Some Recent Clayations

Hey guys! Today I – oh wait. IF YOU ARE MALLORY, DON’T READ THIS POST UNTIL AFTER YOUR BIRTHDAY! XD Ahem. This post may, um… contain some classified birthday material. 😉

But anyway, as I was saying: today I wanted to show you some of my recent polymer clay creations! (To see my previous clayation posts, click here, here, and here.) Making clay miniatures is one of my favorite hobbies. 🙂

Let’s start with a hippopotamus, because it’s really fun to say. XD I made this hippo for my little sister’s birthday, and she really liked it! She has a safari themed room, and she wanted some more hippo things for it. 😛 Basically it’s just a shallow bowl with a hippo head and legs. Oh, and I brushed it with triple-thick glaze. Kinda cute, huh?




Next up, we have a cute wittle bunny. I used a brown artist’s pastel to shade her ears and face.


For some reason I like taking pictures of my creations in my hand. You can see the size of the thing better, and it just looks more cute and personable somehow. 🙂

This is a miniature of my old camera: a Nikon Coolpix L830. Which I would HIGHLY recommend, by the way. 🙂


A yummy looking doughnut…


And some coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) to go with it. 🙂


I made this thingy quite a while ago. I meant to use it for a hair clip, but I just never got around to finishing it.


Aww, I love how this little guy turned out!


These are clinging earrings: basically the front of the earring is the dog’s head, and the back part is his body.


I also made similar earrings, but with a scottie rather than a schnauzer. 🙂 Such cuties!


Yet another little pup…


Okay, this is rather random. I felt like making an octopus one day, so I made an octopus. XD He’s holding on to a blue pebble for dear life.


I made one of these pendants for my Etsy shop because I made one for myself that I love and wear often.


Last but not least, this is my current masterpiece. 😛 My cousins wanted me to make a “mad King Herod” to go with their nativity scene. (You know how he would have been furious since the wise men didn’t obey his orders?) So behold. XD He’s pretty tall – about 8 inches, which is much bigger than what I usually do, but I’m very pleased with how he turned out!


 I hope you enjoyed this post!
Which clayation was your favorite? Do you like to make things out of polymer clay? If you’ve never tried it, you really should! It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

Dorothy Explores

Hey guys! Back in this post when I first showed you the doll I made, I said I would do a photoshoot of her sometime. Well, here you are! And by the way, I named her Dorothy. 🙂 Like from Wizard of Oz, you know?

First, Dorothy stopped to smell the roses.

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 052 (1024x768)
*Sniff, sniff* “Hmm, smells like water. Blech.”
-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 053 (1024x768)
“Ahh, this is the life. Laying upon a bed of roses. OUCH! More like a bed of thorns….”
-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 054 (1024x768)
“The brave explorer Dorothy attains new heights in her adventure. She can see for miles – or at least yards – from her perch.”

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 055 (1024x768)-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 056 (1024x768)

She’s quite the climber, Dorothy is, and before long she was climbing hither and yon up every flower stalk and tree in sight.

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 059 (1024x768)
“Steady, steady ol’ girl. TOTO! Where are you when I need you?”

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 060 (1024x768)

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 062 (1024x768)
*Grunt, puff, wheeze*

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 061 (1024x768)

She even took a short zip down the zipline, a.k.a. clothesline.

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 064 (1024x768)


I had to help her onto the swing, though. She’s not as good at jumping as she is at climbing.

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 065 (1024x768)
“Yikes. Stay still, will ya’?”
-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 066 (1024x768)
“Ahh, the wind in my hair.”

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 067 (1024x768)



After all the physical exertion, Dorothy needed a rest – for about 17 seconds.

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 069 (1024x768)
“I am seriously exhausted. I may never get up again. Ooh, on second thought…”


Then she was up and going again. She collected several random objects, and claimed she was going to put on a hat fashion show. *Shrugs* What could I do?

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 058 (1024x768)
“The fashionable Dorothy sashays down the runway, a lovely puff of rose-ness adorning her gleaming red hair.”
-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 068 (1024x768)
“Hey look! I’m a rabbit. A lopsided Holland Lop or something.”
-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 070 (1024x768)
“And hup, two, three, four. My trusty helmet and I are ready for action, Cap’n.”
-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 071 (1024x768)
“Dorothy the fairy flutters down the runway, tinkling merrily and sprinkling fairy dust.”


Dorothy wants to know which hat won the contest. Her personal favorite was the maple key because it gave her bunny ears. She loves bunny ears – and bunnies too.

So that was her day of exploring. I’m worn out, but she isn’t. 😀 Dolls… they never get tired, do they?

What was your favorite part of her exploration? Hmm… do you think I should make a Toto dog for her? That might be fun!


P. S. You’ve got to check out Aria’s amazing addition to WordCrafters 2! You’re going to have a lot of fun with this story, guys. 🙂 Oh, and Zielle, it’s your turn to write a chapter next!

Some Clayations :)

Today I shall show you some of my many polymer clay creations (or “clayations” XD ).

First up, I started a little collectible series on my Etsy shop called Tiny Turtle Collectibles. They are mini turtles with unique and fun shells. The only collection I have up so far is the Sweet Treat collection. Here they all are:

sweet treat turtles collection (700x525)

Little cuties. 🙂 From left to right: Sprinkles, Cocoa Cupcake, Chippy, and Sundae Monday. (Sundae Monday, Sundae Monday, Sunday Monday… it’s so fun to say. XD ) Here’s a close-up of Chippy:

sweet treat turtles (12) (587x441)

If you’d like to see more pictures of the teeny-tiny turtles, take a peek at my Etsy shop! The link is up there ↑ somewhere… aw, I’ll just give it to you again. 🙂 Wee Little Crafts

I made this lil’ cardinal for my grandma for her birthday:

-Allison(Carmen's birthday) 011 (1024x768)

And I made this bluebird pencil pal for my cousin’s birthday:

002 (1024x768)

I put this birdie pencil pal in my shop. (It’s a blue bird but not a bluebird. XD )

blue bird pencil pal 3 (1024x768)

Yet another bird. (Wow, I didn’t realize I made so many birds. XD ) This guy’s name is Oliver.

snowy owlet 1.1 (1024x768)

A mini fairy-village:

fairy set 2 (1024x768)

I’m kind of proud of the next thing. 😛 This is a little Noah’s Ark. I was so excited when someone bought it the same night I listed it on my shop! 😀

048 (1024x768)050 (1024x768)noah's ark 5 (700x525)

And lastly, my current masterpiece. XD XP After seeing this adorable doll made by Julia, I decided to try my own. I was going to make it a baby doll, but… as you can, see, it didn’t turn out like that. Although she’s not nearly as cute as Julia’s, I still really like how she turned out. 🙂 I want to do a photoshoot of her sometime. When I do that post, I’ll show more detailed photos and tell about her a bit more. (If you’re wondering why, in the last picture, she has a hole in her ear, it’s because I’m still working on earrings for her. 😉 )

006 (1024x768)008 (1024x768)007 (1024x768)009 (1024x768)

If you’d like to see more of my clayations, check out this post, and/or type “polymer clay” in the search box on my blog sidebar.

I hope you enjoyed this clayish post. 😀 Which thing was your favorite?


P. S. I just listened to “Camp Granada” by Allan Sherman and “Ebay” by Weird Al. They are hilarious songs, especially “Ebay.” XD Have you ever heard them? If not, you should. XD

Tassel Doll Tutorial


This cute little gal is fun to make and very customizable.  I think it would be cute to make several of these with different hair/skin/dress colors and create a little house or village for them to live in.  These dolls can also be used as dolls for your other, bigger dolls (like American Girl Dolls).

So let’s get started!

You will need:


Yarn in several different colors: skin color, dress color(s), and hair color


Needle and thread or fabric glue


1.  Choose your yarn colors and separate them into hair, skin, and dress colors.  I used two colors of yarn for her dress, but you can use more or less as you choose.


2.  Wrap the dress yarn around your hand several times until you have a nice thick bunch of yarn.  You can vary the amount of yarn to vary the fullness of the dress.


3.  Snip the yarn from the yarn balls and carefully take the loops of yarn off of your fingers.  Use the skin color yarn to tie a knot near the top of the dress.  The dress yarn above the knot will be the head, so size it accordingly.


4.  Wrap the skin color yarn around the loops of dress yarn above the knot to make the head.  Snip off the end of the yarn, leaving a tail.


5.  Tie a knot around the head with the tail, and cut off the extra yarn.


6.  A little down from the head, tie a strand of skin color yarn for the arms.  Tie some knots at each end of the yarn for hands.-Allison (Tassel doll) 0197.  If you like, you can tie a strand of dress yarn over where the arms knot in the middle to hide the knot.


8.  Great!  Now for the hair.  Take your hair color yarn and unravel the ends, like so.


9.  Once you have unraveled a few strands of yarn, wrap them around your hand like you did for the dress.  This time when you take the yarn off, tie it in the middle and cut both ends.


9.  It probably works best to attach the hair by sewing it on, but you can try gluing it if you really don’t want to sew.


10.  Ta-daa!  You’re finished!


Here are some pictures with the finished doll:

allison-003 allison-001 allison-004

I hope you enjoyed making a tassel doll!  I know I did!