A Trip to the Mountains {Adventures in Wytheville}

Hello friends!

Sully and I took a week-long vacation in the mountains this February. It was super relaxing and we had lots of fun mini-adventures I wanted to share with you guys. Read on for mountain overlooks, the most charming bookstore, mysterious stone buildings, hotel crafts, and possibly the smallest church and largest pencil you’ll ever see.

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One of our first stops on vacation was this miniscule church. It was just off of the road, open to the public. Pretty cute and SO TINY.

collage 6

We did a lot of driving around and sightseeing during the trip. I took plenty of landscape pictures, but I’ll save most of them for another post. I did want to show you a town clearly named after me: Allisonia. Hehe. Sully visited once while we were dating and finally fulfilled his dream of bringing me there. 😛

collage 7

We spent part of one day roaming around downtown Wytheville, which reminded me of our own small town except not quite as cute. 😉 But it did have this giant pencil outside an office supply store! Very huge! Very pencil!

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We got an unexpected tour of a beautiful Episcopal church when the priest walking around outside and invited us in. I asked if I could take pictures of the stained glass windows because they were stunning. What incredible art!

adventures (1)

It was about time for lunch by then, so we checked out a locally famous restaurant called “Skeeter’s.”

adventures (2)

The hot dogs were cheap but… tasted like hot dogs. This was my first time eating chili fries so I don’t know how they compared. Sully didn’t find them quite as disgusting as his expression denotes, haha.

collage 12

These neat patterned bricks were in the courtyard behind the church we visited. And now for one of the highlights of our trip – we happened upon the loveliest little secondhand bookstore called Oracle Books.

collage 14

The visit felt like something out of a book itself. The sign said it was closed, but we peered in the window at the older couple sorting books and they motioned for us to come in anyway. We got a “private appointment,” so to speak, since we were the only ones there. The couple was super friendly and the books were beautiful. I mean…!

adventures (3)

They had newer books as well, of course, but Sully and I were especially intrigued by the old ones. He bought this fascinating Lutheran worship book and I got beautiful old editions of Little Women and A Tale of Two Cities.

adventures (4)

We went hiking in multiple places, one of them being a random overlook on Route 11. We stopped to see the view while driving to another destination and found two separate and quite interesting paths to explore. Look at that mountain view, ah!

adventures (18)

One of the paths had, like, an old ghost town? There were a bunch of crumbling stone buildings hidden among the trees.

adventures (13)

Sully obliged me by peeking through a window. 🙂

adventures (14)

I saw this rock and immediately wanted to get photos on it, but as Sully discovered, the light and shadows were not ideal. Oh well, it was still a really neat spot!

collage 2

We also walked along the New River and under an impressively tall bridge.

collage 8

These pictures turned out really aesthetic.

collage 1

We got a couple of selfies from our hikes that day. Sully looks sleepy in the second one but that’s actually his I’m-melting-because-my-wife-is-cute face, HAHA. Ohhh Sully.

collage 10

We also went hiking at Foster Falls (I think?), which had this very nice red barn by the parking lot.

adventures (30)

The trail ended in a shot tower, which was a structure used in years past for pouring and making bullets. Pretty cool! Sadly you couldn’t go inside though.

adventures (32)

When we weren’t hiking, driving, exploring, shopping, or eating at restaurants, we hung out at our hotel room which was old but had a beautiful view! The second photo is one of my favorites because SULLY LOOKS ADORABLE. A bonus of getting married as a photographer is always having a model to take pictures of, or someone to take pictures of you.

collage 5

We decided to eat out once a day and “eat in” for the rest of our meals. The complimentary hotel breakfast was actually quite impressive, plus we went shopping for some fun vacation food for lunches. The refrigerator didn’t work so every day we had to get ice to keep a few of the things cold, haha. That wasn’t a problem for ice cream – we ate that as soon as we got it. 😛

collage 11

It took me a bit to get used to vacation being so chill and relaxed since I’m used to adventurous road trips with my family. But once I settled in (and picked up some craft supplies), it was sooo nice. We read aloud from Howl’s Moving Castle, watched shows (after multiple days of Sully figuring how to play from his phone on the not-smart-TV), enjoyed the jacuzzi bath, played phone games and card games, etc. I also made a lot of art with coffee, supplies from my purse, and a cheap ballpoint pen. Fun times.

collage 13

I took WAY more photos than I had space to share today, so look out for more mountain landscapes and nature photos in an upcoming post. I hope you enjoyed this recap of our adventures for now! ❤

Mountains or beaches? Hiking or bookstores?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D7200. Edited with Lightroom.


26 thoughts on “A Trip to the Mountains {Adventures in Wytheville}

  1. This looks like it was so much fun!

    And also I need to take a moment to fangirl about Howl’s Moving Castle–SUCH A GOOD BOOK! It’s one of my family’s favorites–we never really got into the movie…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was indeed! AH YES we both loved the book – I think Sully enjoyed it even more than I did. It made us laugh so hard, especially the green slime. XD We rewatched the movie after the book and I love both, but they are rather different.


  2. The pictures are just darling!!! I’m sick with a cold so this helped to cheer me up. 🙂
    Those are beautiful places you visited! And that bookstore!!! Definitely me, haha!
    You and Sully seemed like you enjoyed yourselves. 🙂 Thank you for sharing! God bless!


    1. I’m so happy this cheered you up. ❤
      YESSS I know right?
      We did indeed. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Valentine! I hope you feel better soon.


  3. Is this Wytheville, Virginia? I’d love to vacation in Abington, just south of there. I used to meet friends at Wytheville yrs ago when traveling home from college between east TN & WV. Goodness I love those mtn views.


  4. Thank you Allison for sharing your vacation with us. The bookstore. Oh How we would love to get in that store and start hunting for all kinds of books that are not in print any longer. The Stained Glass is gorgeous. That little church is so cute. Have a nice week-end.
    Marilyn.Joan and Marion


    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, the books not in print were fascinating to look through. And the stained glass + church were wonderful sights! I hope you all have a lovely weekend too. ❤️


  5. This was so enjoyable! You two are adorable! I love the tiny church, the chili fries (lol), and I’m all about hiking and books! And any history! I love Allisontonia. Too cute! Thanks for sharing! That’s one big pencil indeed!


    1. Haha aww, thanks. Glad you enjoyed! Yeah! I love the nature and Sully loves the history, so it was a good trip for both of us. And Allisonia was pretty neat. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. We read Howl’s Moving Castle (or started it anyway) on a road trip last year! It was a favorite of Sam’s and I enjoyed it a lot. Looks like y’all had a fun vacation!


    1. I know Sam said she loved it so I was gonna be sure and tell her how much we did too. I’m glad to hear you also enjoyed it. Yes it was really nice! Hope your trip is going well.


  7. Ooh, I love the bookstore pictures! Going there would have been so neat. 😊 It looks like a lovely trip!


  8. Wytheville looks like a town from a Hallmark movie! It looks so pretty there!
    As for your question, I’d say all of the above! Hiking, beach, mountains (plus a bookstore??) My family and I enjoy pretty much all those things XD.


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