Guess What? (And a Poll)

I got a new bunny!  I still have Honeybunny, but she is not very nice to hold or cuddle with, (sorry Honeybunny!) so I got another bunny to be a better pet.  Thank you Grammy and Granddaddy for giving me the money to buy her with for my birthday!

My sister had just bought a rabbit after her rabbit Rutabaga died, :(, and I bought the sister bunny of Megan’s bunny.

-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 070

Lily is a red New Zealand rabbit with caramel-colored fur and big dark eyes.  She is absolutely adorable, and very sweet.  She is much nicer to hold and cuddle with than Honeybunny, and her fur is very soft.  Lily’s sister, Mango (Megan’s new bunny) is a lot bigger than her, even though they are sisters.  This is Megan’s bunny Mango:

-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 034

And this is my bunny Lily:

-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 068 -Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 069 -Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 072 -Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 074 -Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 075

Do you want a bunny yet?


P.S – I have so many pictures and photo-shoots I want to show you, but that can sometimes get tiring.  You can vote on what kind of posts you would like me to do more of below.


Bunny Cuteness

I know, another bunny post –  but I can’t help it!  They’re too cute!


-Allison (grain bin jumping) 040

This is Rutabaga with her ears down.  Did you recognize her?

-Allison (grain bin jumping) 024

Do we have a walrus here?

-Allison (grain bin jumping) 038

Honeybunny doesn’t look too pleased.  (My sister took this picture.)

And last, but not least…

-Allison (grain bin jumping) 029

“Friends Forever”


Do you want a bunny yet?


Fall Is In The Air – And On The Ground!

Fall has arrived here at our house.  You can easily tell if you look at our gorgeous trees.  Like always, the pictures aren’t as good as the real thing, but they give you a pretty good taste of it.

-Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 067 -Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 045 003

There are a lot of fun things to do with fall: Make pretty leaf-and-acorn pictures or arrangements (inside or outside),

013 016 015 014


Make leaf piles (of course),

-Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 075

And let your bunnies play in the leaf piles.  This is my rabbit, Honeybunny.  She loved burrowing through the pile and hiding in the leaves.  Is she not ADORABLE?

-Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 087 -Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 083 -Allison(bunnies in the leaves) 082

What do you like about fall?



The fair was this week, and when we went we saw some adorable bunnies and we just had to have one.  Megan and I didn’t think our parents would agree to our getting one, but to our surprise, they let us! And get three no less!  We got them on the fifteenth.  One for me, one for Megan, and one for Carmen.  We decided not to get them from the fair, but we found some on Craigslist.  We each had to pay for them, but we had enough money, and Mom got the supplies.  We already had a rabbit cage from a former bunny, Nibbles.

The breed of rabbit that we got was “Silver Fox”.  Sounds kind of odd for a rabbit, but when they are adults, their fur gets flecked with kind of a silver color.

We all got females- Megan and Carmen both have black ones, and I have a chocolate brown one.  Carmen’s has a little silver spot on its forehead, so it’s pretty easy to tell Megan’s bunny and Carmen’s bunny apart.  Megan named her bunny Rutabaga, Carmen named hers (with a little help from Megan) Diamond, and I named mine Honeybunny, but sometimes I call her Honey.

This is Carmen’s (Diamond)

2014-8-16-Allison 040

This is Megan’s (Rutabaga)

2014-8-16-Allison 045

And this is mine (Honeybunny)

2014-8-16-Allison 047

We also had a bunny leash from Nibbles,so we like to take them outside with it.  Sometimes they scratch you when you pick them up and put them down, but when you get them situated, they are very calm and settle down quite nicely. They’re really cuddly and soft and fun to hold.

We put their cage in an empty calf hutch and put some straw and soft grass down, and put in some crates to sit on.  They’re a lot of fun to play with.

Here they are all together.  2014-8-16-Allison 051

2014-8-16-Allison 049 2014-8-16-Allison 050You can look up Silver Fox rabbits on the web to get lots of  information about them.

Have a good one!