Bedroom Update

Hey, guys! It’s been quite awhile since Megan and I did our room makeover, and I thought I’d do a post of some of the updates and changes we’ve made since then. (To see the original makeover, click here.)

The two main changes are updating the dresser area and adding a bookshelf. They look so pretty!

This is the bookshelf corner. We repainted an old bamboo bookshelf that my Dad had when he was a boy, and it looks so pretty now. The flower wall hanging is from Hobby Lobby, and I don’t know where Megan got the “laugh” wall hanging. (I told Megan it’s too bad it doesn’t say “read” instead of “laugh.” XD )



The bookshelf has three of my favorite series: The Penderwicks, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and…


The Keeper of the Lost City series. 🙂 Have you read any or all of those? Which one is your favorite?

Moving on now to the dresser area. We added a mirror, a new plant, two new vases… actually pretty much everything on top of the dresser is new. 🙂


I made these roses for decorations for a church potluck, and saved them to use in our room afterward. They’re made of paper streamers wrapped and twisted around a wooden skewer.


More roses in a neat lantern Mom gave us.
Isn’t that twisty vase neat? (Ahem, excuse the leaves that have been chewed by a cat. XD ) I got the vase and the oil lamp from my grandparents, and the fox was a gift to Megan, the alarm clock is from Walmart, and the gold stones are painted by me. 🙂

Now for some random updates around our room.





I love our mantel decorations! The fox frame and mushrooms are from Hobby Lobby, and the hedgehog was a gift to Megan.


The reading nook or whatever it’s called…
The beautiful fern is from my grandma.
This plant is also from my grandma.
FUZZY CUBE! The cube and solid purple pillow are from Ross, and I made the patchwork pillow. (It’s actually a quillow – a quilt in a pillow.)


What an adorable little hedgehog! This was yet ANOTHER of Megan’s gifts. XD
Air plants are so neat! Why are my fingers neon pink in this picture?


Here’s our painted crate bedstand. Not much has changed here except the things we keep in it.

And last but not least, two pictures of our bedroom in general.



*Happy sigh* I still love our bedroom so much, even now. I hope this gave you some inspiration if you are looking to redecorate your own bedroom! Do you have any redecorating tips to share? What is your favorite part about our bedroom? What is your favorite part or decoration about YOUR bedroom? Do you like interior design?



70 thoughts on “Bedroom Update

  1. Agh, your bedroom is so gorgeous! Mine is just thrown all over the place. XD I’ve read all of MBS, and I’m #broke and therefore waiting a loooong time until I can get Lodestar from the library. But I basically forgot everything from Neverseen except for KEEEEEEEEEEEEFE NOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYY.

    Awesome photos, Allison, and such a cute bedroom! 😛


  2. Your bedroom is soo pretty! ❤ ❤ Hmm, maybe I should read Keeper… do you recommend it? But then again, I might also want to read Redwall… and maybe some other books my mom has… XD
    We just moved, so it's been fun seeing my new room come together; I really like how it's going! 🙂 It's interesting though, because my old bedroom was on the second floor and had three windows, so I was used to a whole lot of natural light, and in my new bedroom I have one window facing another house, and thus only a couple hours of good, bright natural light in the mornings. I'm adjusting, though XD .

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    1. Thanks, Gracie! 😀 If you like fantasy, mystery, suspense, and a little bit of romance, then yes, I would recommend Keeper. 🙂 Ha ha!
      Wow, neat! Oh, that’s a bummer that your room is darker now. 😦 But yeah, I’m sure you’ll get used to it!


  3. I love the Keeper of the Lost Cities books! I’ve read the first 3 and they are so good! I just ordered all 5 of the books off Amazon yesterday, and they are supposed to arrive tomorrow!! ~Julia ❤

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    1. Thanks so much! Heh heh, well it’s not always that clean, but usually it’s Megan’s stuff on the floor if it’s dirty. XD XD XD I keep my side clean probably because I’m not up in my bedroom very often so I don’t get many things out.
      Thank you! I do too!


  4. Your bedroom is so colorful, and peacefully pretty! I love it!!! I love decorating my room too, I have a big lamp just like yours except mine the shades are different pinks!! 🙂
    I love your whole room, I couldn’t’ pick a favorite spot, although the fuzzy cube is so cool! 😛
    My favorite part about my bedroom is my bed, it’s so comfy!! LOL! 😛

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  5. I really like this. All I’ve been doing on your blog is reloading the Wordcrafters page again and again and again………..*trails off and falls asleep in my new bed and wakes up 12 hours later* Ahem. I just got a new bed it was custom made by a guy for his daughter and we bought it from them. I HAVE REALLY SOFT BEDDING! AHHHHH! My room is painted aqua and has a rug that matches the bed. Oh, yeah we just moved into our new house so this is my first full day in my room. My last name is Fox

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    1. Thank you! 😀
      Ha ha, that’s so funny! Yeah, I should probably post the last chapter soon – but just a warning, it will probably take me a few days to get up. 😉
      Wow, that’s neat! We got new mattresses too, and they’re so nice and soft. 🙂 Ooh, really? I love aqua. And congratulations (is that what you’re supposed to say?) on moving! 😀 XD


      1. Your Welcome:)
        Yeah, Wordcrafters was really good in the summer, though. The story sounds like it’s about to end. I really wish I could just write the whole Wordcrafters 3. 🙂 SOFT BLANKET FEELS LIKE I DUNNO THE SOFTEST MATERIAL IN THE WORLD!:) Aquas my favorite color. Yeah, I’ve heard both I’m sorry and congratulations. about moving. (movinghome) (cwl)

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        1. I know! Heh heh. Well you’re free to make up your own version of WordCrafters 3 all by yourself if you link back to the original post! 😀
          Ha ha! 😀
          Oh yeah. So are you happy or sad or both?


  6. Does your room stay pretty clean? Or does it get to be more of a mess? Haha! Mine is definitely more of a mess… It’s not awful right now though! I’m trying to keep it nicer! haha. 🙂

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