Gone Camping

Last weekend we went on a camping trip with my Dad’s side of the family, and it was so much fun! My camera still isn’t working the best, but I did manage to get a few decent pictures.

DSC_0806 (1280x853) 1.jpg

We got to the campground in the evening so we didn’t do much after that besides set up. Megan and I shared a really nice tent with our two cousins. Although we did play the most confusing game of Uno ever. XD We played the “interrupting” version where you can lay down a card that’s exactly the same (same number and color) as the one someone else just laid down even if it’s not your turn. Anyway, when we laid down several skips or draw-twos or reverses in a row it got quite complicated, XD Have you ever played Interrupting Uno?

DSC_0795 (1280x853)

Unfortunately the ground under our tent was quite bumpy and rocky and sloping, and my sleeping bag didn’t provide much protection… so I didn’t sleep that well the first night. XD But oh well.

DSC_0797 (1280x853)

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast of pancake and sausages and bacon cooked over a combination of a camp cookstove and a bonfire. YUM.

DSC_0831 (853x1280)

The next day started out extremely hot until a huge rainstorm came in the afternoon. The kids rushed to a pavilion nearby and had fun playing games until it stopped raining. My little sister Carmen got scared of all the thunder though, poor girl. :/

DSC_0805 (1280x853)

In the afternoon we went down to the pool which was huge and the perfect temperature, if a bit dirty. All of us except my uncle played a couple of exhilarating games of water polo. It was SO much fun and we all laughed so hard. XD (And my team won both times, heh heh.)

Unfortunately, the floor of the pool was rough concrete and almost all of us skinned our toes and feet up pretty badly what with pushing off hard and running through the water. We had to break out the Band-Aids and gauze when we got back to the campsite and even then we were limping around. XD It would have been pretty hilarious if it wasn’t so painful… well actually, it was still pretty hilarious. 😛 Kind of a strange way to injure yourself, huh?

DSC_0808 (1280x853)

In the evening we had a bonfire and hot dog roast – and s’mores, of course. My uncle also popped some popcorn over the fire and it was AMAZING! It was some of the best popcorn I have ever tasted! His recipe was 1/3 cup of popcorn to 1/4 cup of oil, I think, with a pinch of salt.

DSC_0824 (1280x853)

The cicadas and/or tree frogs were really loud, but in a peaceful kind of way. It was so nice just to be sitting around the fire with family and talking and eating popcorn. 🙂

DSC_0815 (1280x853)

We bought air mattresses for the second night which felt luxurious compared to sleeping bags. XD I know, I need to toughen up – but I have like NO extra padding on my body which doesn’t help anything. XD

DSC_0798 (1280x853)

We had scrambled eggs and chocolate muffins and bacon for the last breakfast. YUM AGAIN. (Hmm, this post seems to feature a lot of food, doesn’t it? XD )

We then went down and played around at the Gaga pit and swings and rock climbing wall and stuff, but it was so hot we didn’t do it for long.

Before we left we went to the pool one last time and tried not to scrape open our blisters. Eheh heh… dear me.

And then we left! All in all it was a pretty fun time. 😀

Have you gone camping this summer? What is some of your favorite campfire food? What do you like to do best while camping?



65 thoughts on “Gone Camping

  1. Wow! That sounds like so much fun! I went on a camping trip last year (we had an RV though)
    No, I have never played Interrupting Uno! It sounds like fun!
    I think I am doing that ATC trade!


  2. These photos are beautiful. ❤ FOOD. Yum! The popcorn sounds delicious. I love gaga ball! It’s so fun! Sometimes it is rather hard not to scrape blisters…not that I do… XD Haha, actually I just got back from a camp, and my mom packed a “natural” bug spray (she’s really into health stuff!) and I dunno what happened (I didn’t put on enough, Mom’s bug spray didn’t quite work, etc., etc.) but somehow I managed to receive a bunch of mosquito bites and picked at like half. XD (why does autocorrect keep changing my xd’s into cd’s???)
    Thus ends this little rant.
    -Sara ❤

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      1. Ooh, it’s really fun! It’s pretty much like dodgeball where if the ball hits you below the waist, you lose a life – or you’re out. And if you catch someone else’s ball, they lose a life. 🙂


  3. How fun!! My Dad has promised that we can go at least fishing (maybe a little camping!) after the Fair; I am so excited!!! That sounds like SSOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!


  4. I went camping with my friends, and we had a blast! We found a WWII bunker that we went inside with the teacher who was leading the trip. Your camping trip sounds like fun! 🙂


  5. Although I haven’t been camping this Summer, I have been before and every time, it’s always so much fun! Besides, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a tent, gaze at the sky covered with stars, and eat delicious s’mores? The hard ground can be uncomfortable to sleep on, though. 😉 I’m glad you had an enjoyable trip, Allison! Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!


  6. How neat, this sounded like fun! I’ve never played Interrupting Uno before, but it sounds neat! My brother and I like play Uno Attack! Have you ever played that version? That pool sounds like it was evil…. haha! I’m glad you had fun though, with lots of food! 😛


      1. Haha, well, with Uno Attack you have a little machine that spits out cards at you when another player puts down the cards that make you do it, and you never know how many cards it’ll give you, and the cards are a bit different from normal uno, and you play with colors. I know, so confusing, maybe if you looked it up you’d get a better definition then you got out of me, haha! 😉


  7. ! It’s pretty much like dodgeball where if the ball hits you below the waist, you lose a life – or you’re out.


  8. Camping trip looks like a blast. Always fun with the whole family. Sadly this summer where I live in Canada we have had province-wide fire bans all summer which takes out quite an integral part of camping! I came across a blog post here https://outdoorsenergy.com/2017/09/07/affordable-camping-gear-guidetips/ that mentions the use of a portable stove that is actually legal during these fire bans! Wondering if you have heard of them before and are worth buying maybe?


  9. I love interrupting uno! But we play it a little different. If somebody lays down a 0, then you slap your forehead. Last person who slaps their forehead has to draw 2 cards. If somebody lays down an 8, then you slap the card. Last person who puts their hand down has to draw two cards. It’s a fun game! Much funner than regular old uno. 😀


    1. Heh heh, well it WAS fun, but not all the time. It was extremely hot, so that was the worst part. But yes, it was a great time. 🙂 Ha ha, you’re right! I guess we brought along plenty of equipment, huh?


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