Of Mother’s Day, Green Truck Rides, and Stampeding Cows

Hello, dearest readers, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I hope you let your mom know how much you appreciate her hard work. I certainly do appreciate my mom’s hard work! She’s does so much for us – cooking food for seven people three times a day, cleaning the house, homeschooling five kids… so much work, with so much love and patience. ♥ Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 😀

After supper today we went on a Green Truck Ride with the whole family for fun and kind of also to celebrate Mother’s Day. (In case you’re wondering, a “Green Truck Ride” is when the kids hop on the back of Dad’s old, restored, mint-green truck and Mom and Dad drive us around the farm. 🙂 It’s always quite fun.)

Of COURSE I brought my camera, and even got some neat pictures to show you guys. What a surprise, huh? XD (Note: I did edit most but not all of these pictures a bit, in case you were wondering.)

Oooooh isn’t this pretty with the mountain in the background? This isn’t the main part of our farm – it’s the back section which has its own barns and silos and such.

walk 1 (1280x853)

This picture is of a neighboring farm:

walk 2 (1280x853)

DSC_0172 (1280x853)

DSC_0179 (1280x853)

And now we’re back to ours. I thought the fields looked lovely in the golden sun!

walk 3 (1280x853)walk 4 (1280x853)

DSC_0175 (1280x853)

walk 7 (1280x853)

Maggie loves to ride on the truck bed with us. 🙂

walk 6 (1280x853)

Isn’t this picture neat? You can see my Dad through the window and in both of the mirrors.

walk 8 (1280x853)

We stopped to visit the cows and they all came running up to us. XD Hmm, this looks like a good opportunity for another “Rather Puzzled Cows” story… (See the first one here.)

walk 9 (1280x853)

“Lookout to chief, over. It seems we have some strangers on the premises, do you copy?”

“Chief to lookout, over. Visitors you said? Hmm, we haven’t had any in a while. I’ll sound the alert. ALERT, ALERT, EVERYONE. VISITORS ARE APPROACHING. STAMPEDE AT WILL.”

walk 10 (1280x853)

*Pant, pant*

*Snort, snort*

walk 11 (1280x853)

“Eww, they’re only the strange looking two-legged things again.”

“*Gasp* Well! I’m shocked at your language, Bertha. How could you be so cruel? I think they’re kind of cute.”

“Hmph. They look suspicious to me. I shall give them my hard stare and see if that drives them off.”

walk 15 (1280x853)

“Well that didn’t work – look.”


DSC_0194 (1280x853)

“What d’ya think, girls? Don’t they look suspicious to you? Especially that one holding out the stick.”

“Hmm, I see what you mean.”

“Yeah… let’s take it slow here, ladies. You never know what could happen with these creatures. Just stand back and watch carefully. Close scrutiny is always the best choice in cases like these.”

walk 12 (1280x853)

“OOH, OOH! Hey Bertha, should I run them through with my great and mighty horns? Huh, huh? Just let me at ’em, and I’ll-”

“Oh puh-leez. You’re horns aren’t big enough to butcher a groundhog.”

“B-but… *Sniff* Okay then.”

walk 13 (1280x854)

“Wait. Guys. They’re moving again. HEEELP!”

walk 14 (1280x853)

“Sheesh. What a bunch of scaredy-cows. Why did I get stuck with this herd? I mean, really!”

walk 16 (1280x853)

XD Hee hee! That was fun.

So anyway, after the cows we went to the grain bins with Mom and Dad. It was so much fun! We took the speaker in to see if it would sound all echo-y like our voices did, but it didn’t echo as much as I thought it would. It just got dusty. 😛 The kids played catch with a sock filled with corn, everyone jumped from the ladder a few times, and we listened to music and sat amidst the corn kernels. 🙂

Here’s a couple of pretty cloud pictures to end on…

DSC_0219 (1280x853)

DSC_0209 (1280x853)

So yep, there’s our Mother’s Day adventure of sorts. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the pictures and my rather rambling commentary. Thanks for reading, my friends!


P. S. The next post will hopefully be the birthday haul post. 😀 Except I thought of a much better title. XD Hee hee!


38 thoughts on “Of Mother’s Day, Green Truck Rides, and Stampeding Cows

  1. A Green Truck Ride sounds like so much fun! I love love love the mountain photos–I don’t think I could live anywhere without mountains. And your commentary from the cows reminded me of the cows in the Charlotte’s Web movie. So funny 🙂


  2. As always, picture perfect! I loved the cows and their interesting conversations! And also, the last photo is breathtaking! There is even a heart-shaped cloud on the right for Mother’s Day!
    – Megan Joy


  3. A mountain a mountain a mountain! Ooh, it’s big. O.o
    (Can you tell I don’t see very many mountains?)
    I absolutely LOVE the picture (s) of your Dad! It’s so …. perfect!!!! Good shot 😉
    Can’t wait for the next post!


  4. Happy Mother’s Day, Allison! We had a lovely day. 🙂
    I loved the pictures! The cows are hilarious. 🐮 XD 🐮

    P.S. Your letter is going in the mail! I’m so sorry that it took me so long, but I hope you enjoy it! 😀


  5. haha! Love this post! so sweet and fun! I am happy you had a great Mother’s Day; we did too!
    God bless,
    Claire Rachel<3


  6. That was so cute!! I loved the story, especially the “butcher a groundhog” part, hahah! 😛 The green truck ride looked fun and your pictures were top-notch as usual! Aw, I thought the speaker would echo really well…. hmph. 😉

    Did you get the email I sent concerning your story in my magazine that I sent a while ago? Birthday haul???? Did you have a birthday??!! Why didn’t I know?????? :O


    1. Thanks, Livy! Ha ha, I’m glad you liked that. XD Yep, it sure was! And aww, thanks again. 🙂
      Yeah! I think so! Did you not get my reply? O.o Heh heh, I sure did have a birthday. XD


      1. Oh my, I don’t believe I recieved your email!!! :O I’m jinxed when it comes to emails…. if you could please send it again, I would really appreciate it!! 🙂

        HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you had a day as special and epic as you are! 😀 ❤


        1. Oh no, I’m sorry about that! It was probably my fault – my email server has troubles quite often. 😦 Oh well… sure, I’ll send it again!
          THANK YOU! Aww, you’re so sweet!


  7. Beautiful writing, as always! I felt as though I spent some time in the mountains with you all. Reading this is the best thing I did today so far. Keep writing.


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