A Tour of My New House!

Hello friends!

I’ve been having a marvelous time “setting up house” and making our new space pretty and comfortable. Sully and I are renting a cute little house right outside a cute little town about 20 minutes from my family’s farm. We love it here, and I can’t wait to show you guys around!

If you like interior decorating (or just want to snoop around my bookshelves and cupboards – I won’t judge), I made this post for you. I’ll link lots of the decorations and furnishings we received from our Amazon wedding registry in case you’d like to add any to your own home as well.

Okay, please come on in!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through my link, I get a small commission for advertising and you get to support this blog for free.

featured image 261


The kitchen is one of the biggest rooms in the house with plenty of open floor space. Cabinets line one wall, and a refrigerator, breakfast nook, and door to the basement another.

collage 4 - kitchen

This is the back door we usually come in by. Our shoe rack fits just right beside the refrigerator, overhung by my trailing pothos plant.

shoe rack | blue rug 


This breakfast nook is my favorite part of the kitchen. I keep the vases filled with greenery from around my yard so that it’s almost like having two potted houseplants on the table. 

tablecloth | placemats 

collage 4

Although I don’t have much counter space, I have a ton of kitchen cabinets! Their coat white paint makes the kitchen so much brighter and happier than it would be otherwise.


I love the vintage details like the scalloped trim over the windows. The sink is nice and big which I love, although it doesn’t have a drain plug. Oops. Thankfully we have a dishwasher! That was honestly one of the reasons I was excited to rent the house. 😛

soap dispenser | washcloths

collage 2

Here are a few of the pops of color in my kitchen. I was surprised to receive this gorgeous purple KitchenAid as I couldn’t find that color in stock anywhere! I also love the pastel butter dish and cheerful yellow wall clock.

butter dish | spice rack | knife block | utensil set | yellow clock

collage 20

Another fun touch was this pretty flowered shelf liner to cover the rather ugly marked-up shelves. That, along with the blue dishes, make me so happy when I open this cabinet.

stainless steel bowls | colorful plastic cups | drinking glasses | blue & white Corelle | white Corelle | shelf liner 


dining room

The dining room is very small and square but it opens into the living room so we can expand the seating if necessary. 

collage 5 - dining room

My talented granddaddy built us this beautiful table from sycamore wood for a wedding gift. Isn’t it amazing? It’s an extendable table that seats a maximum of 20 people when you stretch it out all the way. O.o This is probably the most special and treasured gift we received. ❤

collage 17

I had a lot of fun finding art for our walls, most of which I hung in thrifted gold frames. I cut this + the bluebird picture in the other frame out of a flyer thing advertising birds and flowers stamps.


Apologies for the terrible lighting and picture, but my granddaddy also made us this beautiful bookshelf! It fits perfectly in the dining room beside Sully’s map.

curtains | napkins


These cute quail candles are from a friend who sorting through old stuff before moving into a house. The stoneware set I found at I think two different thrift stores. Isn’t it pretty? 

collage 3

living room

I love how spacious the living room is! We’ve already hosted some friends and siblings here. Most of the furniture in this room (and the rest of our house) was either loaned or given to us by family members. It’s kind of a random mix… but throw a couple of pretty blankets and pillows in there and it looks cozy!

collage 6 - living room

Our “coffee table” is more of an cushioned ottoman with storage space and isn’t great for holding cups and mugs. So I put this beautiful wooden tray on the wedding registry to act as a “table on a table.” It’s also a great serving tray when I have friends over for tea. 🙂

acacia wood tray 

collage 18

This gallery wall above the couch took QUITE a while to put together but I’m happy with the result. I used a combination of my own art, pieces from my sister’s magazine, more cutouts from the stamp flyer, and old book pages. I brightened up the brown leather of the couch below it with some pretty pillows.

| miniature paintings | navy blue pillows | blue and white pillows

collage 19

Here’s another comfy armchair and the piano/keyboard nook by the couch. Megan gave me the poster – isn’t it epic? 😛 

rose gold clock | pillowcase | diving pig poster

collage 6


Our bedroom might be my favorite room as far as decorations go. Are you surprised? It’s very purple, hehe. I made sure to also add in plenty of navy too since that’s Sully’s favorite color.

collage 3 - bedroom

The bed looks so pretty in the bright natural light from the two windows. We only have one nightstand, although the chair sort of acts as a second one, but it works fine. The nightstand is home to Sebastian, the cow (or bull) stuffed animal I gave Sully for his last birthday. 🙂

duvet cover | duvet insert | navy pillowcases | lamp | grey and white rug (shown above)

collage 12

I love this beautiful full-length mirror that can either stand on the floor or hang on the wall. I also adore the charming pink armchair I found at Goodwill for literally $10. O.o It makes such a cozy nook with the blanket, pillow, and rug. 

mirror | round pillow 

collage 13

The canvases from my old studio were the perfect color scheme for our bedroom. I also hung the watercolor map I had painted to display at our wedding. 

collage 11

I did my best to make the bedroom feel calm cozy by adding lots of texture, lights, and pillows, all within in a limited color scheme. These string lights + “Polaroid” pictures are from a sweet blogging friend. ❤

mirrored alarm clock | jewelry organizer

collage 10


I love this house, but… there’s only one bathroom and it’s very very small. It was kinda hard to get these pictures but I managed!

collage 2 - bathroom

I brought the purple + navy color scheme of the house into the bathroom too with the pretty linens, shower curtain, and bath rug.

navy towels/washcloths | shower curtain | toothbrush holder | bath rug (shown above)

collage 8

There’s not a lot of closed cabinet space but I organized the washcloths with a plastic bin and my hair accessories with Mason jars. The bathroom actually gets a decent amount of light from the small frosted window in the shower, so I put another pothos plant on the back of the toilet. Plants make any room nicer. 😀

collage 9


Our office/studio is the last room – other than the basement, which is big but just like cinder blocks and cement, so no pictures of that. We both have desks in here but since Sully rarely uses his desk and I run my Etsy shop from home, my stuff kinda spread all over the room. Oops. 😀 

collage 1 - studio

Despite having my bookshelf, Sully’s bookshelves, and the wooden one from a couple at church, I still didn’t have enough space for my Etsy products. So I bought a bunch of organizers and made some more shelves!

paper organizer boxes


This is where I’m sitting right now, typing the blog post. I took some of the pieces from my old studio and made a new collage wall above my desk. It boasts a grand assortment of pretty things – art and quotes made by friends or myself, pictures from old books, photos I took, cut-outs from nature handbooks, paint chips, stickers, etc. 

collage 7

Phew, that was a long but fun post! I hope you guys enjoyed that peek into our house as much as I enjoyed sharing it. 🙂 If you wonder where I found anything pictured but not linked in this post, ask in the comments and I’ll let you know.

Which room was your favorite? What colors would you use in your house?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Before you go I have a quick question to ask you guys. I recently got the rest of our wedding photos back and OH MY THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. I want to show you guys the beauty, but I also realize I’ve been making wedding-related posts for a long time now and wondered if you’re ready to move on, heh. Could you let me know which of the options you’d like to see by voting down below? Thank you muchly!


49 thoughts on “A Tour of My New House!

  1. This is such a fun post friend! 🙂 Your house is SO cute and I love all the decorations. 🙂 Also, I am soo glad you like the polaroid photos and lights. 😉 Hope you are having a beautiful day!


    1. Yayyy I’m glad you enjoyed! Yes, the Polaroids were so special. ❤ We ended up using them a bit for wedding decorations too! My day was pretty exhausting because we did a big hay delivery in the heat, but it's all good now. 🙂 What about you?


    1. Why thank you! I was trying to think how to describe my style and “cozy minimalism” is a pretty good way to do it I guess, especially some of the rooms. Thank you for reading!


  2. Your house is sooo pretty! The colors, textures, wood and plants all go together so well 😍😍😍😍! My favorite room is probably the living room (but of course I like all the rooms), I LOVE all the throw pillows and blankets, it makes it look so cordinated and coz.! And yes, I vote for a wedding pictures post, but maybe you could do like one non-wedding post inbetween, though I don’t really care all that much. It’ll be so fun to see all the pictures!!


    1. Ahh thank youuu! Ooh yes I love all the cozy pillows and blankets too. Yeah that’s a good idea, to save the wedding pictures for a bit later. I know I can’t wait for you to see the pictures!


  3. Ah, your house is SO cute! I love all the details and decorations. And the purple and navy contrast each other so beautifully. 😍 Honestly, I kinda want to see the wedding photos, despite your recent posts being wedding related. I love these posts a lot!


  4. Wow your place looks stunning! And so big, as you called it small… I guess my apartment feels rather tiny to you then 😇.
    Thank you for sharing this all with us! And I’m all for more wedding pictures. Heck it’s your page here, thrown on it whatever makes you feel happy. 😊
    Have a fabulous weekend ☀


    1. Thanks so much! Oh you’re right, it’s all about perspective. It’s pretty small for a house but definitely a lot roomier than an apartment. Sully used to live in a literal shed renovated into a tiny house so this feels quite spacious to him!
      Aww thanks for the feedback – I appreciate that. ❤️ Happy weekend to you too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes that’s very true! Perspective (and personal needs) often shapes how you look at things like these. 😊
        And you’re very welcome! Thank you, I’m doing my best to make it a good one 🌸.


  5. Your home is a beautiful reflection of you and your husband, wishing many happy days in this first home, you will always have fond memories of it!


  6. I vote for wedding pics!!!!!

    Love tour bedroom!!!
    And the table and shelf tour grandaddy made ahhhhh! Gorgeous!


  7. I could never get tired of seeing your wedding photos, so please post away!!! 🙂
    And oh my goodness, the home you’re renting is so beautiful. I absolutely love it!!!


  8. So happy for you and Sully! Congrats on your marriage. Love how BRIGHT the home is! That’s like a #1 for me in a house. It makes a massive difference. Love the way you decorated it as well. Can’t wait to see wedding photos!


    1. Yes, it’s lovely to have plenty of windows and natural life! Although honestly it was pretty dark inside when I took these pictures because it was a cloudy day. But when it’s sunny the house is so cheerful which makes me happy. Thanks and thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Yessss definitely more wedding pics!! Also would love to see a Q&A on what newlywed life is like, expectations, things you wish you would’ve done to prepare for marriage, and lessons you’ve learned – maybe a one-year anniversary post idea? Would also love to hear from you about homemaking routines and inspiration, what your daily routine looks like now, and what you look forward to in future years of your marriage. Thank you for sharing so much with us ❤️


    1. Yay! Hey, that’s a great idea and yes, it would be perfect for a one-year anniversary post. It would definitely be fun to do more “day in the life”/lifestyle posts in the future. Thanks so much for the suggestions, Elle!


  10. I like interior designs but I’m also a lil nosy🤭. And hey, you’re letting us snoop so I’ll gladly look around😁. I love a kitchen with lots of cabinets! And yes, white cabinets add a nice touch to a kitchen. We recently changed all our cabinets from a cherry brown (I think that’s what the wood people called it😅) to white with gold handles. It looks so much nicer and just more kitcheny😂? Cosy? I don’t know but I prefer the white👌.
    I actually never realized how nice a big sink is up until I was doing dishes at my cousins house and noticed the size difference. I felt a bit lost😂.
    The spice rack looks quite neat🌚. Also, the clock is my favorite shade of yellow🤩 – GAW-geous🤩!
    Now I already liked the dining table and the chairs (especially the chairs – classy 🤭) but the fact that it can extend and seat up to 20 people😯 – mind blown 🤯!
    Ag, don’t worry about the lighting – the picture still turned out great✨. Plus, the different combinations on each shelf looks good👐. Especially the top two🌚👌.
    Ahhhh, I LOVE the gallery😍!! Especially the butterfly frame🦋.
    The poster is pretty epic hehe😛👌✨.
    Navy and purple work pretty good together🌚. I Iove that pink armchair 🤩. I kinda feel like anything next to a bed that offers the support, automatically becomes a nightstand🤭. Like it kinda just happens🤷‍♀️…
    At first, when my mom started flooding our bathroom with flowers I thought she was going crazy😂😅. But I gotta admit that it does look good👌
    The organizers was a good idea😉. And I like the purples in that collage🌚.
    The kitchen and living room were my favorite🌚✨. And I don’t really know what colors I would use in my home – still a couple more years to decide 🧘.
    Arghh this was such an amazing post Allison and it really made my evening💝. I would love to see more wedding pictures but hey, it’s up to you. I love all your posts💖.


    1. Hee hee I always want to be nosy when looking around people’s houses too so I feel you. Ohhh cherry cabinets to white with gold handles sounds like a beautiful transformation! I bet your kitchen is lovely. ❤️
      HAHA! I know, some sinks do make you feel a bit lost. This one isn’t quite that large but it’s still a nice size.
      Thanks! I love the spice rack but the labels it came with were oval and didn’t fit on the lids so I had to trim each of them into circles. Phew, that took a while! And yes, isn’t the yellow clock so cheerful and happy?
      I know, the table is crazy! The chairs are from Sully’s brother and we will actually be getting a new set from my parents soon, but we’ll still keep these chairs around because yeah, they’re pretty neat.
      Aww thanks! Yes, I love the top two shelves as well. 😍 It’s so fun to set up shelves like that.
      Thank youuu! That butterfly picture is from Cut + Paste, my sister’s magazine! It is indeed a beautiful piece.
      Hehe I’m glad you agree.
      Yes! Haha yeah you’re right.
      Ooh flowers in the bathroom sounds gorgeous. 😍 I don’t think I have quite enough natural light for that but I enjoy my little plant there anyway.
      Yay, I think I’m going to post more wedding pictures after all!
      I loved hearing your favorites and reading this lovely comment, Sabrina. You’re amazing. ✨


      1. Glad to hear I’m not invading your privacy by snooping 🤭.
        Its is a beautiful transformation indeed🌚. Thanks, and yes it is quite lovely now🌻.
        I can imagine that many of the things you’ve done in your new home must’ve taken a long while. But good job, you did an amazing job🌚👌.
        I almost freaked out when you said you’re getting new chairs cause I thought you’d get rid of those😂😅. They are pretty neat🌚.
        Indeed it is🌚.
        Well, we don’t have much natural light either so we use fake flowers in our bathroom.
        Aww thanks, you’re amazing too🌚🌻.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Thank You Allison for inviting us into your home. Your house is lovely and the color combinations just hits the spot. The kitchen is amazing with all the cabinets . Oh what we could do with all that cabinet closets and draws. Allison we really like your taste in everything concerning your beautiful home. Wishing you and Sully a lifetime of happiness,blessings and happy times in the house.
    God Bless
    Marilyn,Joan and Marion


  12. Hi Allison! Thanks for pulling the curtain back so we could see a bit more of your life with Sully. The home is charming in all respects and looks WELL LOVED already. Wishing you the best. Also the Applemint seems to be going well! Wish we lived closer. I’ve stopped a lot of planting and have been editing things out so anything I have left has to take care of itself. Miss your sweet face.


    1. It’s good to hear from you, Barb. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! It’s been fun to set everything up and I’m glad I could share the result. Yes, I’ve been loving all Mom’s doing with her flower business! Did you hear she may deliver to Harrisonburg if she gets enough interest?


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