Golden Hour Sisters Photoshoot

I’m SO excited to show you this photoshoot, guys! (Hmm, I seem to start all my posts this way, don’t I?) Anyway, Megan and I love doing impromptu photoshoots and we recently did two photoshoots at the golden hour. I have to say, they turned out GORGEOUS! I think these are my favorite of the sisters photoshoots so far!

Megan took all the pictures of me and I took all the pictures of her (well, obviously). Sometimes the “model” chose her own poses and sometimes the photographer did. All pictures in this post were edited by me, if they were edited at all.

I hope you guys have as much fun looking through these pictures as we did taking them!

We still have a beautiful tangled jungle ofย marigolds and zinnias whichย is perfect for photoshoots. Don’t you think?

1 (1280x853)2 (1280x853)

I love the next one! Aren’t the marigolds gigantic?

4 (1280x853)

Heh heh, I like this one too. XD

5 (956x1280)6 (1280x1112)8 (1280x853)9 (1280x853)

I told Megan to hold the marigold so it looks like she’s blowing a bubble, and then she PUT IT IN HER MOUTH. *Sigh* She said it tasted bad, but I didn’t feel real sorry for her. XD


11 (1280x853)10 (1280x883)

HA HA IS THIS NOT HILARIOUS? Megan thought of this – don’t blame me.

14 (853x1280)

It looks like she’s yanking the flower out by the roots. O.o

12 (853x1280)

Okay so Megan’s expression is just a tad odd, BUT THE LIGHTING. Ohhhh my goodness, I love it so much!

15 (1280x853)

16 (1280x853)

I loooove this next one! Doesn’t it look kind of Pinterest-y? (And maybe even aesthetic? Maybe?)

19 (745x1280)



20 (1280x853)22 (1280x853)

Oh look, I’m Ophelia. I actually love these photos though! I came up with the idea (although I’ve seen it before), and Megan arranged the flowers and took the pictures.

28 (1280x935)


Here we have a classic, somewhat clichรฉ picture. But it’s still pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

25 (1280x853) (2)

Wow my hair looks super long here. O.o

24 (1280x853)

It was quite hard to get good, clear pictures of someone swinging, but I finally figured out that manual focus really helps for this because you can preset it.

29 (1280x853)30 (1280x853)31 (1280x853)32 (1280x853)33 (1280x853)

Annnnd that’s all for today, folks! Which pictures were your favorite? Which photo idea was your favorite?

I hope you enjoyed these, dears, and thanks so much for reading!


P. S. Only a few more days to enter my giveaway! I’ll announce the winner November 1st. YAY I’m so excited!


160 thoughts on “Golden Hour Sisters Photoshoot

  1. OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A GORGEOUS PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!! I just recently followed your blog… Actually I just did today, so anyways I know nothing about it, but are you really into photography? You and your sister have so much skill! I wish you could come magically do a photo shoot of me haha!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I actually hadn’t gotten my really nice camera at all the last couple months, I had just felt really uninspired, but then after looking at your photo shoot I got super inspired! And then my friend and I did this awesome photo shoot in the woods today!


  2. Hey Allison. Your photo shoots are absolutely beautiful, it’s really hard to decide which one is best. So, please, keep going!
    Now that summer is over, I would suggest that you try an indoor photo shoot with your sister. They can really be great, too! You just need to find some cool places in the house, wear casual clothing (jeans + shirt) and shoot! This is especially cool for full-body shots, I have done it myself a lot. And, I guess really I don’t have to tell you this, but of course you should have bare feet for those photos as well. That’s actually kind of standard. Although I’m not a “barefoot gal” like the two of you, I always had to bare my feet when I went to the photo studio to get my pictures taken.
    Just give it a try, I’d love to see the results!


      1. You are welcome :). I am waiting for you to post those photos on your blog then ๐Ÿ™‚
        You could also invite some of your friends over and maybe do some indoor group shots. Of course, you should wear the same style of clothing then, otherwise it won’t work. In my experience, the best style for indoor portraits is always casual clothing (shirt, long pants like jeans) and bare feet.
        Have fun with your photo shoot!!


        1. I’ll definitely post them if we do it! ๐Ÿ˜€
          Ooh yeah, that sounds fun too! We did a little mini indoor photoshoot with a Polaroid camera and our friends, but Polaroids aren’t the best option for that. XD


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