The Summer Bored Games {Sign-Ups 2019}

Hello, dears!

OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED. A few of my blogger friends and I are hosting The Summer Bored Games again this year and today we’re telling you all about it! HOORAY.

SBG is back and better than ever with expanded age ranges, bigger prizes, all new challenges, and fun ways to collect more points. (Not to mention a super fun video/teaser trailer in this post.) Make sure to read this whole post before signing up!


SBG 19 2

The Summer Bored Games is a fun and creative way to bust boredom this summer. Collect points by completing challenges ranging from thoughtful missions to wacky, random activities. Compete with fellow participants and enter to win real prizes!

See below a quite wonderful trailer put together mostly by the lovely Clara. πŸ™‚ Enjoy! (music:Β

SBG 19 4

K. A. // Cuddly Critters Blog

Clara // Clara & Co.

Megan // A Barefoot Gal

Allison // A Farm Girl’s Life

SBG 19 3

The four SBG hosts will take turns posting new challenges once a week for the entire month of July. Each post will include 35 challenges, all assigned a certain number of points. The harder or weirder the challenge, the more points it will give you! (Check out some of last year’s boredom busters here to get an idea of what they’ll be like.)

Participants will use a survey to submit any completed weekly challenges to a host blogger. We’ll tally up everyone’s points each week and show a “leaderboard” of the top participants to promote a little friendly competition. πŸ˜‰

SBG 19 8

Participants collect points by successfully completing challenges. The number of challenges you finish is up to you; however, you must complete any weekly challenges in that week alone for those points to count.

If you miss a week, feel free to do the challenges just for fun, but they won’t earn you any points toward the giveaway.

SBG 19 5

Earn even more points by sending us photos of the challenges you do!

  • You can receive 3 points for each SBG photo sent in weekly. (5 photos, or 15 points per week, is the maximum allowed.) That means you could earn up to 60 bonus points by sending in photos!
  • Please note that is up to the hosts’ discretion to decide whether the photo should count or not.
  • Unless you say otherwise when you send them, we may add your photos to the next week’s challenge post to share the fun!
  • Anyone can send us SBG photos for the next post, even if they’re not official participants.
  • We’ll provide an email address for you to send the photos to in each weekly post.
SBG 19 9

Participants are entered for a chance to win the prize corresponding to their point range.

If, at the end of this year’s SBG, you have 0-50 points, you are not eligible to win a prize. :/ If you finish with 51-200 points, you have a chance of winning a $10 Amazon or Etsy gift card! If you finish with 201-350 points, you have a chance of winning a $15 Amazon or Etsy gift card. And finally, participants with 351+ points will be entered for a chance to win a $20 Amazon or Etsy gift card.

The more challenges you complete, the better the chance of winning a bigger prize!

SBG 19 10

Challenge Post #1: Cuddly Critters Blog on July 1st

Challenge Post #2: Clara & Co. on July 8th

Challenge Post #3: A Barefoot Gal on July 15th

Challenge Post #4: A Farm Girl’s Life on July 22nd

Challenge Winners: All hosts will post on their respective blogs on July 29th

SBG 19 6
  • The challenge is open to participants worldwide, and to ages 10-20.
  • Please get a parent’s permission before signing up if you are under age 18.
  • Please sign up just once, on any one (but not more than one) of the hosts’ blogs.
  • Sign up to participate in SBG 2019 with the contact form below! (The form probably won’t show up until you visit my actual blog.)

If you’re excited for The Summer Bored Games and want to let others in on the fun, we’d quite appreciate if you could share this post to social media, reblog it, or tell your family and friends!

Prizes aside, this is a great way to make memories, brighten someone else’s day, and have some friendly competition with your siblings or friends. πŸ™‚

In conclusion, here’s a helpful infographic to review the rules. (It’s also the perfect size for Pinterest – hint hint! πŸ˜› )

SBG 19 1

YOU MADE IT! Congratulations on reading this very long post, my friend. Now, tell me…

ARE YOU EXCITED? Will you participate this year? Are you ready for summer?



54 thoughts on “The Summer Bored Games {Sign-Ups 2019}

  1. Ooh, this looks so fun! I never got to enter last year and I would love to try this year. But, just a quick question, do I need a blog to enter?


  2. Man, I wish my summer weren’t so busy so I could do this!!!! πŸ™‚ Hehe, what a problem to have!


    1. Ha ha, well at least it sounds like you won’t be bored, which is kinda the point. XD But it’s too bad you can’t participate this year. πŸ˜• Have a great summer!


  3. OH MY GOODNESS THE VIDEO WAS FANTASTIC. That was SUCH A great idea, oh my! EEEP. It sounds super exciting! I’m debating whether to join because heh heh, I’m going to be rather busy this summer. XD


    1. I. KNOW. Clara did an absolutely spectacular job, didn’t she?! Hee hee, good point… But I’d say sign up, because there’s no obligation since it’s every man for himself. If you don’t end up having time to complete the challenges, no worries!


  4. I was like, “I probably won’t do this, I mean, I’ll just watch other people do it–” But now I’m like, “maybe I’ll go see if I can get parental permission, and then I’ll do this, or I’ll try to, at least.”

    *thoughtful chin scratch*


    1. It should be! πŸ˜€ Well there will be three winners, but one for each gift card – one person will win a $10 gift card, one will win a $15 gift card, and one will win a $20 gift card. πŸ™‚ Hopefully that makes sense!


    1. You enter by using the contact form on my blog! If you’re reading this on WordPress Reader, you have to actually visit my site ( to see the entry form. Just scroll down to almost the bottom of the post and fill in the slots required!


  5. I think I will not be able to do it this year, sadly. 😦 But it looks like a lot of fun! I might do some of the challenges just for fun though.


  6. I think this is such a creative thing to do, I hope it is a great success! Fortunately or unfortunately (I’m not sure which), I don’t think I need boredom busters this Summer, since I always seem to have more things to do then I could ever complete. As such, I don’t think I will participate, but I hope everyone has fun and that there are a lot of contestants! πŸ™‚


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