Art Lab, Episode 21: Wuzzing Contest


Yay, it’s time! I’m so excited to show you guys all the creative entries for this contest. They were all so fun to see!

So here’s how this will work. I’m going to show you each contestant’s entry and their Wuzzing’s profile, then at the end of the post you can head on over to The Art Lab blog to vote for your favorite Wuzzing. Please judge fairly and don’t vote for your own Wuzzing! If everyone did that, it would kind of defeat the purpose. 😉

Alrighty then! (Just so you know, I’m not going in any particular order. 😉 )

Danielle’s Wuzzing



His personality: He is a gentle creature. He is always sleepy and loves to eat scrumptious bugs. He is not a big fan of viciousness, but he defends himself spectacularly well when he has to. He is a bit prideful and vain when it comes to himself. Actually, he is very prideful and vain when it comes to himself.

What he looks like: He is only a foot tall on all fours with tall, silver horns to make him seem a bit bigger. He has tiny, fuzzy, silver wings that are tipped with sharp black points. His eyes are silver and are as big as a baby cows’. His snout is similar to that of a cow, but his sense of smell is fifty times stronger (to smell those scrumptious bugs). His ears are as big as a lion’s and can hear for miles around. He has shiny metallic hooves and a long fuzzy, silver tail that is tipped with a tiny flap. He is a deep metallic indigo blue, with a black belly.

Favorite color: Indigo blue (obviously)

Favorite food: Moths, especially the fuzzy ones, but he also likes glazed donuts.

Favorite Wuzzing: Himself (Duh)

Very creative, Danielle! I love his sleepy expression. XD

Clara’s Wuzzing



Name: Wuzzing

Height: 5 inches tall.

Hobbies: Bouncing off of things, exploring, and making art

Favorite food: Mini marshmallows

More Info: Wuzzings are often found hiding in human homes – making messes, hiding under beds, and slipping in and out of sight. When socks and buttons go missing, it’s most likely the case that the Wuzzing has been at work. They are extremely clever creatures and can create total havoc in your home if they wish to do so.

Despite the Wuzzing’s mischievous nature, they can make surprisingly loyal and lovable pets if tamed correctly by a human. Here is what you must do:

The trick is to provide plenty of hiding places for your local Wuzzing. Empty drawers, dusty shoe boxes, and large purses make excellent hiding places.

Once you have figured out which hiding spot he prefers, make a big show of leaving your Wuzzing’s favorite food (mini marshmallows) in front of his hiding spot while being sure he is watching you. If you step back and stand very still, he will venture out to eat, keeping his eyes on you as he munches. Once he is finished, he will retreat into hiding.

Repeat this process for about one week, standing a little closer to his hiding place while he eats each day. Eventually, you should be able to get him to eat right out of your hand. Soon, he will come bouncing out to meet you, climb into your pockets, and ride on your shoulder. At this point, you can choose to create a pillow fort for your Wuzzing to live in, as this is their preferred lodging. Your Wuzzing will have lots of fun bouncing around inside of his squishy fortress. Wuzzings don’t make much noise, but they do make happy squeaky sounds if you scratch them behind their horns. They make ideal pets in small homes.

Wuzzings love to travel and can fit comfortably in the pocket of a backpack or inside a purse. Your friends will be shocked and amazed when you show them your tiny, fuzzy pet! Just be sure to keep lots of marshmallows handy – Wuzzings have an appetite not unlike that of a dinosaur.

If you’ve noticed odd noises, missing buttons, or the strange disappearance of all of your marshmallows – take a look around your house and see if a Wuzzing has decided to call it home!


Arunima’s Wuzzing



Name: The Wuzzing

Description: Tiny creature with white fur with teal and turquoise edges. It has little lavender hearts on it’s ear. It has yellow arms and legs.

Location: Flower Gardens

Diet: Grass

Sound: Makes a sound like wzzz wzzz 

Hops around

Safe to keep as a pet

Magical Abilities: can hop very high and can produce light

Aww, your wuzzing is so sweet, Arunima!

Mukta’s Wuzzing



Meet Penelope, my hand-painted Wuzzing.

She loves squishing and petting, but if you poke her in the eye, I can’t guarantee yours will stay in its socket. 

Penelope’s natural habitat is anywhere warm and humid, but if your place is cold, you might as well reserve a warm corner in a cupboard for her. Her favorite food is boiled algae or ostrich eggshells, but she isn’t very fussy about food so any leftovers will do. Penelope is patient but stubborn. She may look like a harmless fuzzball, but if you put a toe out of line you may find your finger bit clean the next moment.

It’s sooo adorable and squishy, Mukta! I want to squeeze it. XD

Mirra’s Wuzzing


(The profile is on the picture.)

So cute, Mirra! I love how you did a completely different take on the prompt.

Allison’s Wuzzing



Habitat: open meadows, near a source of freshwater

Diet: wildflowers (especially buttercups), grass seeds, wild strawberries, mushrooms

Size: 2-3 inches tall

Call/Sound: a soft “wuzz, wuzz” from which they get their name

Description: Wuzzings are tiny, furry marsupials with large eyes and no legs or arms whatsoever. They move about by rolling with their ears tucked against their body and their eyes closed. Adult female wuzzings have a small pouch to hold their babies in, while male and juvenile wuzzings are pouchless. Wuzzings change colors gradually as they mature. When born, baby wuzzings (or fuzzlets) are a deep purple, but they gradually change to blue, then green, yellow, orange, and red. Orange and red wuzzings are rarely seen because wuzzings tend to have a short lifespan. The picture above shows, from left to right, an adult male wuzzing, a slightly younger adult female wuzzing, and a baby fuzzlet.

Wuzzings’ fur serves many uses. Its water repellent quality enables the wuzzing to float on water and so repopulate itself in different areas. It’s also helpful for collecting food: adult wuzzings roll over the flower or mushroom or whatever they are collecting to bring it down to the ground, then grasp it with their small teeth and roll back to their den.

Wuzzings are harmless and fun to pet, but they are extremely timid and hard to catch. If you do happen to find one, approach it softly from behind and scoop it up quickly and gently. The wuzzing will probably curl into a ball to protect itself, but eventually it should uncurl in your hand if you stroke it.

Heh heh. I had a lot of fun making my wuzzing!

Gracie’s Wuzzing



The Wuzzing is a friendly, fluffy creature, who can be found meandering in open fields and meadows. He is quiet and somewhat timid, but very curious. He will happily invade your space if he deems you friendly enough, and is a big advocate of hugs. So if you ever come across a Wuzzing, feel free to skip over and give his soft, furry self a bear hug. Just be warned: he might determine you to be his new ‘bestie’!

I love how unique yours is, Gracie! He reminds me of a fluffy Dr. Suess character!


Weren’t those amazing? And so creative! Whether you win or not, I want you guys to know that I loved them all, and I’m so happy you entered. ♥ I think all the participants deserve a round of applause and a virtual bag of chocolate, don’t you? (Oh wait, I’m a participant too… yay! XD )

And now… are you ready to vote for “Best Wuzzing”? If so, kindly click here. 🙂 (The poll is at the bottom of the post.) Choose the wuzzing you think was the most adorable, creative, or interesting! May the best Wuzzing win! 😀


We had a lot of fun with this contest, and I hope you guys did too. Make sure to visit the Art Lab blog on March the 3rd to see who won!



20 thoughts on “Art Lab, Episode 21: Wuzzing Contest

  1. Guess what, Allison???? Yours was my favorite! I loved it, and how creative you were with the changing colors and such! I loved it!!! 😀 I voted for yours! 😉


  2. I love them all but my favorites are ………. Clara’s, yours, and Gracie’s! It’s going to be so hard to pick!
    I meant to enter but unfortunately I forgot. 😦
    You should do more contests like this!


    1. Aww, thanks, Sylvia! Yes, I really like those too! 😀 I KNOW! It was soooo hard for me too.
      Aww, that’s too bad. But yes, we should definitely do another contest!


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