Autumn Photoshoot: “Undeniable”

Bonjour! (Or hola, since I’ve been studying Spanish…)

I’ve wanted to do a lyric photoshoot for a long time, and I finally got around to it! I love the song “Undeniable” by TobyMac because it’s so uplifting, and so true. Especially on these gorgeous autumn days it’s easy to see God’s “evidence piling up” in the beautiful world he created for us. Click the play button on the video below, then enjoy the rest of the post while listening!


There are moments that I doubt You. 
Blind to the beauty that surrounds me, 
I try to push away the need that I’m needin’ proof. 
And this struggle that I have, it ain’t nothing new.



But the evidence is piling up, yup.
You change my heart isn’t that enough?



You give me life that I can’t take credit for; 
Call me to walk through an open door.



Undeniable, You are, You are, You are; 
Unmistakable, You are, You are.


You’re the bright and morning star,
But still You speak to my heart.
Undeniable, You are, You are.



Your work doesn’t stop with me –
Your signature’s on everything we see.


From the hills of Negril, Jamaica,
To the kid that the doctor said would never make it.
Which is harder to believe: that You don’t exist,
Or that You orchestrated all of this?

Living in the world that is so confusing,
You’re the argument I’m never losing.
‘Cause I believe.


Undeniable, You are, You are, You are; 
Unmistakable, You are, You are.


You’re the bright and morning star,
But still You speak to my heart.
Undeniable, You are, You are.



From the hymns that my Daddy sang,
I know I was made to glorify Your name.


And from the prayers that my Momma prayed,
I know I was made to glorify Your name. [x3]



So undeniable, You are, You are, You are; 
Unmistakable, You are, You are. 


You’re the bright and morning star,
But still You speak to my heart.
Undeniable, You are, You are. [x2]



You’re the bright and morning star,
But still You speak to my heart.
Undeniable, You are, You are. [x2]



Which is harder to believe: that You don’t exist,

Or that you orchestrated all of this?

Living in the world that is so confusing, 

You’re the passion that I’m never losing.


I love that line: Which is harder to believe: that You don’t exist/ Or that you orchestrated all of this? Seriously! Which makes more sense: that a Creator God designed our incredibly complex and beautiful world, or that God doesn’t exist and everything just happened to evolve this way?

Living in the world that is so confusing,/ You’re the passion that I’m never losing.

‘Cause I believe.



Hidden Pictures #1

Thank you, Clara, for suggesting this post idea! 😀 I’m really excited to show you this, guys! It’s similar to my mystery pictures posts, but more like “I Spy.” I’m going to list the hidden items for you to find, then give you several pictures with those items hidden somewhere inside. I also included a few extra pictures that don’t have any of the hidden items to make it a bit more tricky. 😀

These are six things to find in the pictures below.

  • a butterfly
  • a mushroom
  • a gnat
  • a grasshopper
  • a pinecone
  • an ant



By the way, this is not the mushroom you have to find. I wouldn’t go THAT easy on you. XD


Since I haven’t done this before, would you guys mind telling me your opinions on it? Was this too easy? Too hard? Just right? Do you like this kind of posts or not?

I hope you had fun! Oh, and if you need a hint, I’d be glad to help you out in the comments. 🙂


P. S. Autumn is in full swing here, guys! A few of our trees are practically burning up with fall colors. Ahh, so pretty. 🙂


Autumn In Bloom

Ohhhhh October is such a beautiful month! It’s seems like the colors are twice as rich and the air is twice as clear and the sky is twice as… okay, you get the point. October is nice. 😀

I’ve been taking so many fall pictures lately – like SO MANY! How will I ever post them all? Today I’m going to post some photos of chrysanthemums.


I love this photo! It’s currently the wallpaper for my phone. 🙂




Ahhh! So pretty. ♥ Are you enjoying fall so far? What’s your favorite or least favorite part of it?


P. S. That miniature garden-related post is coming up next! It’s going to be a very EXCITING POST! 😀

Fall Hiking: Part 2

Next up! A hike in the mountains. This is a spider we saw at the very beginning of the hike, but he was scared of my camera so he ran away and hid under his favorite leaf. 🙂


Below is a rock that looked like someone cut a heart on it, but I’m pretty sure it was natural.


062 068 063

Does anyone know what this weird red clump-of-berries-on-a-stem is called?↓


Here’s a strange fuzzy-looking fungus – isn’t he so cute? 😛


Now for some gorgeous fall trees!


086 081 079

There was an overlook at the top of the trail where you could crane your neck (and camera) to see a small but very steep falls. I edited this picture because it wasn’t very good to begin with.

087 (2)

For some reason there were also a lot of ladybugs at the overlook. I took a few close-ups of this pretty lil’ gal resting on my jeans.

090089And that’s it! I hoped you enjoyed the virtual hike – and trust me, you got off easy – that trail was TIRING!


Fall Hiking: Part 1

I went on two beautiful hikes recently, and took lots of pictures (is that surprising or what? ☺). So many pictures, in fact that they won’t fit into one post. So… I’ll do two fall hike posts, starting with this one! (Except the first two pictures kind of look like spring. ☺)

039 032 030 028 025 023 021 014 011 010 009 008

005 002

Ahhhh… isn’t fall gorgeous? Which picture was your favorite?


Fall Is In The Air – And On The Ground!

Fall has arrived here at our house.  You can easily tell if you look at our gorgeous trees.  Like always, the pictures aren’t as good as the real thing, but they give you a pretty good taste of it.

-Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 067 -Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 045 003

There are a lot of fun things to do with fall: Make pretty leaf-and-acorn pictures or arrangements (inside or outside),

013 016 015 014


Make leaf piles (of course),

-Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 075

And let your bunnies play in the leaf piles.  This is my rabbit, Honeybunny.  She loved burrowing through the pile and hiding in the leaves.  Is she not ADORABLE?

-Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 087 -Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 083 -Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 082

What do you like about fall?