A Few Flurries {Snowy Photoshoot}

It snowed! I’ve heard that some of you guys got tons of snow, but sadly we didn’t get very much – only an inch or two. 😦  Never fear, though, I managed to get several snowy pictures for you guys. 😀

Snow always makes things so bright and cheerful in its own way. 😀



I noticed this forlorn little nest “tied” to the branch. It wasn’t actually tied, but there was some baler twine pieces tangled around it, so it looked that way. 🙂


Mini mystery picture challenge: What is this? It’s probably pretty easy…

Maggie found a fallen branch that was apparently quite delicious, because she proceeded to devour it… well, chew on it, anyway. XD


Ha ha, I love this picture! XD
She looks perplexed. XD


Aww, Maggie girl! ♥

Strangely, that felt like a short post… I guess my normal posts are fairly long or something. Remember back in the days when I would post one picture and say like, two words about it? Heh heh. I’m glad I “outgrew” that. XD

Ahem, as I was SAYING. Um… what was I saying? Hmm.

Well then. Have a lovely day, dear readers! ♥

OH WAIT. The questions. Which picture was your favorite? How much snow did you get (if any)?

Okay, I’m really leaving now. Farewell!



57 thoughts on “A Few Flurries {Snowy Photoshoot}

  1. I like the first picture, and the ones of your dog! She looks like such a nice pet. 🙂 We had a dog named Maggie once- a lab too, except she was brown. 😉

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  2. Pretty! That’s neat that you get a couple inches at least… we don’t get any… XD Except the very very (very) rare time that snow falls a little… and most likely not on your yard, LOL.
    Haha, Maggie is funny with that stick! What is it that attracts dogs to sticks?

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  3. I adore snow, sadly we get it very very rarely here, perhaps once every two or three years and then it only lasts an hour or so, but we do have some forecast for the weekend, fingers crossed! Your photos are beautiful, especially the ones of Maggie!

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  4. “Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it touches.”
    I really like that quote & was reminded of it after that first pic. 🙂

    Great pictures, I love the ones of Maggie!
    We’ve gotten some snow, but it’s mostly melted. 😭 Also, it’s been raining, and super windy, so everything outside is just a cold, wet mess. 😐
    A lot garbage cans blew over yesterday bc of the wind!!🌬❄️

    This is a really long comment- okay, bye.

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    1. I know, right? Thanks so much!
      Yeah, our snow is pretty much melted now too. And yes, the weather is so weird – it was in the teens early in the week, and now it’s supposed to be in the sixties!

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    1. Um, are you on the Reader app? Because I don’t think I posted a dewdrop picture in this post, but for some reason the Reader app scrambles up all my pictures! 😠 Argh! But anyway, do you mean the picture of lots of bubbles with reflections in them? That was actually a photo of the bubbles in an aquarium! I really like that one.

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          1. Yeah, that happens to me on all of your posts! But it’s only on yours which is really weird… And Megan’s sometimes does that, but I usually can see a couple of the pics that are supposed to be in the post. :/
            I’m gonna have to start looking at your blog on my computer – I miss your photography! 😦

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            1. That’s so sad. 😦 I really wish I could fix it, but the only thing I can think of would be to use my WordPress Media Library which I can’t since I’m basically out of space. 😦
              Aww, I’m so glad you like it! ♥

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    1. Ugh yeah, that does sound messy. 😦 Thanks! I think that picture might be from another post of mine… sometime the WordPress reader app doesn’t work for my blog, sadly – the pictures get all scrambled up. Is that happening with you? Did you see any snow pictures? Sorry about that, but I’m glad you liked the picture, hee hee! 😁

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      1. I saw the swing picture with snow! I haven’t had trouble with the app, but I always save as a draft and then fine tune on the computer before I publish. Fun post, even if your pictures are scrambled!


  5. So neat! I loved the pictures! My favorites were the ones of Maggie, so cute! 😀 I’m so glad you got some snow, we still have tons, my brother has had to dig trenches for us to walk though! Crazy, I know! 😉 But, it’s super fun! We currently have 17 inches, but more really because it settled.

    I think the mystery picture is part of a tractor, am I right? 😉

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    1. Thank you so much! WOAH that DOES sound like fun – it reminds me of the Little House books! (Have you read those?)
      Ooh, good guess but it’s actually a fire hydrant! I liked how you can see all the little cracks in the paint up close. 😀


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