Introducing… WordCrafters 3!

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*Dances around throwing confetti* YIPPEE IT’S HERE! Guys, I am super excited for this round of WordCrafters! It feels like forever since I started the last one. And I’m especially excited for this one because Josie and I have some special plans for WordCrafters 3. 😀 AHHH I can’t wait to tell you guys about them! 😀

But first…

What Is WordCrafters?

Basically, WordCrafters is a story-chain where you collaborate with other writers to create a unique book. At the kick-off of WordCrafters, my blogger friend Josie and I will start the story by writing the first chapter, and then you guys take it from there. Each participant picks up where the last left off and writes just one chapter, and then Josie and I will conclude the book. Chapter by chapter, writer by writer, we’ve written a whole story!

I created WordCrafters last year with the excellent help and advice of the lovely Josie (otherwise known as Été), and since then we have successfully completed two WordCrafters stories, here and here. You should definitely check them out – all of the participants did an AMAZING job! 😀

How to Enter

*IMPORTANT* Please finish reading this post before entering. 🙂

  • If you are 10-18 and have a parent’s permission, just enter by commenting on this post!
  • Also, before entering, please take time to consider not just whether you want to enter, but whether you will realistically be able to participate when your turn comes. We would absolutely love to have you, but please don’t just sign up thinking, “Huh, this might be fun,” but then decide you don’t feel like doing it after all when it comes to your turn. It not only complicates things for Josie and me, it’s also not very considerate of the other participants. Of course, this is just a writing challenge! It’s not going to be the end of the world if you can’t write your chapter, and no one’s going to be outraged or anything, but we would greatly appreciate if you at least make an honest effort to fulfill your commitment, as small as it is. 🙂 And if you really wanted to write your chapter but had something come up, we will be happy to rework your turn if possible. Thanks, guys! ♥

Rules for Content

  • PLEASE keep your writing squeaky clean. Especially because this challenge is for kids, please don’t use any inappropriate content, which includes bad language, extreme violence, etc. It’s perfectly all right to use fairytale magic (think Narnia and Cinderella) and even to kill a character (as long as it’s not a main character), but just don’t make it overly gruesome. If you have questions about what can and can’t be allowed, please just ask! We reserve the right to refuse or edit out any offensive content.

Guidelines for Writing Your Chapter

  • I will notify you when it’s your turn to write a chapter. Please try to respond as soon as possible so I know my notification went through. 🙂
  • Please try to complete your chapter within one week. I know this is a change from the previous WordCrafters, but Josie and I both though we should set some limit this time. Last WordCrafters took a looong time to complete, and it didn’t seem very considerate to the other people who were waiting for a chance to enter the next one. Plus, it works best if we can mostly finish up WordCrafters over the summer when everyone has more time to write. 😉
  • When your chapter is finished, post it on your blog and link back to this post. I’ll read your chapter and then add it to the WordCrafters 3 page up there at the top of my blog. (Or you can click here.)
  • After you submit your chapter, I will let the next participant know it’s their turn. And there we go! That’s the pattern until all of the participants have had a chance to write their chapter.

What If I Don’t Have a Blog?

If you want to enter this challenge but you don’t have a blog, that’s fine! Just comment below saying that you’d like to enter and you’re not a blogger. I’ll notify you of your turn by email, and you can send your chapter to Josie or me via our contact forms.

What Will the Story Be About?

Ooh, this is the fun part. 😀 I’ll give you guys more details and pictures of the characters on the starting day, but here are the basics:

Characters: OOH guess what? In this story, all of the main characters from the previous two WordCrafters are going to meet each other and go on an adventure together! In case you need a refresher, here are the characters:

  • Alalia: For Alalia, books are her life. Most of the time Alalia is quiet, but her mind is always observing things, imagining things. She is shy, stubborn, tender-hearted, creative, and loves reading and writing. Alalia is of average height and weight, with straight brown hair blue eyes, and olive skin. She is thirteen years old.
  • Jacob: Jacob is always up for an adventure. He loves any activity that gets your heart racing. Jacob is helpful, caring, and kind, especially to younger kids. Jacob is a bit over six feet tall, has messy black hair, dark brown eyes, and medium skin. He is sixteen years old.
  • Pippin: Pippin is always ready with a grin and a laugh. He is easy-going, funny, and loyal, but he sometimes unintentionally hurts people with his frank comments, and is always accidentally getting himself and others into trouble with his lighthearted pranks. Pippin is tall and lanky, with curly red hair; twinkling hazel eyes; and freckled skin. He is sixteen, almost seventeen years old.
  • Vivi: Vivi is always on the go. She is athletic, outgoing, and very smart, but sometimes her strong nature gets the better of her and she becomes bossy and overbearing. Vivi also has a short temper; she very rarely cries, but easily gets angry. Vivi is short and wiry, with shoulder-length, wavy blond hair; gray-blue eyes; and tanned skin. She is thirteen years old.
  • Esme: Esme is gentle soul. She is kind, tender, and affectionate, but also a bit fragile and proud of her beauty – she doesn’t like getting her hands dirty or her dress torn. Although she is easily frightened and often cries about small things, in true trials she is amazingly strong. Esme is small and slender, with long, straight black hair; dark brown eyes; and creamy skin. She is eleven years old.

Plot: This is another thing we’re doing a bit different this time. Josie and I are going to give you guys a bit more of an outline than we usually do because… well, I’ll talk about that at the end of the post. 😉 We’re still working out the details of the plot, but here’s a short synopsis, subject to change:

The five kids meet each other on a vacation and discover that they share a secret: they are the only humans to have ever traveled to the hidden world of Fairyland. One day they find a stack of envelopes in the mail, labeled “From Ariel. To Whom It May Concern.” Upon opening the letters, they find that the envelopes contain a series of mysteries, along with clues that just might lead them to the solutions. Is the sender of the letters really Snow White’s sister? Why did she disappear and where did she go? And who is that mysterious stranger that appears to be following them? The clues lead the five friends to a surprising solution… and into big trouble. If this is a fairytale, where’s the happy ending?

When Will WordCrafters 3 Start?

Josie and I will post the first chapter of WordCrafters 3 on June 15. That means you have about 20 days to sign up. O.o

One More Thing…

Okay, guys, I know this is getting rather long but I have one more really exciting thing to tell you! After this round of WordCrafters is completed, if all goes well we’re hoping to make all three WordCrafters so far into a book! That’s why Josie and I are giving you guys a bit more of a plot outline, because this round is going to be the last book in the “series” if you want to call it that. What do you guys think about self-publishing it? Would you be interested in helping us edit it?


AHHH I’M SO EXCITED! Are you? If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to Josie or me.

Thanks for reading, my friends! ♥



89 thoughts on “Introducing… WordCrafters 3!

  1. OHMYGOODNESS YOU GUYS ARE MAKING WORDCRAFTERS INTO A BOOK! THAT’S SO INSANELY EXCITING AHHHHH! I don’t know if I’ll have the time to write for WordCrafters, since I’m going to be working on some of my own WIPs and writing for an organization, but OH MY GOSH WordCrafters is going to be epic! (!!) (!!!) :DD

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  2. Ooooooooooohhhhhh!!!! I’m SO excited for the next round of Wordcrafters! I would love to enter. Please. 🙂 I have permission. Also, I’m kind of a grammar/spelling geek (it is what happens when you are constantly reminding your older brother of the rules of grammar 😜) and I would absolutely L.O.V.E to help edit. XD I know, most writers hate to edit, but it’s a privilege for me, and I would be very privileged to be able to help edit Wordcrafters. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha!!! XD Ani, that’s funny! 😛 It’s funny how that sometimes happen.. I’m not a huge grammar/spelling geek, but I don’t usually hesitate correcting my older sister if she has something spelled wrong! XD Just one of them, the other sister would probably be correcting me… XD 🙂 Yeah, I can’t stand editing my own stuff, but I LOVE doing it to other people’s stuff!!!! 😀 It’s a good excuse to read another book!! XD 🙂 Haha!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I would LOVE to enter!!! I’ll try my very hardest to write my chapter within a week, and I think I can manage as this summer I’m not doing any sleep away camps. 😀


  4. I’d love to enter! I need to get parental permission though. I’ll let you know when/if I have it!


  5. I honestly would love to enter! But I’m not sure I’ll write my chapter when it comes to me, like last time. When I tried to write last time, the story didn’t feel right to me. Because the characters are the same, and the story somewhat similar, I won’t enter this year. It really is charming to read! It’s just not fun for me to write. Hope you understand! 😀

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  6. I’d love to enter! One question, though, could I possibly do one of the later chapters? It would be nice, but if not, it’s no problem. 🙂


  7. When I saw this post I was like: *GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSP* YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!! I’m so excited I haven’t even read the post yet!!!! 😮 I’m off to read it now. 😉


    1. I KNOW RIGHT I WAS LIKE SO EXCITED!!!! And then even when I saw it yesterday i didn’t get a chance to read it until today because I had some new little friends to take care of… 😉 *wink wink*

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  8. I re-blogged it so more people can see it. 🙂
    GAH! You’re turning it into a BOOK? That’s makes me insanely excited; even more than I was when I didn’t know that! XD

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  9. Oh my goodness I’m so sorry for all the comments, Allison. But I forgot to tell you that I’d like to sign up please. 🙂 (you probably got hold of that thought already if you read my other comments 😛 )


  10. AGH I WOULD TOTALLY ENTER! But 1) I have a vacation during June (which I’m sure could work out for you if you had me NOT write my chapter then), 2) Camp NaNo is in July (as you probably know XD ), and 3) school starts again for me in early August, PLUS I’m working on editing a story, planning another, and also brainstorming ideas for a bloggy writing project. So I would TOTALLY enter, but I’m super busy! 😦 Even though it’s summer lol. And OOH I HOPE YOU GET IT PUBLISHED! That would be so cool. 🙂


  11. Hi Allison! I’ve never participated in WordCrafters before, but it sounds like lots of fun! I would like to participate this year. Thanks!



  12. I would totally love to sign up!! That’s so cool that you might make it into a book! I would love to help edit later. 😀
    Ahem, but first I have to sign up. I’ll be using my writing blog instead of the one I normally sign up with. ( Also, if it’s possible, because I know you use a randomizer, it would be great for me to write my chapter sometime in June. In July I’ll be on vacation with limited wifi access so even though I’ll have plenty of time to write it, getting it to you might be difficult. Please let me know what you can do. 🙂
    AHHHHHH!!!! I was so excited when I saw this post, it might be my favorite writing challenge ever. 😀


  13. YAY for Wordcrafters! I’m so excited!!! 😀
    I would love to enter! And it’s so exciting that you might turn it into a book! I remember you mentioning that in one of the very first letters you sent and it’s awesome that you’re going to actually do it! I’d love to help beta read/edit it. 🙂


  14. YAH I”M TOTALLY ENTERING!!! I saw this post yesterday and went to read it but couldn’t because I got busy but I”M HERE NOW!!! Do I even have to say I’m entering! 😉 🙂 You sould already konw me!!! XD Haha!!! 😉 Ohh… Hmm! I’m SO excited to be able to write with the characters from the first series!!! I liked it so much, but I was SO sad I didn’t get to write a part of it!!!!!! I loooooooved the characters!!!! EEK! I CAN”T WAIT FOR THIS NEXT ONE! JUNE FIFTEENTH HERE I COME! XD 😉

    Also, is there no word limit this time? I thought i read the whole post, but I don’t remember seeing that..
    btw, did Megan tell you about my new friends…????? XD XD 😀 😀 😀
    Also, if I could I would def help edit the final thing!!! YAY!! I”M SO HAPPY TO SEE HOW THIS ONE TURNS OUT!!!!!!!


      Oh yeah, I didn’t say anything about that. I think it’s fine for it to be more open-ended, as long as it’s not overly long, like several chapters worth or something. 😉
      Ooh, yay! I’m so glad you want to! YESSS I KNOW!

      Liked by 1 person

  15. How neat! This sounds super interesting! 😉 Although, I don’t think it’s the best fit for me, and I already have a lot of writing commitments and such… I’m sorry about that! But, I do think publishing it into a book (or would it be 3 books?) would be so cool! And I know of an epic self-publishing book organization called “CreateSpace” that a friend of mine uses, so be sure to look into them! I look forward to reading! 😀


    1. Thanks, Livy! Aww it’s too bad you won’t be able to enter but I totally understand – two many writing things gets overwhelming! 😉 Ooh, and thanks so much for the tip! 😀


  16. WOW! This is sounds amazing! I’ve heard so much about WordCrafters and it sounds incredibly fun! As of now, I don’t think I’ll be able to participate, but I can’t wait to read the chapters! This is SO cool. 😀



  17. Uh……..Allison, I’d love to enter, but……….I’m not exactly ten yet. I’ll be ten in mid-July. If I could enter, though, that would really be great! I am also very good at grammar and sometimes I even correct respectable sources (although apparently not respectable GRAMMAR sources) in grammar. I have the program Grammarly which is a good grammar checker too. I’d also love to help you edit your book.


    1. Oh, that’s okay! If you’ll be ten in July, I think that’s close enough. 😀 YAY thank you for entering, and I’d love to have your help with editing WordCrafters! Thanks so much!


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