First Anniversary Q&A + Photoshoot, Part 1

Hello friends!

I’m excited to share our answers to the questions you asked Sully and I a few posts ago! Since I’ll be on vacation the next two weeks and there were a lot of questions, I’m going to make this a three-part series. I’ll also share pretty photos (and some funny bloopers) from a little anniversary photoshoot we did on my family’s farm. Enjoy these first ten questions and answers! Warning: Sully is SUPER sweet in some of them. ❤

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1. What are yours and Sully’s Enneagram types?

A: Neither of us is that into Enneagram, so I don’t really know! I might be a 1 or 4… or a 2 or a 6, ha. And Sully’s probably a 4w5.

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2. What’s one or two things that you guys have learned about each other that made you laugh and/or love each other more?

S: I’m frequently amazed at how well Allison fits within any social situation. Allison doesn’t just love well, she’s also very well-loved. So many other couples have told horror stories of trying to find their place in their spouse’s family or friend group, but we haven’t had that problem, and it’s mainly because Allison is so sweet to everyone she interacts with. Given a few minutes, Allison can get to know and love people I’ve known for decades better than I ever have.

A: This is hard because Sully is FULL of lovable quirks. His various dramatic expressions make me laugh, especially his spontaneous “excited face” when he’s really into something he’s working on or listening to. I’ve also learned that Sully really likes taking care of me when I’m sick, but I’m a pretty healthy person so he doesn’t get the chance very often. He’s so cute and sweet to me when I’m not feeling well.

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3. Will you guys ever get a pet, if so what kind?

S&A: We’ll probably get a pet eventually if our kids want one. Perhaps a dog or a cat. If we had to get a pet now, we’d get a cat because they’re easy to take care of. But our rental contract doesn’t allow it at the moment and that’s fine with us; we’re not super big pet people.

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4. How do some of the biblical instructions regarding marriage and husbands and wives look practically in your marriage?

S: I think Ephesians 5:21-33 sets quite an admirable standard of how husbands and wives relate. Lots of people get caught up on the concept of “submission” in verses 22-24, but when understood in context with what the Bible says about leadership, submission means something totally different than it does in our modern world. Our example of the perfect leader is Christ, who didn’t exactly bask in His authority, push His will on others, or place His own desires first. Submitting to Christ is basically giving Him permission to selflessly do what’s best for you, and as a husband, that’s what I have the privilege of doing for Allison. The example of Christ must affect every choice we make together, from which restaurants we eat at to how we spend our time at the end of a workday. And if Allison has to let me have the final say, I have to make decisions that favor her wants and needs. It’s a monumental obligation to apply to every part of my life and I’m not always quite up to the task, but by God’s grace, I seem to be getting better. And in a culture where most people either treat men like they’re better or act like gender doesn’t exist, I think the Christian ethic of letting the “stronger vessels” be the first in line to sacrifice themselves serves as an excellent apologetic for our selfless Savior.

A: Yeah, Sully’s REALLY good at sacrificing for me. So good that I almost don’t get the chance to “submit” to decisions I disagree with because he makes them so clearly with me in mind. There have been a few big things he’s decided for both of us after we talked it through though. We don’t have strict gender-segregated roles in the household since we help each other with most everything when needed, but overall, Sully is the financial provider and I’m the homemaker + work part time to add to our savings.

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5. Do you listen to podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. together?

S&A: We have rather different tastes in podcasts and videos so… not very often. Occasionally we’ll share a YouTube video with each other or listen to a sermon or podcast together in the car. And sometimes we’ll lounge in bed and watch our YouTube favorites separately but together. 🙂

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6. What are some specific ways that your own families/parents have influenced and inspired how you run your own household?

A: I love this question! My parents are amazing role models for marriage in general, and Mom is an excellent housekeeper in particular. I learned the importance and joy of hospitality from her – I love hosting friends and family in our home. I also grew up with mealtimes being the center of family life (comes with a Mennonite heritage), so I still make homemade meals and eat them together with Sully. Mom also instilled in me the cleaning, organizing, and general housekeeping habits I practice. And she gave me my love of houseplants, gardening, fresh flowers, and interior decorating.

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7. What is something you’ve always wanted to do?

S: Hmmm… I’ve always wanted to have some of the songs I’ve written recorded. And maybe have a novel published… but I’d need to finish writing one first.

A: Honestly I’m kinda living my dream already: I’ve always wanted to sell things I create, and I do that by selling my artwork on my Etsy shop, The Color Box Studio.

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8. And is there a place you’ve long wanted to visit?

S: Allison’s family has visited all 48 contiguous US states, and I want to do the same. And I also want to visit Thailand sometime. I don’t know why, but anytime I think about traveling to other countries, Thailand is the one that pops into my head.

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9. Favorite supper meal to eat together?

S: Allison’s chicken and dumpling soup. And biscuits!

A: Something Japanese or Asian. 🙂 Maybe fried rice? I like the chicken and dumpling soup too.

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10.What is your favorite thing about each other?

S: My favorite thing about Allison is her inner light. She practically glows with humility, patience, and maturity. I’m used to human love having limits, but for some reason, Allison’s grace seems boundless. The simple fact that someone as pure and radiant as her is willing to commit herself to a problem child like me is evidence of this. I know mortals aren’t gods, but Allison reflects so many divine attributes that sometimes I have to look twice to tell the difference.

A: Again, SUPER hard to pick just one. I love how Sully’s such a sweetheart, with soft spots for those weaker than him (especially children) and deep compassion for the lost and marginalized. As funny and unapologetically weird as he usually is (see the last sentence of his answer above, eheh), he can be so gentle and kind (see basically everything else he wrote about me <3), and that might be the side of him I love best.

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You guys asked some good questions. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this first part of our answers! Come back next week for more.

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. I’m wearing my favorite special dress from Baltic Born. We took these pictures with my Nikon D7200 and a 50mm lens + a remote (aff. link). Edited with Lightroom.


23 thoughts on “First Anniversary Q&A + Photoshoot, Part 1

  1. I hope you two had a lovely first anniversary!!!! Congratulations!
    Love the answers you both gave and how quick you are to compliment each other-it’s so beautiful and represents a godly marriage. The pictures are so sweet! Thank you both for taking the time to answer the questions.
    Today is my 30th birthday so I was glad to receive a post today!
    I pray for safe travels on your vacation and may God bless you, Allison and Sully!


    1. We had a wonderful anniversary, thank you!
      Aww I’m so glad you liked our answers. It was fun writing then together. 🙂
      Ah! Happy birthday Valentine! I hope it’s a super special and lovely day. ❤ ❤
      Thanks again!


    1. I’m so glad to hear that! Yes, my parents grew up Mennonite and a lot of my extended family still is. I love the culture and heritage. ❤️ The blurry one is fun. Thank you Gigi!

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  2. Happy 1st Anniversary Allison and Sully. Wishing you many,many more years of happiness,love and blessings.
    Have a safe Memorial day and remember those who served
    Marilyn,Joan and marion


  3. this blessed me to read 🥹🙏🏻 encourages me to keep waiting for a sweet guy who loves God. the wait is hard, but at the end of the day Christs amazing love is with us 💚


  4. Very enjoyable post! I liked seeing all the beautiful photos and hearing your answers. 🙂 Did you wedding photographer do your anniversary photos, too?


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