Photography Prompt #3

This photography prompt was so much fun to do! I hope you guys like it as much as I did. :)Here’s the photography prompt:

Photography Prompt 3 (800x600).jpg

And here’s a little how-to video:

Isn’t that fun? I’ve always liked those pictures of a water drop frozen in mid-splash. Here are the photos, along with an extra one of orange juice. XD

It looks so neat!



 Have you tried this type of photography before? Does it look fun?


P. S. For those of you who wanted to see the pictures Megan took of me on this photoshoot, click here! She just made a post about them. 🙂

P. P. S. GUYS! I got something on Black Friday that I can’t WAIT to show you! It’s supposed to come tomorrow or Monday! Squeeeee!


53 thoughts on “Photography Prompt #3

        1. Yep! Sure do! It’s really simple:
          Go to your WP Admin, go to Settings, and choose “General.” Then just check the box beside the “Snow” option! I love love love the virtual snow, don’t you?

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    1. Thank you so much! Well when I made this post I didn’t have a DSLR yet, so I think I just used the clos up setting. But for most of the pictures I took a video and then copied individual frames from the video to make a picture… if that makes sense. XD


  1. I need to try this again! I remember once photographing raindrops land in a puddle. I just shot in rapid sequence and hoped I would get something. My favorite shot was one where the raindrop had just hit the puddle and bounced up, so there was a perfect circular droplet in mid-air, with no splash underneath. (like you see in the video if you watch closely)


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