More Clayations

(See the previous clayation posts here and here.)

I haven’t made a clayation post for a while, have I? We must remedy that, mustn’t we? I should stop asking questions and get to the post, shouldn’t I?


A lot of these things either were or are in my Etsy shop. That sentence sounds kind of awkward but I don’t know what else to say.

I made this little fella as a custom piece. I really love how he turned out!


I was trying to make Toto for Dorothy, a clay doll I made a while ago…
I was really pleased with how this mushroom turned out! I kind of made a bunch. 🙂
This is my whole collection of succulents – some of which star in my giveaway.
This was my first attempt at a baby dragon. He’s really-very-super tiny, but he didn’t quite make it to Etsy. I think his brother is a bit better… no offense, little guy!
This is his brother. 🙂 Shhh! Don’t wake the dragon!
I made this little cutie just tonight. She got a bit dusty though, so I might paint over her and fix her up a bit. 🙂 I think I’ll name her Angel… But then again, maybe not. Do you guys have any name suggestions?
It’s fun to make realistic, actual size ladybugs! They look pretty real from a distance. 🙂
This was a custom order made for Clara (from Clara’s Craft Corner). Maude is so cute – and she looks a lot like our dog, Maggie!
This was another custom order by Clara. It was really challenging, but he turned out pretty well.
This is one of my favorite pieces ever, I think. 🙂 He’s for sale in my Etsy shop, but I don’t hardly want to sell him. XD


This little rose pendant is also available on my Etsy shop.
023 (960x720).jpg
And lastly but not leastly we have Miss Snail, a gift for a friend. She’s really shiny from the Triple Thick Gloss Glaze I used.


Whew, that was a lot of clay! 😀 Which was your favorite little creation?

Do you like making polymer clay things? I’d love to see them!



I Opened My Etsy Shop!!

***Update: I’ve now replaced my old shop with The Color Box Studio, which you can see here.***

YES, I DID! I’m so excited, as you can probably tell from the two exclamation points in the title (I hardly ever use more than one exclamation point. :)). Click here to view my new Etsy shop, WeeLittleCrafts, or click on the image below!

Wee Little Crafts Banner (760x100)

So far I only have six listings, but I have made more things, I just haven’t taken pictures of them yet. So look for more! Here are a few of the things for sale so far:

A cute little miniature woodland animal set,

DSCN7845 (1024x768)

A pretty bead and coil necklace,

coil necklace (1) (1024x768)

A few adorable pencil pals,

octopus (3) (1024x768)

And a cute lil’ puppy necklace.

dog necklace (2) (1024x768)

Click on the link above to see even more items!



P. S. Maddy started an Etsy shop that sells her photography. It’s really pretty – you should check it out!

An… Interesting… Necklace

This is the rather interesting necklace I made recently.

-Allison(mushrooms and lichen) 042

It is made out of a gall. – Wait, please don’t be grossed out!

Oh. It might be a good idea to tell you what a gall is first. A gall is like a fungus made by an insect as a sort of cocoon for itself. But that doesn’t mean an insect is actually in the gall now.


Now are you grossed out? Yep, I thought so. *Sigh.* Oh well, I started this post so I might as well finish it.

This is how I made the necklace:                                                                                  First, I started with a gall I had found on a hike. It is actually a huge gall, at least from what I’ve seen. I just had to do something with it, because it was so beautiful! It looked like a big wooden bead.

Then I carefully made two holes in it and threaded a string through the holes and knotted it securely. I tied that little string to a bigger, braided one. I then covered the gall in a coat of ModPodge to make it a little stronger.


And ta-daa! I had myself a one-of-a-kind, natural, super lightweight (not to mention strange) necklace!


Are you still grossed out or not?


Roly-Poly Stuffed Bear

I made this little guy for a gift for one of our friends. He was so cute I almost didn’t want to give him away! 🙂 I found this great tutorial with templates for making the round felt sphere part of him, and once you make the sphere you can customize it to be anything you want! Here’s the link to the tutorial on how to sew the pieces together (the actual tutorial part is towards the bottom of the post) And here’s the link to the template – it’s down near the bottom of the page under “Sewing Patterns” #14:

And now for a photoshoot!

097 105 104 103 102 101 100 099 098

This last picture shows him with a necklace I made that I also included in the gift. Doesn’t he look like he’s wearing earbuds or something?

-Allison(rabbits) 002

Don’t you just want to squeeze him?!


Polymer Clay Jewelry


You’ve already seen that you can make cute animals from polymer clay.  There are lots of other neat things you can make with it too.  Such as jewelry.

The doughnuts and the camera shown here were made from polymer clay.  I inserted a loop of wire into the clay before I baked it.

2014-06-06-Allison 045

These are the doughnut earrings.  I inserted little metal rings into those green wire loops I made.  I used a needle-nose pliers to open and close the rings.

2014-6-12-Allison 006

I made this necklace for my aunt for her birthday.  The tiny beads are seed beads, and the bigger clear beads are just… beads.  The beads are strung onto thin wire.


And that’s it!  The brand of polymer clay I use is “Craft Smart”, and it comes from Michaels.  So did the beads, the earring forms, and the metal rings.  All of the supplies are pretty inexpensive too.  So get crafting!