Fall Is In The Air – And On The Ground!

Fall has arrived here at our house.  You can easily tell if you look at our gorgeous trees.  Like always, the pictures aren’t as good as the real thing, but they give you a pretty good taste of it.

-Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 067 -Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 045 003

There are a lot of fun things to do with fall: Make pretty leaf-and-acorn pictures or arrangements (inside or outside),

013 016 015 014


Make leaf piles (of course),

-Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 075

And let your bunnies play in the leaf piles.  This is my rabbit, Honeybunny.  She loved burrowing through the pile and hiding in the leaves.  Is she not ADORABLE?

-Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 087 -Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 083 -Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 082

What do you like about fall?



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