A Tour of My New House!

Hello friends!

I’ve been having a marvelous time “setting up house” and making our new space pretty and comfortable. Sully and I are renting a cute little house right outside a cute little town about 20 minutes from my family’s farm. We love it here, and I can’t wait to show you guys around!

If you like interior decorating (or just want to snoop around my bookshelves and cupboards – I won’t judge), I made this post for you. I’ll link lots of the decorations and furnishings we received from our Amazon wedding registry in case you’d like to add any to your own home as well.

Okay, please come on in!

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{Welcome to Our Room}

Hello, dears! How goes life?

Megan and I recently changed our bedroom a bit, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to do a room update. (You can see my first new room redecorating post here, and second here.) I also wanted to mention a few tips and tricks for making your bedroom fresh and bright and pretty – not that I’m an professional interior designer or anything. XD

Ahem. Let us begin the tour. Won’t you step inside?

room 1 (1280x854)

Welcome to our room. Please pardon Jinx, our cat. He looks like a black boulder. O.o

room 2 (1280x865)

Right next to the door we have Megan’s bulletin board filled with random stuff, but mostly pictures and NeedtoBreathe lyrics. XD

room 3 (1024x1280)

(Ugh, sorry for the AWFUL picture quality! This corner doesn’t get much light.) Our small but tiny bookshelf holds on top of it a framed graphic print (made by Megan) and a spiky plant that resembles green onions but is nonetheless cute. The middle shelf is currently missing the KOTLC series because our cousin is borrowing it. 😉

room 5 (720x1280)

The mantel doesn’t look much different than it has in previous bedroom posts, so…

room 13 (1280x854)

And now we’re at the dresser. More on that later.

DSC_0351 (1280x853)

Okay, now for the light garland! I love the string of lights above our bed. ♥ (They’re from Hobby Lobby, by the way.) They aren’t fairy lights, but I think they’re just as pretty. It makes the room so cozy and, well, aesthetic. 😛 Oh, and that’s Megan, listening to Christmas music BEFORE IT’S EVEN THANKSGIVING. *sigh*

DSC_0301 (1280x853)

Interesting story: Shutterfly had a “101 free 4″X4″ prints” deal (you had to pay for shipping, though), so Megan and I ordered it! :O Megan wanted to hang some of the pictures in between our lights, and while I was a bit skeptical at first, I think it looks lovely now! All of the photos up here are of our bunnies, except one of Megan and one of me. 😉

DSC_0302 (1280x853)

This is my bed, starring Jinx (again), an elephant I made in sewing class, and a canvas I painted when we first redecorated.

DSC_0350 (853x1280)

Also starring… a quilt made in sewing class and Megan looking at the iPad.

DSC_0354 (1280x853)

I wanted to make a picture mosaic with some of the other 101 photos, and I’m rather pleased with how this turned out too! I chose only the cool-colored pictures from our selection so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming.

room 6 (853x1280)

room 12 (1280x853)

While we’re here, this is our beloved fuzzy cube. Pretty much the only change in this corner is the (also fuzzy) needle-felted fox I made. He may feature in a later post. 😉

room 7 (1280x853)

Now for our plants. One day we had a friend over and since we were bored, we decided to name all of our plants. Heh.

First up we have Rapunzel, who is rather hard to get a picture of, but her hair reaches all the way to the floor. Impressive, no? (Also, yes, those are random clay things in the pot.)

room 4 (939x1280)

On the dresser we have Finley…

room 9 (1280x1280)

And Einstein, a new addition. Don’t you think the name fits perfectly?

room 8. (1280x1280)

Here’s Einstein’s brother, Sylvester.

room 16 (1280x853)

This is Droopy.

room 15 (1280x1280)

This is not a plant. This is me. Hiiiii! 😀

room 17 (1280x853)

And then we have our plant rehabilitation center (aka, the spot in front of the window). In the foreground we have Cottontail (it’s a Rabbit’s Foot fern), and then in the background we have Puff the Magic Fern on the left and Miss Crispy on the right. *sigh* I do hope they recover.

room 11 (1280x854)

And… that’s about it for the room tour! Before we leave, here are my three simple but helpful tips for a fresh, clean look. I hope they help!

  • My tip-top top tip is to declutter your room. This is seriously the best thing you can do. Go through your stuff – the little knickknacks lying on your dresser, papers poking out from your bed, clothes piled on the floor – and either give away the extra, throw it away, or put it into a nice container, box, or basket so it doesn’t sprawl all over the place. Don’t like cleaning your room? Trust me, this will help. If you don’t have as many things to get out, you won’t have as much to put away!
  • Okay, that probably wasn’t a very popular tip, huh? XD But you try it and tell me if I’m wrong! Anyway, my next tip is to choose a limited color palette. Our colors are mint green, white, and purple, but mainly mint green (obviously). Keeping your decorations to two or three different colors really helps your room look more fresh, clean, and pretty, especially if you choose light colors.
  • Which reminds me. Choose a light color scheme. Now, this isn’t necessary of course, but light, bright colors like white, mint, light blue or pink, etc. make your room seem fresher, bigger, and even cleaner! This is important for the wall color, especially. But if you can’t change your wall color, don’t worry, the first two tips will still help a ton, and you can make your decorations are light. 😉

Well, that’s all I have for today! I hope you enjoyed the room tour. 🙂 What was your favorite part of our room? If you’d like to see more details on the parts I didn’t cover, make sure to check out my other room posts (linked at the top of this post).

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day, dears!


Bedroom Update

Hey, guys! It’s been quite awhile since Megan and I did our room makeover, and I thought I’d do a post of some of the updates and changes we’ve made since then. (To see the original makeover, click here.)

The two main changes are updating the dresser area and adding a bookshelf. They look so pretty!

This is the bookshelf corner. We repainted an old bamboo bookshelf that my Dad had when he was a boy, and it looks so pretty now. The flower wall hanging is from Hobby Lobby, and I don’t know where Megan got the “laugh” wall hanging. (I told Megan it’s too bad it doesn’t say “read” instead of “laugh.” XD )



The bookshelf has three of my favorite series: The Penderwicks, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and…


The Keeper of the Lost City series. 🙂 Have you read any or all of those? Which one is your favorite?

Moving on now to the dresser area. We added a mirror, a new plant, two new vases… actually pretty much everything on top of the dresser is new. 🙂


I made these roses for decorations for a church potluck, and saved them to use in our room afterward. They’re made of paper streamers wrapped and twisted around a wooden skewer.


More roses in a neat lantern Mom gave us.
Isn’t that twisty vase neat? (Ahem, excuse the leaves that have been chewed by a cat. XD ) I got the vase and the oil lamp from my grandparents, and the fox was a gift to Megan, the alarm clock is from Walmart, and the gold stones are painted by me. 🙂

Now for some random updates around our room.





I love our mantel decorations! The fox frame and mushrooms are from Hobby Lobby, and the hedgehog was a gift to Megan.


The reading nook or whatever it’s called…
The beautiful fern is from my grandma.
This plant is also from my grandma.
FUZZY CUBE! The cube and solid purple pillow are from Ross, and I made the patchwork pillow. (It’s actually a quillow – a quilt in a pillow.)


What an adorable little hedgehog! This was yet ANOTHER of Megan’s gifts. XD
Air plants are so neat! Why are my fingers neon pink in this picture?


Here’s our painted crate bedstand. Not much has changed here except the things we keep in it.

And last but not least, two pictures of our bedroom in general.



*Happy sigh* I still love our bedroom so much, even now. I hope this gave you some inspiration if you are looking to redecorate your own bedroom! Do you have any redecorating tips to share? What is your favorite part about our bedroom? What is your favorite part or decoration about YOUR bedroom? Do you like interior design?