Polymer Clay Jewelry


You’ve already seen that you can make cute animals from polymer clay.  There are lots of other neat things you can make with it too.  Such as jewelry.

The doughnuts and the camera shown here were made from polymer clay.  I inserted a loop of wire into the clay before I baked it.

2014-06-06-Allison 045

These are the doughnut earrings.  I inserted little metal rings into those green wire loops I made.  I used a needle-nose pliers to open and close the rings.

2014-6-12-Allison 006

I made this necklace for my aunt for her birthday.  The tiny beads are seed beads, and the bigger clear beads are just… beads.  The beads are strung onto thin wire.


And that’s it!  The brand of polymer clay I use is “Craft Smart”, and it comes from Michaels.  So did the beads, the earring forms, and the metal rings.  All of the supplies are pretty inexpensive too.  So get crafting!


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