Hidden Pictures #1

Thank you, Clara, for suggesting this post idea! 😀 I’m really excited to show you this, guys! It’s similar to my mystery pictures posts, but more like “I Spy.” I’m going to list the hidden items for you to find, then give you several pictures with those items hidden somewhere inside. I also included a few extra pictures that don’t have any of the hidden items to make it a bit more tricky. 😀

These are six things to find in the pictures below.

  • a butterfly
  • a mushroom
  • a gnat
  • a grasshopper
  • a pinecone
  • an ant



By the way, this is not the mushroom you have to find. I wouldn’t go THAT easy on you. XD


Since I haven’t done this before, would you guys mind telling me your opinions on it? Was this too easy? Too hard? Just right? Do you like this kind of posts or not?

I hope you had fun! Oh, and if you need a hint, I’d be glad to help you out in the comments. 🙂


P. S. Autumn is in full swing here, guys! A few of our trees are practically burning up with fall colors. Ahh, so pretty. 🙂


49 thoughts on “Hidden Pictures #1

  1. I found the mushroom but then I didn’t want to bother with the other ones because I either haven’t seen them in my life before or they’d just be too tiny to find (I saw some suspicious blurs that may have been the little buggies but idk.)


  2. Hmmm, I think I found one of everything!! 😀 Except I’m not Completely sure about the mushroom and the gnat… but I think I found them too. XD That was pretty fun! And challenging!!


  3. This was fun!!! I only found the mushroom…but I was looking at the pictures at 4:00 am, so that might have had something to do with it…lol. You have a wonderful talent 🙂


        1. You’re right, they work now! 😀 Ooh, great job! You got them all right… except I couldn’t see the gnat picture very good, but I’m pretty sure you got that too. 😉


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