Etcetera #22 {New Pets, Spring Bouquets, Aesthetic Candlesticks, Etc.}

Hello friends!

It’s time for another round-up of my miscellaneous photos. If you’re new to these posts, my etcetera collections are full of small moments and random photos I haven’t had a chance to post about – like a scrapbook of sorts. Some photos are pretty, some are funny, and all are ones I want to remember.

Enjoy a selection of adventures and lovely things from the past few months!

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animals & pets

Our cousins got a new kitten named Clementine and SHE IS ADORABLE! They also have a not-new, not-kitten named Roxy, who is… annoyed at life. Haha. She always makes me laugh.


Left: a cute calf at the dairy a friend works at. Right: many tiny goats on a hay delivery. ❤


Guess what? Carmen got a new goat! Sadly he was already sick when we got him and he’s not doing the best right now. 😦 He’s cute though! Ned is on the right and Nellie, the goat she already had, is on the left.


When Mom and Carmen left to get Ned, they came back with Fred too, who is this sweet kitty on the right here. He’s much more affectionate (and thin) than Tom, my family’s lazy cat chilling with the laundry on the couch.


Pepper the puppy is getting so big! She’s always happily in our way when I come to work for hay deliveries and such, hehe. The second picture is another one I took on a hay delivery. The rays of light shining down on the little pony looked so picturesque!



Okay, I realized pretty much all of this category is pictures of Sully and I, ha. I don’t think I ever shared these sweet pictures from a fancy little Christmas self-portrait photoshoot we did. I love the left one especially. ❤


More hotel pictures from our Wytheville trip. Featuring me experimenting with creative angles while Sully was resting, and Sully taking a headshot for me. 🙂


Random phone pictures of both of us. Sully looking dapper in his beloved hat and trench coat. And a picture of my new haircut! Sheridan, my lovely sister-in-law, cut my hair short for me and I love it so much. I’ll hopefully get better pictures this weekend because we’re gonna go visit Aria, AHH! Stay tuned. 🙂


Lastly, a couple of Christmas pictures – Sully wearing his new tie and talking Minecraft with Carmen, and all the cousins with their new Christmas socks. 😀 Which is your favorite pattern?


candle photoshoot

I was originally going to make a post about this but didn’t have quite enough photos, so I’ll add them here! Just for fun one day I Bible journaled by candlelight and it was soooo pretty on a cloudy day.


I had a lot of fun editing these, as you can probably tell. 😉


Candle flames are fascinating photo subjects. As are the swirls of smoke when you blow them out.


I collected all the stages of candlelight from the photos I took and put them in a collage. I love it!


nature & landscapes

Starting this section off with gorgeously sunlit moss from a Wytheville hike. I will never get tired of pretty moss. ❤


A dripping icicle from the same hike, and a combination of ice and dust looking surprisingly striking on my car.


Sully and I went on a nice walk in Farmville back at the very beginning of spring and I spotted some bright and cheery crocuses in town.


Two nature photos taken on different hay work days. I’m not sure what the dainty stalk is on the left, but the right is a timothy head from hay we were delivering.


I bought these cuties at Walmart for $1.37 each and planted them in my yard. They brought me so much joy.


The new daffodils in their new home, and a spent bouquet that still looks aesthetic in its own way.


I made this bouquet for a baby shower, which I’ll get back to later in the post. I found nearly all the flowers in Chessie and Logan’s woods! Soooo pretty. The fuzzy tree bud is also from Wytheville.


My phone takes decent star pictures but I still want to do a proper star photoshoot with my camera again too…


Oh my, one evening I looked out the window and saw a stunning view of what looked like sunset trapped in the treetops. It’s hard to convey the brilliance through a photo; I’ve never seen reflected sunset light so bright! The second picture is from a different but still glorious sunset.


Dusty hay isn’t fun to rebale except in the mornings when the sun shines through it like this. ❤


winter walks

These photos are from a December walk I went on with some of Mom’s side of the family after a Christmas gathering. It had been cold enough to freeze the pond over, but was warm enough that day to go barefoot. Carmen even went barefoot on the edge of the ice. O.o


A sapphire in a gold setting. I love the colors in this one!


We walked back into the woods and across the newly-greening fields. The right picture is Carmen and her cousin climbing a favorite old tree stand.


Going barefoot in the winter because the day is warm and my boots are getting too muddy… 🙂 The left picture is from an unforgettable sight. One day at the farm we all got to see a MASSIVE flock of blackbirds sweep in and cover the fields. One cropped phone picture can’t convey the shocking amount of birds, but I had to put it in here for memories because it was such an awe-inspiring experience.



As you can tell, I’ve been doing a lot of hay work recently, haha. We finally replaced the old John Deere baler so sightings of half-people attempting to fix it don’t happen nearly as often. The black and white is a picture of a seed cleaner I thought looked fascinating with all its gears and belts.


This is the baby shower I was telling you about. The sisters-in-law threw a shower for Bethany who is due in May. I’m so excited to finally welcome another niece to the family! Sheridan and Anna assembled this gorgeous balloon arch while Michelle and I put together a fun waffle bar for the brunch.


More yummy treats. Sully and I went to get possibly the richest, creamiest ice cream ever at a nearby Amish store one day. And the girls went out for boba after Bethany’s baby shower as a diversion while they set up a “congrats on getting your pilot’s license!” surprise party for Anna (Bethany’s sister). Fun times. 🙂


When Megan and I went to get haircuts from Sheridan, she thoughtfully stopped by the coffee shop to get a drink for everyone. 🙂 And… that’s a clementine. Ha. It had a stem and I just wanted to take a picture of it. What can I say?


We’ll end with a couple of indoor photography shots featuring pretty lighting in my kitchen. ❤


And that is all I have for you today, phew. It feels good to get caught up on the miscellaneous photos I’ve been meaning to share with you guys. I hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride!

Which photo or category was your favorite?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!



26 thoughts on “Etcetera #22 {New Pets, Spring Bouquets, Aesthetic Candlesticks, Etc.}

  1. Wow!
    Such a wonderful palette of amazing memories from your everyday. It is hard to pick a favorite here but if I had to, then those sky captures are just wonderful 🙂


    1. Really? I guess that’s not surprising as I probably haven’t posted about her in ages. She always looks extra fluffy with her winter coat too. Yes it was tasty! And yay, thanks! So glad you enjoyed, Pearl. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Socks! I love them all, though my favorites would be the sunflowers, the books, and the cats.
    And of all the pictures, the crocuses are my favorites. Thank you for sharing the lovely photographs. I always enjoy looking at your shots.


    1. Haha I know, aren’t they great? My grandparents did an excellent job picking them all out for us. The book ones are mine and I just wore them the other day. 🙂 And yes I love the crocus shots too! Thanks for the comment Andrea. ❤️


  3. This was really fun! And it just goes to show that there is beauty in the random. 🙂
    I’m going to have a hard time picking favorites again, but…that black and white photo of you and Sully is darling! And I love the candlelight photos! My family and I are in the process of making candles for our small business; not candlestick though, but still inspiring!
    Wow, you did a beautiful job of arranging those flowers! Gorgeous! Congrats on becoming an aunt again! 🙂
    Finally….the sunsets are definitely a top favorite! I have always loved sunsets! It’s so attention grabbing that I can’t help but praise my God the Creator!!!!
    Thanks for the post, Allison! God bless you!


    1. Yay, that was my hope!
      I love the black and white of Sully and I too. ❤️ The candlelight photoshoot was super fun to take. How neat that you’re making candles! Sounds lovely. Thank you so much! Yes I feel the same way about sunsets. ❤️
      Thanks for the comment, Valentine. Blessings to you too!


  4. still curious for you guys to maybe do a YouTube video or maybe better just video on here of you and sully 🙂


    1. That would be a lot of fun! Maybe I can do that for a Q&A session on our anniversary or something? Do you have any suggestions for what type of video we should make?


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