Some Recent Clayations

Hey guys! Today I – oh wait. IF YOU ARE MALLORY, DON’T READ THIS POST UNTIL AFTER YOUR BIRTHDAY! XD Ahem. This post may, um… contain some classified birthday material. 😉

But anyway, as I was saying: today I wanted to show you some of my recent polymer clay creations! (To see my previous clayation posts, click here, here, and here.) Making clay miniatures is one of my favorite hobbies. 🙂

Let’s start with a hippopotamus, because it’s really fun to say. XD I made this hippo for my little sister’s birthday, and she really liked it! She has a safari themed room, and she wanted some more hippo things for it. 😛 Basically it’s just a shallow bowl with a hippo head and legs. Oh, and I brushed it with triple-thick glaze. Kinda cute, huh?




Next up, we have a cute wittle bunny. I used a brown artist’s pastel to shade her ears and face.


For some reason I like taking pictures of my creations in my hand. You can see the size of the thing better, and it just looks more cute and personable somehow. 🙂

This is a miniature of my old camera: a Nikon Coolpix L830. Which I would HIGHLY recommend, by the way. 🙂


A yummy looking doughnut…


And some coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) to go with it. 🙂


I made this thingy quite a while ago. I meant to use it for a hair clip, but I just never got around to finishing it.


Aww, I love how this little guy turned out!


These are clinging earrings: basically the front of the earring is the dog’s head, and the back part is his body.


I also made similar earrings, but with a scottie rather than a schnauzer. 🙂 Such cuties!


Yet another little pup…


Okay, this is rather random. I felt like making an octopus one day, so I made an octopus. XD He’s holding on to a blue pebble for dear life.


I made one of these pendants for my Etsy shop because I made one for myself that I love and wear often.


Last but not least, this is my current masterpiece. 😛 My cousins wanted me to make a “mad King Herod” to go with their nativity scene. (You know how he would have been furious since the wise men didn’t obey his orders?) So behold. XD He’s pretty tall – about 8 inches, which is much bigger than what I usually do, but I’m very pleased with how he turned out!


 I hope you enjoyed this post!
Which clayation was your favorite? Do you like to make things out of polymer clay? If you’ve never tried it, you really should! It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

64 thoughts on “Some Recent Clayations

  1. These are adorable, Allison! 😀 The details are just amazing. I especially loved the hippo and the roses. 🙂 Great job!
    ~Grace ❤
    P.S. I got your PP email! I'm giving your idea some thought and I'll email you back soon. 🙂
    P.P.S. Megan told me you guys watched Star Wars? EEP! Which one did you end up watching?


    1. Aww, why thank you, my friend! Yes, I like those too! 😁
      P. S. Okay, no problem! Like I said, it doesn’t really matter one way or the other to us, so don’t worry about it too much. XD 😉
      P. P. S. YES! Well… sorta. We started watching A New Hope, but our TV was being rather obnoxious and we had to stop before we were finished. 😦 But we’re hopefully going to watch the rest tonight!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. P. S. (Wait, does this even work to do a p.s. here? XD ) No problem!
          P. P. S. Oh, okay. Our friend recommend that we watch the fourth one first, so we did. 🙂 I can’t wait to finish it!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear… not again. 😦 I think the WordPress Reader app isn’t working correctly for my blog. Argh! But if you search for my blog on your phone’s internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) you should be able to see the pictures. It’s really weird, because they work on the computer… *sigh*


  2. I love your crazy, happy blog posts! So much fun to page through and always filled with images that make us smile– something we all need. I always appreciate the tutorials you share. The little clay critters in this post were so very charming! Thank you for letting your light shine.


  3. You are so good at making things with clay! The mad king Harod is really good! (If I made something like that I’d probably hide it away for no one to see because of being shy about it being so angry XD . But yours is really cool!) Your octopus turned out amazing! And I like the little owl, and camera, and hippo bowl a lot too!
    Great job! 🙂


  4. These were so pretty, except King Herod, he’s furious!! LOL! 😉

    My favorite was the bunny, but I loved them all! I’ve never tried polymer clay, but it looks really fun! 😉


  5. AW, so cute (well, the king is something you can’t really call cute XD )! What talent, Allison! 💘 I love the camera and King Herod looks very realistic! 😀 And I love the cocoa and donut, they are extra adorable! Again, you definitely have talent – I mean, if I tried my hand at clayations…well…blah! XD


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