Guess What? (And a Poll)

I got a new bunny!  I still have Honeybunny, but she is not very nice to hold or cuddle with, (sorry Honeybunny!) so I got another bunny to be a better pet.  Thank you Grammy and Granddaddy for giving me the money to buy her with for my birthday!

My sister had just bought a rabbit after her rabbit Rutabaga died, :(, and I bought the sister bunny of Megan’s bunny.

-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 070

Lily is a red New Zealand rabbit with caramel-colored fur and big dark eyes.  She is absolutely adorable, and very sweet.  She is much nicer to hold and cuddle with than Honeybunny, and her fur is very soft.  Lily’s sister, Mango (Megan’s new bunny) is a lot bigger than her, even though they are sisters.  This is Megan’s bunny Mango:

-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 034

And this is my bunny Lily:

-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 068 -Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 069 -Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 072 -Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 074 -Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 075

Do you want a bunny yet?


P.S – I have so many pictures and photo-shoots I want to show you, but that can sometimes get tiring.  You can vote on what kind of posts you would like me to do more of below.


22 thoughts on “Guess What? (And a Poll)

        1. Well, let’s see… We’ve had Nibbles (he was the first), Honeybunny, Rutabaga, Diamond, Mango, Lily Willow, Olaf, Clementine, and Yoshi. So yeah. We had a lot. 10 to be exact. 😀

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          1. Okay! Woooow! That’s quite a bit! 😉 Neat!!! 😀 I WOULD like to chat…but mom needs on the computer… :/ 🙂 🙂 Byyyye!! 😀 MAAAYBE later.. :/ 🙂


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