with the territory. Otherwise, I like picking vegetables and canning and all that.

What’s your least favorite farm chore? Probably watering plants with grass tea. (Water that grass sits in for days out in the sun and it is the worst thing you’ve smelled in your life.) But the boys do that for me now.


How big is your farm? Seventeen acres. Not all of it is farmland, and we’re also hoping to buy another seventeen-acre plot next year.

What is the main purpose of your farm? We don’t grow for commercial use – just mainly for ourselves. Our farm is for a sustainability purpose. With the rise of more and more chemicals and toxins in fresh vegetables, the degrade in quality, and the increase in price of organically-raised food, we really want to be able to provide complete year-round produce for our three families living on the property.


What do you ‘farm’ mainly (crops, livestock, etc.)? We mainly farm crops (although, not field crops) but we also have livestock if you count chickens, rabbits and soon to be a cow or goats 😉

What is your favorite thing about living on a farm? The freedom. In the city you really can’t go off and disappear in the woods for two hours; you can’t walk down to pick vegetables for your dinner; you can’t just roam. Living on a farm makes you feel just so free.


What is your least favorite thing about living on a farm? I enjoy everything about it except for the fact that I can’t really sleep in during the summer and bugs.

Do you have many employees, or is it just a family business? Well, as I said above, it’s not for commercial use – just for us family to live off of. But we do have one farmhand who helps granddaddy a lot with farm work.


Do you live in a farmhouse? Sadly, no! I would LOVE to live in a farmhouse, but unfortunately for me, when my parents designed our house, they made it very contemporary and modern. It DOES NOT go with the surroundings 😛

What chores do you do around the farm? I really only work on the farm during the summer, so: picking, planting, weeding, canning, and that’s about it.


What is your favorite farm memory? We haven’t lived here all that long, but I remember when we first bought the property, we had a lot of dead branches and trees cleared into a pile and lit a bonfire…then we roasted marshmallows on it. 🙂


That was fun! Thanks, Aria! If you want to see my answers (and a picture of my house O.o), click here.



26 thoughts on “Interview Swap with Aria

  1. I wish I lived on a farm…*sigh* 😉
    Lovely interview, Allison! It was great getting to know Aria better. 🙂
    ~Grace ❤
    P.S. Unfortunately, I can't see the poster you created and the link to Aria's part of the interview isn't working. 😦


  2. Allison, would you like to do some sort of an interview swap with me sometime? I’d sure love to! 😀 It could be about whatever you like! 😉 Probably something related to farm life… 😛 😉 Or we could both do different ones if you’d like- IF you’d even like to do one! 😛


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