Bible Journaling {the Gospels}

Hello friends! 

When I made my last Bible journaling post, I had to save the Gospels for another time since I didn’t have room. So here I am with verses from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John!

If you’re new here, I am going through the Bible and copying down my favorite verse or passage from each chapter in (hopefully) pretty lettering. So far I’ve filled 15 small journals. In these posts I feature a few of my favorite pages. If you like hand lettering, word art, or need some encouraging Bible verses today, read on. ❤️


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Starting with Matthew means starting with the story of Jesus’ birth. I actually read this right around Christmas last year (though I accidentally wrote “2022” oops), which was perfect! I had fun playing around with word art and little pictures in this one. 


The simplicity of this lettering – one font with a small drawing in the middle – makes for a pleasing page. Bolder lines generally look nicer to me with this cursive font, so I went over it a couple times with my pen.


A similar idea to the last one – one font with an applicable doodle in the middle. This was fun.


Usually the doodles in my Bible journal are not my best work, haha, but they add flair to the page so I’ll take it anyway. I love this passage. ❤️


This is one of the most full-of-peace passages in Scripture, don’t you think? It reminds me of the book Gentle and Lowly, which you should totally read if you haven’t yet!


Practical wisdom right here. It’s easy to excuse our thoughts and feelings because we think they only affect ourselves… But they will come out one way or another in our actions or words.


This one was convicting to me. It’s easy for me to approach God a certain way because it’s comfortable for me or because that’s how my church has always done it. Some traditions are beautiful and useful, but they should never be held in higher esteem than the actual commandments of God.


I can always feel the emotion and turmoil in these words of Jesus when I read them. Isn’t it amazing that our Savior struggled with temptation as we do, yet overcame it perfectly on our behalf?


I’ve always loved the cry “I believe; help my unbelief.” Sometimes that’s the only prayer you have the strength to pray.


This is one of my favorites. Beside the fact that the woman’s sacrifice is a powerful story in an of itself, it brings my heart joy as an artist to know that God loves beautiful things. He made so many of them Himself! 


Isn’t this verse so sad?


A pretty simple layout of “knockout lettering” with some key words colored in.


I usually use a thicker/bolder font for short verses so they fill up the page.


Of course for John chapter 3 I had to journal probably the most famous verse in the Bible. It’s famous for a reason – it’s such a beautiful, succinct description of the gospel.


Some simple, delicate lettering with a flower doodle to accompany it.


Sometimes you just gotta add some curls. 🙂


Or maybe lots of curls. Flourishes are a great way to fill in space, especially for quotes or verse like this which are super short.


Banners are a fun way to display a quote too.


Such a good verse! I broke up the words with various banners and doodles.


I often try to make the lettering interact with itself, like with the overlapping letters here.


This is a fitting end to the post. 🙂 So many other things I feel like I could have shared too, but we’ll leave it here for now.


That’s it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed scrolling through those beautiful verses. I’m still hoping to release a hand lettering online course by the end of the year – I worked on it a bit the other day actually! So yep, be on the lookout for that. Meantime, I want to know…

Do you enjoy hand lettering or Bible journaling?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. If you read this post on my blog, you probably noticed the updated blog design – finally! I changed the URL and header, so that you can find this blog by searching or Yay!


41 thoughts on “Bible Journaling {the Gospels}

  1. Allison, your blog updates are GORGEOUS!!! And I absolutely adored all fonts and verses, you’ve encouraged me to experiment with doing smth similar!


  2. I love these! The lettering is beautiful, and of course the verses are powerful. I’ve probably never mentioned that this spring I did start practicing handlettering, and I really like it! It’s a very relaxing activity. I want to design cards with handlettering, too.
    I did notice the new blog header and URL. Very nice! 🙂


  3. So many of my favorite verses. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. Someone needs to make a scripture coloring book for children– simple verses that early readers can read and color as part of reinforcing their memory verses and building their hand-eye coordination. 😉


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